How Much Does a Potato Weigh with Photos and Chart


Potatoes are a basic staple in diets around the world, especially here in America. They can be found in a variety of amazing dishes. Likewise, potatoes are found in recipes, but many times they are called for by size. How do you know what 2 medium potatoes are?  Or a small potato? And how do you know what to use so that you don’t mess up the recipe? How much does a potato weigh?

How much does a potato weigh might not have as precise of an answer as you might think. It depends on the kind of potato, the potato’s size, whether the potato has already been cooked and various factors can play a part in how much a potato weighs.

how much does a potato weigh 5 lb bag
5 pounds of Gold Potatoes. Photo by CookThink.

Things To Know When Weighing Potatoes

There are a variety of things to know when weighing potatoes. Potatoes come in different sizes, shapes, have various growing climates and genetics that all factor into the potato’s weight.

For example, if a potato was grown in a dry region, it could likely have a different weight than a potato grown in a well irrigated farm.

Or Russet potatoes for example are larger than most Red potatoes so the variation in size between two varieties can also cause different weights.

Weighing Potatoes

Potatoes can be weighed individually or in groups. When you buy them at the grocery store or farmer’s market, they can be purchased individually or sold in bags by weight. Potatoes can be weighed on a scale at home or in the grocery store.

Educate Your Eye

If you’re someone who wants to become accurate at knowing the weight of a potato, it is valuable to educate your eye.

You will know that 1 pound of potatoes is made up of two medium sized potatoes.

You can know that these potatoes are medium sized if they individually comfortably fit in your hand. Together they equal about a pound.

Potato Size Chart

Below is an approximate sizing chart for potatoes.

For White, Yellow, Russet or Red Potatoes

Potato SizeMeasurementWeight in PoundsWeight in OuncesWeight in Grams
small 1 3/4 to 2 1/4″ diameterless than.31 lbsless than 5 ouncesless than 140 grams
medium 2 1/4 to 3 1/4″ diameter.31 to .61 lbs5 – 10 ounces140 – 280 grams
large3 1/4 to 4 1/4″+ diametermore than .61 lbs10 ounces or moremore than 280 grams

For Sweet Potatoes

Potato SizeMeasurementWeight in PoundsWeight in OuncesWeight in Grams
small 4″ long, 1 3/4″ diameter.13 lbs2.1 ounces60 grams
medium 5″ long, 2″ diameter.25 lbs4 ounces114 grams
large5 3/4″ + long, 2 1/2″ diameter.39 lbs6.3 ounces or more180 grams

How Much Does a Medium Potato Weigh

A medium potato weighs about 5-10 oz or 140-280 g including its skin. The weight can fluctuate based on the variety of the potato, its size, and its quality.

how much does a potato weigh medium potato photo by cookthink
medium potato. Photo by CookThink.

What Size is a Medium Potato

The size of a medium potato is one that weighs between 0.31 lbs – 0.61 lbs and easily fits in your hand. (I have a small hand.)

How Big is a Medium Potato

If you were to measure a medium potato, you would find that they’re typically about 2.25 to 3.25 inches in diameter at their narrowest point. 

How Many Medium Potatoes Per Person

If you’re preparing dinner for guests, you might be wondering how many medium potatoes you need per person. The rule of thumb is one per person is recommended.

However, in our family we’ve been known to eat a loaded baked potatoes for dinner. That is the meal. If you’re serving baked potatoes as the main event, you’ll likely want to prepare a larger quantity than a medium potato per person.

How Much Does a Potato Weigh? [Measured]

Potatoes vary in weight.

Based on measurement, typically a large potato measuring 3 1/4” to 4 ¼“ diameter weighs more than .61 pounds.

A medium potato measuring 2 ¼” to 3 ¼“ diameter weighs about a half a pound or between .31 to .61 pounds.

And a small potato measuring 1 ¾ to 2 ¼” diameter weighs less than .31 pounds.

How Much Does A Baking Potato Weigh?

Russet potatoes are typically used for baking potatoes. They can vary in weight based on their size.

A small baking potato can weigh less than .31 lbs and a large one such as ones used in restaurants can weigh over a pound each.

How Much Does One Large Russet Potato Weigh?

