faith holding cupcakes

Hi My Name is Faith

I’m the creator behind I love to bake and cook, here on my website I get to share all kinds of tasty recipes with you. I am not a certified chef or anything special like that, I have simply learned many lessons from the school of hard knocks over the years.

My enjoyment of making food first started when I was very young. My mom and older sister taught me how to make chocolate chip cookies. I loved to make these because I also got to eat the tasty treats. 

When I got a little bit older my culinary skills expanded to learning how to make dinner once a week. Being responsible for preparing dinner for the whole family each week gave me a chance to learn my way around the kitchen, and I began to love cooking and baking from scratch. 

My years in college derailed much cooking, but I was still able to bake! I remember during the summers when I worked at summer camp, I’d come home when I had a few days off and make cupcakes to take back for the other staff. My friends loved this, and couldn’t quite figure out how I made frosting that was so good! I explained that even though I used boxed cake mixes for the cupcakes, I would make homemade buttercream frosting that everyone loved piled high on their cupcakes! 

faith eating a cupcake

Once I entered the corporate world baking became a way for me to blow off the stress of the day. Then the time for potlucks came around, and word got out that I made some pretty mean baked goods. Looking back, it’s funny how the different workplaces had their favorite things I made. The favorite baked goods ranged from chocolate chip cheesecake to cakes, to cupcakes. 

Faith with a cake

On my first day, of my last big corporate job, the rest of the department explained that I would need to bring in a chocolate cake in the near future. Turned out it was their tradition for the newbie to bring in a chocolate cake because it was the VPs favorite. After I realized they weren’t kidding, I smiled to myself knowing that bringing a chocolate cake for the department was something I could definitely do! To the surprise of my coworkers, I brought in my homemade chocolate cake, and not to brag or anything, but I nailed it! 

Now that I am no longer working in a corporate setting, I have started sharing my recipes here on my website for you to enjoy! It is my hope, that you will find recipes here to inspire your creativity so that you can make some delicious foods. Thank you so much for stopping in! Be sure to take a look around for inspiration to make your next tasty recipe. 

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