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Banana bread tends to be a household favorite in the United States and around the world. Homemade banana bread that’s moist, warm, and delicious is loved by many. Today we’re featuring a delicious moist banana bread recipe that’s a spin off from Natasha’s Kitchen banana bread recipe.

Follow along for a new banana bread recipe that you’ll want to save to use again and again. You just might find it’s a new household favorite!

banana bread with streusel

Ingredients for Banana Bread:

To make this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients.

very ripe bananas
baking soda
walnuts (optional)
raisins (optional)
chocolate chips (optional)
brown sugar (optional)

Recommended Equipment:

You’ll need the following equipment to make this recipe.

Electric mixer
Loaf pan

Banana Bread Video Tutorial:

If you’d like to learn how to make banana bread using a video tutorial, we have a few on our YouTube channel that you might enjoy watching. Our Banana Bread Recipe (video) can be found here and here.

Keep Those Old Bananas!

Old bananas are the best bananas for banana bread. The ones that now have fully brown skin or the ones that have brown spots that no one will eat anymore are the best. They will help make your banana bread naturally sweet and moist. So don’t throw them out, use them for banana bread instead.

How to Ripen Bananas:

If you’re wanting to make banana bread but your bananas are still green, you’ll want to ripen them first. The best banana bread that turns out moist and is richly flavorful is made from well ripened bananas. You know the ones where the skin has turned brown, and the kids will no longer eat them? Yes, those are best.

To ripen bananas, let them sit on the counter for a few days and they’ll ripen.

Or, place them inside a paper bag and fold down the top to speed up the process. The paper bag with bananas inside can be stored on the counter.

Another way to quickly ripen bananas is to place with banana with skin in inside a 350F degree oven for 30 minutes. The banana will look black when it’s done, but don’t fear the inside is nice and sweet.

Process Photos:

mixing sugar and butter
add the egg to the batter
banana bread batter
banana bread batter in pan
streusel topping on banana bread

Substitutions for a Healthy Banana Bread:

There are various substitutions that can be made to make a healthier banana bread, depending on your dietary restrictions. Here are some ideas for a healthy twist to banana bread.

For gluten free banana bread, substitute a general-purpose gluten-free flour in place of the regular all-purpose flour, using the same ratio.

For vegan banana bread, use vegan egg and butter substitutes at the same ratio for best results.

For sugar free banana bread, use your favorite sugar substitute and follow the package instructions for the appropriate ratio.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Chocolate chip banana bread can be made using the recipe below. You can put the chocolate chips in the batter or place them on top of the loaf after the batter has been poured into the baking pan. Or do both, placing chocolate chips inside an on top.

Ingredients for Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

You can use the ingredients and recipe list below to make chocolate chip banana bread. If you really like chocolate chips, feel free to boost the chocolate chips and add as much as you’d like. Our recipe ingredients are simply a guideline for success. But when it comes to optional ingredients, the sky’s the limit.

How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Banana Bread:

To make the best chocolate chip banana bread, simply follow the recipe instructions in our recipe card below. Be sure to add chocolate chips until your heart’s content.

very ripe bananas on a wood cutting board
for best results use very ripe bananas

Banana Muffins Recipe

You can use the recipe below that we’ve created that’s similar to Natasha’s kitchen banana bread recipe to make your banana muffins. Mix the ingredients just the same as you would for banana bread.

How to Make Banana Muffins:

To make banana muffins, once you have the batter mixed, using the recipe card below for banana bread, you’ll want to line your muffin tins with cupcake papers. Then pour the batter in just as you normally would. Top with any desired toppings or streusel and bake accordingly. We recommend setting your timer for 30 minutes to start and check on them regularly, adding more time as needed.

Pro Tips for Moist Banana Muffins

Our pro tips for moist banana muffins includes using very ripe bananas, all of the butter, and don’t over bake them. If you like moisture, you’ll want to slightly under bake your muffins for the best results. Try setting a timer for 5 minutes less than the recipe instructions. And then check them with a toothpick.

banana bread with raisins

Banana Nut Bread Recipe

If you like nuts, be sure to add your favorite nuts to your banana bread batter before baking them. Good nut options for banana bread can include walnuts, chopped almonds, chopped pecans or any other nut that’s your favorite.

Simple Banana Pancakes

You can use the recipe in the recipe card below to make simple banana pancakes. Just add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil to the mix to make the batter thinner. Cook them on a griddle, serve with your favorite banana pancake toppings and enjoy.

Substances for Banana Pancakes

You can use a variety of toppings and add-ins for banana pancakes. You might like to try adding chocolate chips, walnuts, pecans, chopped almonds, coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried cranberries, or fresh blueberries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are questions that are asked regularly about our Natasha’s kitchen banana bread recipe spinoff. We trust you’ll find the answers to these questions helpful. If you have further questions, please feel free to submit them in the comments box below.

Can I Omit Walnuts and Raisins?

Sure, if you don’t care for walnuts or raisins, they can simply be left out. Walnuts and raisins are included in the recipe just for an added flavor dimension as well as additional texture.

Can I Freeze Overripe Bananas?

Yes, overripe bananas can be frozen. Simply leave them in the peeling and place them inside a sealed zipped freezer bag. Pull them out whenever you are ready to use them and remove the peeling. Overripe bananas make some of the very best tasting banana bread.

banana bread sliced on a wood board

The Best Chocolate Chips for Baking?

The best chocolate chips for baking vary from person to person. We like to use a good quality chocolate chip for best results. You might like the flavor of one brand as opposed to another and that’s just fine. Opinions for the best chocolate often vary.

Can I Substitute the Chocolate Chips?

Yes, you can substitute chocolate chips if you’d like. You can use something else in their place such as pecans, walnuts, coconut, dried cranberries, dried cherries or whatever your heart desires. Or you can completely omit them.

Can I Use Frozen Bananas?

Yes, frozen bananas can be used for this banana bread recipe or most any banana bread recipe for that matter. Just let them sit out to thaw first and then add them to the mix as instructed.

natashas kitchen banana bread recipe

How to Make Moist and Delicious Banana Bread

To make moist and delicious banana bread similar to Natasha’s kitchen, you’ll need to gather your ingredients, using very ripe bananas. Follow the instructions to mix the ingredients using an electric mixer and then bake until the desired doneness is achieved.


3 very ripe bananas
½ cup butter
½ cup sugar
2 eggs
1 ½ cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
½ tsp vanilla
½ cup walnuts (optional)
½ cup raisins (optional)
½ cup chocolate chips (optional)
oil to grease baking pan

Optional Streusel Topping
¼ cup brown sugar
3 tbsp all-purpose flour
2 tbsp butter
1/3 cup chopped walnuts

Instructions for How to Make Banana Bread:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease the sides and bottom of a loaf pan with cooking oil.
2. Using an electric mixer, cream together butter and sugar until smooth.
3. Add bananas and eggs, mixing until well blended.
4. Gently add flour, baking soda, salt, and vanilla extract to the batter. Mix until incorporated.
5. Add walnuts, raisins, or chocolate chips if desired.

For optional streusel topping:
1. Combine brown sugar, flour, and butter until the mixture creates coarse crumbs.
2. Stir in chipped walnuts.

1. Pour batter into greased baking pan. Sprinkle the top with optional streusel topping and bake for 55-60 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
2. Serve warm and enjoy delicious bread like Natasha’s Kitchen Banana Bread Recipe.

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