One large Russet potato can weigh .61 lbs or more and can be over a pound. The largest Russet potato ever grown was over 7 pounds and set the world record.

But imagine trying to cook that gigantic thing. It would be too large to work well for any realistic recipe.

How Many Potatoes In a 10 lb Bag?

On average the following quantities of potatoes can be found in a 10 lb bag.

Russet or Idaho – 16-20 per bag
Yellow or White – 18-22 per bag
Red or Yukon Gold – 25-30 per bag
Fingerling – 60-70 per bag
Petite – 80-100 per bag

What is The Healthiest Way To Cook Potatoes?

The healthiest way to cook potatoes is by leaving the skins on and baking them. This maintains the greatest amount of vitamins and nutrients in the potatoes and doesn’t infuse oil or grease into them in order to cook them.

Are Steamed Potatoes Healthier Than Boiled?

Yes, steamed potatoes are healthier than boiled potatoes because when you boil a potato, many of the nutrients are tossed out in the water used to boil them. 

Steaming potatoes does not saturate them in water the same way. The steam simply surrounds the potato while cooking it but does not compromise the vitamin and mineral content to the same extent that boiling them does.

How Much Does 1 Yukon Potato Weigh?

My bag of Yukon potatoes says they weigh 5.3 oz each. 5.3 oz is the equivalent of 150 grams .

How Much Does 1 Yukon Gold Potato Weigh?

The weight of one Yukon Gold Potato depends on its size. A medium potato weighs between 5-10 ounces.

A large potato weighs more than 10 ounces and a small potato weighs less than 5 ounces.

How Many Yukon Gold Potatoes is 5 Pounds?

The number of Yukon potatoes in 5 pounds would depend on their size. There are approximately 10 medium potatoes in 5 pounds.

how much does a potato weigh sizes
how much does a potato weigh? photo by CookThink.

How Many Grams Are in 2 Potatoes?

Two medium potatoes are approximately 280-560 grams.

What is the Size of Yukon Gold Potatoes in Grams?

One medium Yukon Gold potato weighs between 140-280 grams.

How Many Potatoes is 150 grams?

150 grams is approximately 1 small potato.

How Many Yellow Potatoes is 5 lbs?

5 pounds of Yellow potatoes is the equivalent of approximately 10 medium sized potatoes.

How Much Does A Sweet Potato Weigh?

A small sweet potato weighs about .13 lbs and measures about 4 inches long.

A medium sweet potato weighs about .25 lbs and measures about 5 inches long.

A large sweet potato weighs about .39 lbs and is 5 ¾ inches long or more.

How Much Does A Sweet Potato Weigh in Kilograms?

A small sweet potato weighs about .059 kg and measures about 4 inches long.

A medium sweet potato weighs about .113 kg and measures about 5 inches long.

A large sweet potato weighs about .177 kg and is 5 ¾ inches long or more.

How Much Do 4 kg of Sweet Potatoes Cost?

The cost of sweet potatoes depends on where they’re purchased and the quality of the potatoes. 

Potatoes purchased at Walmart for example might be cheaper than fresh organic ones purchased at the local farmer’s market.

Are Sweet Potatoes Keto?

Keto diets are characterized by their high fat and low carbohydrate content. Sweet potatoes are high in carbohydrates and are not included in Keto diet plans.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, sweet potatoes can help boost weight loss. They are a healthy way to satisfy your carb cravings with their melt in your mouth sweet flavor and high fiber content, they can help you stay healthy and boost weight loss.

Is Sweet Potato a Good Carbohydrate?

Sweet potatoes can be a good carbohydrate. If you’re wanting to eat healthy, sweet potatoes can be a good choice because they’re naturally high in carbs, high in fiber and can assist with weight loss.

How Many Cups is 1 lb of Sweet Potatoes?

One pound of sweet potatoes is approximately 3 whole medium sweet potatoes, 2 cups mashed sweet potatoes, and 3 ½ to 4 cups chopped sweet potatoes.

Is Potato Healthier Than Rice?

Both potatoes and rice can be good for you, but it depends what you’re looking for in your diet. Both rice and potatoes are good from the perspective that both have low fat content and can assist with weight loss.

