Hi, We’re Sarah and Faith, the sister duo at CookThink. We love food, creating recipes, and we’re passionate about helping you feel smarter in the kitchen. 

Hi, I'm Faith...


I absolutely love to bake and cook delicious foods to share with those around me. 

At a young age, my sister taught me to make chocolate chip cookies, then later on she and I had a night of the week that we would make dinner for the whole family. As we got older we each had our own night to cook. 

I also liked to compete in the local county fair with my baked goods. One of my favorite things to make was hands down zucchini bread. I was so thrilled the year I brought home the first place ribbon and best of show! 

When I entered the corporate world, it seems that my coworkers quickly learned about my baking skills. At one job I was always asked to bring in my chocolate chip cheesecake with chocolate ganache on top. At another job, it was tradition for the new person to bring in chocolate cake because it was the president’s favorite. For better or worse, they quickly learned about my baking skills! From then on, they always looked forward to me bringing in a baked treat to share with everyone. 

Food and baked goods have grown into a passion of mine, that I enjoy.

Hi, I'm Sarah...

I really enjoy baking and making foods that not only taste good, but are also visually appealing. 

I learned how to bake from the expertise of my parents, grandma, and a family friend. Coming from a large family by today’s standards, as we grew old enough, we were each assigned a night of the week to make dinner. 

This meant preparing the menu in advance, checking to see if any groceries would need to be purchased, and preparing and serving the food. I appreciate the responsibility and passion it helped to build. 

In my teen years, I had the opportunity to compete with my fancy baked breads, pies, and cakes in 4-H in the local county fair, which was a lot of fun. Being naturally competitive, I was thrilled to bring home several best of class ribbons for my entries. 

Now, I continue to enjoy teaching my children and others how to feel smarter in the kitchen and pass on those skills. 

And if you’ve ever received a gift of something baked or something cooked from me, you’ll know that it’s one of my love languages.