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Marshmallow Cones

Marshmallow cones are an amazing, tasty, and delightful treat the kids of all ages and kids at heart will enjoy! This recipe makes a fun and tasty treat, dessert, or snack that you can enjoy for a party, or any occasion! Check out the step-by-step instructions below on how you can easily make this recipe. 

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Homemade Marshmallow Cones

Homemade marshmallow cones are a fun and tasty treat for everyone including the big and little kids. This recipe can make for a fun project to do together or prepare and serve for a fun treat or dessert.

Whether old or young, kids no matter their age, no matter if you are serving these to individuals who are technically adults or kids, everyone will enjoy this fun and tasty treat. 

What Are Marshmallow Cones?

Marshmallow cones are exactly what they sound like. Marshmallow cones are made by taking an ice cream cone and filling it with marshmallow fluff. There are a few different ways you can choose to make the marshmallow, whether it is simply using a jar of marshmallow fluff, melting packaged marshmallows into fluff, or following a recipe below for homemade marshmallow filling for your cone.

Ice Cream Cones with Marshmallows

Ice cream cones filled with marshmallow makes for a fun, and tasty treat for all ages. Kids especially love this treat, but kids at heart also love this simple dessert or snack. 

Old Fashioned Marshmallow Filled Ice Cream Cones

Marshmallow-filled ice cream cones are a bit of an old-fashioned treat. These ice cream cones are great because you can make them in advance and serve them to a group of all ages. Marshmallow cones help to liven up any party or gathering with their fun and vivacious flair. 

Marshmallow Cones & Waffles

One of the great things about making your own homemade marshmallow cones is that you can choose to make them using your favorite type of cone no matter if you prefer cake cones or waffle cones. Now, let’s turn our attention to the ingredients you will need in order to make these marshmallow cones. 

What You Need

Granulated sugar

Unflavored gelatin


Flavor extract 

Food coloring 


Jell-O Packet

Please note that if you are making the marshmallow fluff using Jell-O packets, you’ll not need to include unflavored gelatin and flavoring extract or food coloring. However, if you choose to make the marshmallow cones using unflavored gelatin, you’ll want to leave out the Jell-O packet, but still include flavoring extract and food coloring. 

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Let’s Make It!

Now that you have all the necessary ingredients gathered, let’s make it! Below you will find a detailed recipe along with step-by-step instructions on how you can make this amazing treat. 

How To Make Marshmallow Cones 


Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Yield: 6 Cones


2 cups Sugar

1 packet Jell-O (or unflavored gelatin)

1 ½ cup water

1 tsp extract (if using unflavored gelatin)

Food Coloring, as desired

Cake cones or Sugar cones 



Step 1: Prepare Your Sugar

In a medium to large size saucepan, add your sugar, Jell-O packet, and water. Mix until no lumps remain, then place over medium heat and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. 

When your mixture boils, turn your burner temperature down to low, and let your mixture simmer on low for 10 minutes without stirring. Your mixture will expand and bubble a lot during this time. 

Step 2: Make The Marshmallow

Remove from the heat, and allow to cool for another 10 minutes. When your mixture has cooled off, pour it into a mixing bowl, add your flavoring and food coloring, then whisk with your mixer on high until it becomes light and frothy. Typically, this will take between 5-10 minutes to become light, fluffy, and creamy looking.

Step 3: Pipe Your Marshmallow 

For this next step, you may choose to pipe your marshmallow, or simply use a spoon to place it into the ice cream cones and shape the marshmallow. To pipe your filling, place your filling into a piping bag, then squeeze into your cones. You may also use a spoon to scoop the filling into your cones, then shape it to look like ice cream. If desired, you may add any toppings you wish, then serve and enjoy!  


For this recipe, you may choose to use a package of Jell-O or unflavored gelatin. If you choose to use unflavored gelatin, you will want to be sure to add your desired flavor extract and food coloring. 

Please note that there are a few different ways you can go about making marshmallow filling for your cones. We have outlined an easy way to make homemade marshmallow cones, but there are a few other options that we will outline below. 


Please note that we have based the following nutritional facts upon the assumption that the above recipe makes approximately six servings.

And we have estimated that one serving contains approximately 400 cal. We have also estimated one serving contains approximately 2 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 93 mg sodium, 95.7 g total carbohydrates, and 2.7 g protein. 

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Recipe Variations

Not only can you make delicious homemade marshmallow cones, but there are also several recipe variations that you can make for these cones. Below are two ideas that also taste delicious. 

Marshmallow Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Instead of filling your cones with marshmallow fluff, you can dip your ice cream cones in your marshmallow fluff so that the edge is coated in the marshmallow, then you can fill it with ice cream. This makes a tasty summertime treat and livens up your average ice cream cone. 

Campfire Cones

Campfire cones can be made in multiple ways, but one of our favorites is to make an ice cream cone filled with delicious s’more goodies. To make these, you need mini marshmallows, chocolate pieces, and broken graham crackers. Fill your ice cream cones with these goodies and wrap the entire cone in aluminum foil. Place in your oven, or over the campfire for a few minutes to melt the marshmallows. Then, serve well warm and gooey and enjoy the taste of campfire in a cone. 

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Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones

Marshmallow ice cream cones are an easy, fun, and delicious treat that everyone will enjoy. These treats make a fun party dessert, or simply a snack, treat, or dessert for any occasion. Kids and kids at heart will love this tasty treat! Be sure to give this recipe a try today, or save it to Pinterest, or Facebook to try later.

As always, if you give this recipe a try, we would love to hear from you, or see pictures of how they turned out. Happy creating! 

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