However, potatoes can be the better option if you’re considering macronutrients that are lower in calories and higher in fiber than plain white rice.

how much does a potato weigh
How much does a potato weigh? Photo by CookThink.

How Much Does An Average Potato Weigh?

A medium potato weighs 5-10 oz or 140-280 g and a large potato is any potato that weighs more than that.

Weight of Potato:

Large potatoes start at 10 ounces in weight or 0.29 kilograms.

Medium-sized potatoes are approximately 7.5 ounces.

The smallest potatoes are those less than 5 ounces in weight.

A large potato is nearly the size of an avocado and will fit the palm of your hands without curling your fingers around it.

A medium-size potato will fit 3/4th of your hands, and if you measure from the wrist end of palm, you will get free space near fingers.

A small potato will only fit your palm and won’t touch the fingers of your hand.

A large potato weighs more than 0.61 pounds.

A medium-size potato is one that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is approximately 0.47 pounds and 213 grams.

A small size potato weighs less than .31 pounds or 140 grams, which is light.

How To Measure and Weigh Potatoes, potato sizing system used by farmers and grocery stores

Potato farmers and grocery stores use a sizing system to sort and sell potatoes. Typically when you buy a bag of potatoes, all of the potatoes included are consistent in size.

For example, if you buy a bag of medium potatoes, all of the potatoes included are medium in size. Here is the scale typically used:

Size “A” potatoes – 2.5 inches in diameter
Size “B” potatoes – 1.5 to 2.25 inches in diameter
Size “C” potatoes – less than 1.5 inches in diameter

Store Measuring

Whether potatoes are sold individually such as larger potatoes in the bulk sections of the grocery store or sold in bags, the store measuring system is typically what is shown above for size A, B and C potatoes.

Measuring is based on the diameter of the potato.

Measuring At Home

At home, you can utilize the same measuring system by measuring the diameter of your potato. Or you can also measure it by weight on a scale.

Visual Measuring

Once you become familiar with measuring potatoes and have been cooking for a few years, it is possible to establish a visual measuring system just by looking at the potato, or simply by holding it in your hand. You can become very accurate.

Things To Consider When Buying Potatoes

There are three main aspects to consider when buying potatoes. Those are freshness, flavor, and appearance.

1. Freshness. You’ll want to choose potatoes that are quite fresh. Stay away from ones that have a rubbery skin, dark spots or liquid seeping from the skin.

You want a good quality potato that is firm and without blemishes. This will give you good results in your cooking.

2. Flavor. Choose a potato based on the desired flavor to be achieved. As an example, sweet potatoes are very different in flavor than Russet potatoes.

Research and know the variety of potatoes and their intended purpose before making your purchase.

3. Appearance.  Appearance and freshness go hand in hand. Make sure the potatoes appear to be fresh before buying them.

If they’ve been around for a while, you can suspect that by brown or black spots on their flesh, a rubbery feeling or by liquid seeping under the potato’s skin as it begins the rotting process.

Other FAQs about Potatoes Which You May Be Interested In

Following are some additional frequently asked questions relating to potatoes that might be of interest to you.

Weight of Potato in Cups?

In one cup, there are approximately 225 grams of a potato which is equal to 7.9 ounces. That means the potato size would be the size of a medium potato.

In 2 cups, the amount in grams increases to 450 grams which is roughly 15.9 ounces. That means three medium potatoes or one large and one medium potato.

With increasing cup size, the amount also increases; in 4 cups, the grams will be 900 grams and 31.7 ounces. It is equivalent to three large size potatoes.

Do Boiled Potatoes Weigh The Same As Raw?

No, boiled potatoes tend to weigh more than raw potatoes because they’ve been saturated in water and have had time to absorb the water.

Do Cooked Potatoes Weigh Less Than Raw?

It depends how the potatoes are cooked as to whether their weight changes after they’re cooked.

If they’re boiled they will take on water and will weigh more after they’re cooked.

If they’re baked, some of their water content will evaporate and will decrease their weight after they’re cooked.

Do Potatoes Change Weight When Baked?

Yes, cooked potatoes, especially baked potatoes weigh less than raw potatoes. Baking causes some of the water content in the makeup of the potato to evaporate, decreasing its weight.

baked potato
Baked potato. Photo by CookThink.

