9 Sensational Ways To Compare A Zucchini Vs Cucumber

Everything you need to know about zucchini vs cucumber located in one place. Learn about how each one is defined by the five senses, best storage, how it grows, its amazing nutritional value and recipe ideas for you! All of the pertinent details here, just for you, starting with what zucchini and cucumbers look like, and … Read more

Tahini Vs Sesame Paste

The Main DifferenceAt a quick glance, some might think that Tahini Vs Sesame Paste are interchangeable. However, in many cases, one tiny little differentiating factor is what determines the significant difference between the two. Here’s the difference: Tahini is made from raw sesame seeds, but sesame paste is made from roasted or toasted sesame seeds. … Read more

What Is Pâte Sablée?

What Is Pâte Sablée?Pâte Sablée is a buttery, sweet, melt in your mouth as one of the finest French short crusts. It is more crisp and cookie like than flaky like a pie crust. It does crumble a bit, but is far from dry and would be described as rich. It uses softened butter that … Read more

A Complete Guide To 14 Kinds Of Sugar And How To Use Them

Various kinds of sugar are made from extracting sugar juice from the sugar beet or sugar cane plants and processing it different ways for different outcomes. In the example of brown sugar, molasses is added during processing which changes the color and appearance as well as gives it different functionality. Different sugars have different purposes … Read more

What Is AOC?

AOC stands for Appellation d’origine contrôlée, a controlled term of origin for French agricultural products such as wines, liqueurs, spirits, cheeses and butters. Roquefort became the first AOC-labeled cheese in 1925. AOC standards stipulate that products must come from designated geographical regions and adhere to traditional methods of production. Nevertheless, it’s not a perfect system: the … Read more

How To Marinate

What Can Be Marinated? You might be wondering how to marinate, and what kinds of foods can I marinate? The answer is literally anything. However, the most frequently marinated items are meats such as fish, poultry and red meat. Marinades are usually composed of fats and acids. How To Marinate Food. . .Here are the … Read more

What Does Scampi Mean?

Asparagus season is the perfect time to toss together some cooked asparagus with sautéed shrimp and garlic for a springtime version of shrimp scampi. We also like to spoon shrimp scampi over an al dente bed of cooked and seasoned pasta or a fresh bed of greens and serve it as a wonderful and classic … Read more

How To Cut Eggplant Into Slices

For most dishes, eggplant needs to be sliced before it’s cooked. Therefore it is important to know how to cut eggplant into slices. For eggplant, there are two main cuts that are used: rounds, which are great for almost every dish, and planks, which work particularly well for grilling or layered vegetable lasagnas. When selecting the … Read more

What Is A Purée?

A purée is a cooked food that is a smooth, creamy substance or thick liquid suspension that has been made (usually) from crushed or ground fruits or vegetables. It has usually been run through a sieve, blender or food processor to achieve its consistency. Vegetable purées are used either as a base for soup and thinned with … Read more