How Much Does a Sweet Potato Weigh When Cooked?

How much a sweet potato weighs when cooked will depend on two factors.

The first factor is how much a sweet potato weighs to begin with when it’s raw.

The second factor is how the sweet potato is cooked. If it is boiled, it will weigh more after it’s cooked.

If it’s baked, it will weigh less after it’s baked. If it’s fried, it might maintain somewhat of a consistency from the raw to the cooked state.

How Do You Know If Boiled Potatoes Are Ready?

The easiest way to know if a boiled potato is ready is to poke a fork into them. If the potato is soft, the potatoes are done. If a potato is hard, the potato needs to cook longer.

Is Boiled Potato Better Than Baked?

Baking versus boiling depends on your preference. If you’re looking solely at taste to determine which is better, you’ll want to try them and find out.

If you’re wanting to consider the healthiest method, then baking is healthier than boiling because baking causes the least amount of nutrients to be lost.

Do You Measure Potatoes Before or After Cooking?

If you’re needing to measure potatoes for a recipe, you’ll want to weigh them raw before they’re cooked to obtain the accurate measure for the recipe.

How Many Weight Watchers Points Does a Baked Potato Have?

A plain medium baked potato is 4 Weight Watchers points.

Do Potatoes Weigh More Boiled?

Yes, potatoes weigh more boiled because they take on water while they’re submersed.

What Happens if You Over Boil Potatoes?

You want to boil potatoes just until they’re done. If you boil them for too long they will absorb water and become soupy.

Why Do My Potatoes Fall Apart When Boiled?

If your potatoes have been grown during dryness they might have a tendency to take on more water when they’re boiled and fall apart more easily.

How Long Are You Supposed to Boil Potatoes?

You want to boil potatoes just until they’re soft. It takes approximately 10 minutes for chopped potatoes to boil and approximately 20 minutes for whole potatoes to boil.

Grams of Potato in One Serving?

If one cup of potatoes is a serving size, there are 8 ounces in a cup.  And 8 ounces is equivalent to 226 grams.

How Much Does A Large Potato Weigh?

A large potato weighs approximately 8 ounces or more.

What You Need to Know About The Potato

The potato is the 4th most important crop next to rice, wheat and corn. It is used to feed cultures around the world.

The potato is a perennial root vegetable. You can grow a new potato by cutting a chunk of a potato and burying it in the warm dirt.

The potato is a popular ingredient for many dishes including French fries. Potatoes have helped to relieve world famine and was the first vegetable grown in space.

3 varieties of potatoes. photo by CookThink.
3 varieties of potatoes. photo by CookThink.

History of the Potato

Potatoes were first grown by the Inca Indians in Andes Mountains in South America. In the 1500s Spanish explorations helped spread potatoes across the globe. In 1570 and 1590 potatoes were brought to Europe easier than wheat and oats and aided in the process of ending the European famine.

In 1691 the potato was introduced to North America and later French fries were introduced by Thomas Jefferson.

Where the Potato is Grown

Potatoes are grown in well-drained soil that gets at least 6 hours of full sun a day to warm the dirt. They are grown in many countries including highest producing ones such as the United States, China, Russia, India and the Ukraine.


The nutrition of 1 raw potato, including the flesh and skin is as follows:

Calories 131
Total Fat 0.2g
Saturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 10mg
Total Carbohydrates 29.7g
Dietary Fiber 3.7g
Total Sugars 1.3g
Protein 3.4g
Calcium 20mg
Iron 1mg
Potassium 716mg

Types of Potatoes

There are many kinds of potatoes. Different popular varieties include: russet, red, yellow, white, purple or blue, fingerling, and petite.

Popular (and Unusual) Uses of the Potato

There are many popular uses for the potato. They are often used as a side dish or even main dish in cooking recipes.

Some more unusual uses of the potato include: medicine, burn soother, rust remover, to create art stamps, stain remover, silverware cleaner, salty-taste balancer, and beauty aid.

How Many Grams Is 1 Small Potato?

A single small potato is less than 140 grams or less than 5 ounces.

How To Measure Potatoes With Cups?

The best way to measure a potato in cups is to dice the potato or shred the potato if the recipe allows you to do so. Otherwise, you will want to use our chart and make the best estimate you can.

How Many Grams Does a Red Potato Weigh?

A small red potato weighs less than 0.31 pounds, which is equivalent to 140 grams.   

How Many Small Potatoes In a Pound?

There are approximately 6-10 small potatoes in a pound, depending on their size.

How to Bake a Potato (4 Ways)

There are four main ways to bake a potato, which include in an oven, in the air fryer, on the grill or in the microwave. 

Start With the Right Potato

You can bake any kind of potato, but the best potatoes for baking are Russet potatoes. Make sure that your potato is firm, washed well and is ready to be baked.

Big Potatoes and Small Potatoes

You can bake big potatoes or small potatoes, either will work well. You’ll want to adjust the baking time based on your potato’s size. 

Smaller potatoes cook faster and need less time. Big potatoes take longer to cook all the way through and need more time.

Poke to Prevent Explosions

For best results, use a sharp knife or fork to poke holes through the skin of your potatoes before baking it to prevent it from exploding.

To Oil or Not to Oil

To oil or not to oil, that is the question. One of the benefits of using oil on the outside of your potato is that it helps the skin to turn brown and crispy while it’s cooking. It also gives something for the salt to stick to if you like salted potato skins.

Personally, our preference is to butter the skins before baking them. But if you don’t want to add the calories of some kind of oil, you can simply pat the potato with water and adhere the salt.

When and Where to Salt

If you desire salted potato skins, the best time to salt them is before you bake them.

If you’re simply going with salt on the inside, you can wait and do that right before the potato is served when you slice it open.

Skip the Foil

Skip the foil if you want a crispy outside potato skin. If you prefer a softer moist skin, add the foil before you put your potato in to bake.

Any potato being baked in the microwave should not have foil used!

How Long To Bake a Potato?

The time that potato needs to bake depends on its size and the cooking method. Here are some guidelines for baking a large potato at 400F degrees:

Oven: 60 minutes
Microwave: 6 minutes
Air fryer: 40 minutes
Grill: 50 minutes

What’s the Best Temperature for Baked Potatoes?

The best temperature for cooking baked potatoes is 400F degrees. It is not too hot and it’s not too cool .

When Is It Done?

The best practice for knowing when your baked potato is done is to poke a fork through the skin and see if it is soft. If it is soft, it is done. If it is still hard, it needs to cook longer.

Open Up for Serving

When your potato finishes baking, you’ll want to slice it length wise and give it a pinch from each of the ends to open the potato up. Place any butter, salt or other toppings in the open potato area.

Baked potato with seasoning salt. Photo by CookThink.
Baked potato with seasoning salt. Photo by CookThink.

Baking Potatoes in Advance

It is possible to bake potatoes in advance. After all no one’s going to stop you. But for the best freshness, bake them and serve them fresh out of the oven.

Leftover Potatoes

If you have leftover potatoes, they can be saved and used for other recipes.

Baked potatoes can be used as fried potatoes the next day to go inside an omelet, mashed potatoes can be used to make potato pancakes. And the options are limitless. 

The Only Baked Potato Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Following is the only baked potato recipe you’ll ever need.

Pro Tip: Use Russet Potatoes

For the best results, use Russet Potatoes. Russet potatoes are the best baking potatoes.

What You’ll Need

Russet Potato
Baking Sheet

How To Bake A Potato In The Oven

To bake a potato in the oven, wash it well under water, scrubbing off any dirt or debris. 

Place it on a baking sheet and preheat the oven to 400F degrees.

If desired, pat the potato skin with oil and sprinkle with salt or any salt seasoning mixture.

Poke holes into the potato skin and cook in the oven for 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Should I Wrap Potatoes In Foil Before Baking?

If you’re baking your potatoes in the microwave, the answer is a definite no to using foil.

But if you’re baking them in the oven or grill, using foil is optional.

We prefer no foil, but that’s a personal preference. We like it when the skin gets brown and crispy, with the inside nice and soft.

That’s what will be achieved with no foil. If you use foil, the skin will maintain its moisture and will stay soft.

How To Bake a Potato In The Microwave

To bake a potato in the microwave, wash it well under water, scrubbing off any dirt or debris.

Place it on a microwave safe plate and poke holes in the skin of the potato.

Microwave on high for about 6 minutes, or until it is soft when a fork is inserted.

How To Bake a Potato In The Air Fryer

Preheat the air fryer to 400F degrees.

Place the potato in the air fryer basket and heat for 20 minutes.  

Flip the potato over and bake for 20-30 more minutes until soft.

How To Bake a Potato On The Grill

To bake a potato on the grill, wash the skin to make it free from any dirt.

Rub oil or butter on the outside of the skins if desired and sprinkle with salt.

Wrap in foil and cook for 1 hour at 400F degrees.

Tips for Success

How much does a potato weigh? The best tips for success are to follow the directions. And make sure your baked potato is done before removing it from the oven. No one likes to bite into a crunchy potato.

What To Do With Leftovers

Leftover potatoes can be used for a variety of recipes. If I’m heating the oven up, I generally will cook more than one potato and have leftovers.

Leftover potatoes can be used to make soup, casseroles, fried potatoes, eaten in omelets or a variety of other purposes.

Want To Make a Loaded Baked Potato?

Loaded baked potatoes are a family favorite at our house. We use them for a main dish from time to time and they’re so delicious while warming us up from the inside out.

To make a loaded baked potato, just bake it as you normally would.

Slice it lengthwise before serving and add all your favorite toppings such as bacon, cheddar cheese, butter, salt, sour cream and chopped green onions.


Following are some frequently asked questions about how much does a potato weigh?

Here Are More Ways To Top Baked Potatoes

You might like to top your potato with taco toppings such as taco meat, shredded cheddar and crumbled tortilla chips. Tuna tacos can be topped with tuna fish, cheese, onion and cheese. BBQ pork potatoes can be topped with shredded pork, barbecue sauce and sautéed onions.

Cooking Time by Potato Size

Following are estimated cooking times based on your potato’s size: and 8 oz potato takes approximately 35 minutes to bake. A 12 oz potato takes approximately 45 minutes to bake. A 16 oz potato takes about 55 minutes to bake.

Can I Bake a Sweet Potato With This Method?

Yes, sweet potatoes can be baked with the same method as described above for baking potatoes.

More Great Russet Potato Recipes For You!

Better Than Costo Potato Salad Recipe
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How Much Does a Bag of Potatoes Weigh?

Potatoes are typically purchased in 3 pound, 5 pound or 10 pound bags.

How Much Is a 10 Pound Bag of Potatoes at Walmart?

At the time this was written, a 10 pound bag of Russet potatoes at Walmart cost just under $5.

How Much is 2 lbs of Potatoes?

Two pounds of potatoes is approximately 4 medium potatoes, since each medium potato weighs approximately one-half pound.

What Is 2 lbs of Potatoes in Grams?

Two pounds of potatoes is equivalent to 907 grams of potatoes.

How Much is 500 Grams of Potatoes?

500 grams of potatoes is equivalent to 1.1 pounds of potatoes.

How Many Potatoes is 700 Grams?

700 grams equals 1.54 pounds of potatoes. Since each medium potato weighs approximately one-half pound, 700 grams would be about 3 medium potatoes.

How Many Potatoes is 4 Ounces?

4 ounces of potatoes is the equivalent of one small potato.

How Much is 8 oz Potatoes?

8 ounces of potatoes is approximately the size of 1 medium potato.

How Many Cups is 8 oz Potatoes?

8 ounces of potatoes is equivalent to 1 cup.

How Many Potatoes Do I Need For 9 People?

The number of potatoes you will need depends on what the potatoes are being used for and what else is also being served. As a generality, we estimate that you will need approximately 9 medium potatoes for 9 people.

How Many Red Potatoes is 2 Pounds?

You will need approximately 4 medium potatoes to equal two pounds. Or you can use 2-3 large potatoes to equal 2 pounds. 

How Many Pounds is 10 Red Potatoes?

The number of pounds that 10 red potatoes weigh will depend on their size. If you have 10 medium potatoes, they will weigh approximately 5 pounds.

How Many Potatoes Do I Need To Feed 8 People?

As a rule of them, you can figure preparing ½ pound of potatoes per person. Therefore, you will need about 8 medium potatoes to feed 8 people.

How Many Potatoes Are In a Bag?

For a 10 pound bag, the number of potatoes range as follows:

Russet or Idaho – 16-20 per bag
Yellow or White – 18-22 per bag
Red or Yukon Gold – 25-30 per bag
Fingerling – 60-70 per bag
Petite – 80-100 per bag

How Much is a 5 lb Bag of Potatoes?

A 5 pound bag potatoes costs between $2 – $5 on average.

How Many Potatoes Are in a 15 Pound Bag?

For a 15 pound bag, the number of potatoes range as follows:

Russet or Idaho – 24-30 per bag
Yellow or White – 27-33 per bag
Red or Yukon Gold – 37-45 per bag
Fingerling – 90-105 per bag
Petite – 120-150 per bag
How much does a potato weigh?

How Much Does 1 Potato Cost?

According to our calculations the average cost of one potato is approximately 30 cents.

What Does 2 Pounds of Potatoes Look Like?

2 pounds of potatoes equals about 3 ½ cups chopped potatoes, or  2 to 3 cups mashed potatoes.

How Many Calories Are in 5 Baby Potatoes?

There are approximately 90 calories in 5 baby potatoes.

How Many Potatoes Do I Need For 16 People?

If you’re making baked potatoes, you’ll need approximately 16 medium potatoes for 16 people.

How Heavy Is a Sweet Potato?

A medium sweet potato weighs approximately 4 oz.

How Big is a Large Potato?

A large potato is approximately 3.25 to 4.25 inches in diameter.

How Big is a Small Potato?

A small potato is approximately 2.25 inches in diameter or smaller.

How Many Grams is a Potato?

A baked, medium russet potato weighs approximately 173 grams, or 6 ounces

How Many Potatoes Are a Cup?

To make a cup of potatoes, you will need approximately 1 medium sliced or shredded potato, 1.25 diced medium potatoes, or 2 mashed medium potatoes.

How Do I Make Mashed Potatoes From Scratch?

To make mashed potatoes from scratch, remove the peelings from the potatoes.

Chop them and boil them in a pan of water over medium high heat. Cook until tender.

Drain water and remove from heat.

Add the desired amount of butter, cream, and salt. Beat until smooth.

Serve warm and enjoy.

How Many Pounds of Potatoes Per Person Should You Use in Mash?

If a serving size is about a cup, you’ll need about a half a pound of potatoes per person.

The Ultimate Potato Weight Table For Feeding a Crowd

Below is a chart that estimates how many potatoes you’ll need to feed a quantity of people.

Number of PeopleTotal Potato WeightNumber of Medium Sized Potatoes Needed
10.5 lbs1
42 lbs4
63 lbs6
105 lbs10

Can You Make Potatoes In Advance And Freeze Them?

We don’t recommend making potatoes in advance and freezing them. I mean you can because nobody’s going to stop you.

But when you freeze potatoes and thaw them again they change consistency and texture.

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of mashed potatoes or baked potatoes. Potatoes are always best when served fresh.

Recipe For Perfect Mashed Potatoes

To make perfect mashed potatoes from scratch, use the recipe below.

4 medium potatoes
4 tbsp butter
2 tsp salt
4 oz cream cheese
½ cup heavy cream
¼ cup sour cream

Remove the peelings from 4 medium potatoes. Chop them into large chunks and boil them in a pan of water over medium high heat. Cook until tender. Drain water and remove from heat. Add the desired amount of butter, cream, and salt. Beat until smooth. Serve warm and enjoy.

How Much is a Pound of Carrots?

A pound of carrots is approximately 16 ounces or 2 cups of carrots.

What is the average-sized grocery store potato?

It all depends. You can buy very small seed potatoes, all the way up to large russet potatoes in a 10-pound sack or larger.

The smallest potatoes to the largest potatoes can depend on potato varieties and vary according to the potatoes’ size.

However, the flavor of the potato remains similar for each one. 

Different Types of Potatoes and Uses

The potato is an interesting plant and is a staple food.

It can be eaten many different ways including mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato soup, potato gratin, fried, shredded, grilled, sliced and more.

Potatoes have different classification systems and the raw weight can vary based on the size of potato and variety. 

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