Easy Cake Pop Bouquet


Cake Pop Bouquet

Making your own homemade cake pop bouquet can be surprisingly easy and taste amazing. We are excited to share our easy recipe with you that will allow you to make no fuss cake pop bouquets for your special occasions. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to make these delicious treats.

Cake Pop Bouquet side view

Cake Pops

A couple of years ago I made cake pops for a graduation open house. In the process of doing cake pops for that open house, I thought I was going to pull my hair out because they were so tedious to make using a cooked cake, and frosting rolled into balls.

However, I recently learned how to make cake pops using crushed cookies and cream cheese, and this has been revolutionary for me! Now, I love making these cake pops, and they are one of my favorite treats to make and share!

I am excited to walk through these step-by-step instructions with you today, on how you can easily make a delicious cake pop bouquet that is easy and super cute! 

What Are Cake Pops?

Perhaps you have heard of the cute little delicacies called cake pops but are not familiar with what they are or how they are actually made. Cake pops are just like they sound a little bit of cake made into a popsicle form.

Most of the time in the center of a cake pop is made by combining a cake that has been made and mixed with frosting then formed into balls. There is also another way to make these, which includes a cake pop iron, which makes them in a little mini cake that is shaped like a ball.

Finally, still another way to make cake pops includes making them using crushed cookies mixed with cream cheese. All of these balls are then taken and dipped into melted chocolate before they are decorated in various ways.

Let’s look at how you can make cake pops on your own.

Make It Yourself

You can easily make cake pops at home. You can do this by using a boxed cake mix and preparing it as instructed above, then crumbling it with a jar of frosting. Form them into balls before chilling in the fridge.

Or my favorite method of making cake pops is to use Oreo cookies mixed with a bit of cream cheese to form the balls.

DIY Cake Pop Bouquet

While cake pops can be made at home, some DIY cake pop bouquets are easier than others. Today we are excited to walk you through the process of making your own easy cake pop bouquet.

The main method we are going to focus on today involves my favorite way of making cake pops. Using this method anyone can tackle it and make a beautiful cake pop bouquet. Let’s look at what all you will need to make a cake pop bouquet easily at home.

Food Ingredients and Preparation

To make a homemade cake pop bouquet, you will need to gather all the ingredients to make the cake pops, as well as specific items to make the cake pops into a bouquet. Below you will find a list of everything that you need to gather.

Everything You Need:

Cream cheese
Chocolate chips or candy melts
Any additional decorations you desire

Other items you will need and probably have in your home:

Food processor or blender
Cake pop sticks
Vase, paper bag, parchment paper, or piece of tissue paper

How to make a cake pop bouquet

To make cake pops the easy way, start off by adding Oreo cookies into a food processor. Pulse until they are fine, then add cream cheese and pulse again until combined. Then form your cookies into evenly shaped balls, place onto parchment paper and freeze. It works best when they are frozen overnight. 

After they are frozen solid, insert your sticks into the balls. Melt your chocolate chips, in a microwavable bowl for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until the chocolate is completely melted. Dip the balls into the melted chocolate, and then stick your sticks into foam to hold the balls while they dry. 

Once dry you can put Styrofoam into the bottle of a vase, and then stick your sticks into it. Or you can arrange your dried cake pops in a flower arrangement and wrap them in paper and then tie them with a bow. The cake pop bouquet will be best when it is kept in the refrigerator until served.

Cake Pop Bouquet making process

Cake Pop Bouquet Recipe (Easy Method!)


Food processor
Cake pop sticks
Vase, paper bag, parchment paper, or piece of tissue paper


25-ounce Oreo cookies
8-ounce cream cheese
18-ounce dark chocolate chips (or any kind of chocolate chips or candy melts)


Step 1

Begin by adding your cookies to the food processor and pulse until they are finely ground.

Step 2

Next, add in your block of cream cheese, and pulse until it begins to clump together.

Step 3

Form the crushed cookie cream cheese mixture into small balls that are all even in size. Placed them onto parchment paper, and freeze until a salad, or overnight.

Step 4

After the balls are frozen insert the sticks into the balls. If you have trouble getting them to stay, you might first want to dip them in to melt the chocolate before sticking them into the balls. However, I have had good luck with them staying without first dipping them into chocolate.

Step 5

Next, add chocolate chips to a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between until your chocolate is entirely melted. Tip: it might be a good idea to work with half the chocolate at a time so that you are not stressing yourself trying to keep up with the chocolate.

Step 6

When your chocolate is melted, take the cake pops on the sticks and dip them into the chocolate gently twirling so that the extra chocolate falls off. Once they are entirely covered, stick the cake pops into Styrofoam so that they can stand up as they dry. Repeat this process for each cake pop. If desired add sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. 

Step 7

You can assemble your cake pop bouquet in multiple ways. One of my favorites is to put a piece of Styrofoam in the bottom of the vase then stick each cake pop into the foam. This will make it easy for your guests to take cake pops out of the vase. 

Another way is to arrange your cake pops in tissue paper, parchment paper, or just regular paper, then wrap them up like a normal flower bouquet and tie a ribbon around them. This looks cute especially if you are giving them as a gift.


If you do not have a food processor, a blender may also be used to crush the cookies and mix in the cream cheese. Another way you can do it is to place the cookies in a sealable plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin until they are finely ground. Add them to a mixing bowl, and whisk with cream cheese, until they are combined.

Crush cookies
Make the cookies fine
Add cream cheese
Pulse to combine
Form into balls
melt chocolate
Dip into chocolate
add sprinkles


In our recipe, we used buttons brand chocolate sandwich cream cookies to make these cake pops, along with dark chocolate chips, and regular cream cheese. Based upon these ingredients, we have estimated that this recipe makes approximately 18 cake pops.

Therefore, one cake pop is estimated to contain 328 calories. Based on the ingredients we have used, we have also estimated that one serving contains 16.8 g total fat, 8.9 mg of cholesterol, 207.8 mg sodium, 45.9 g total carbohydrates, and 4.3 g protein.

Now that we have shown you the easy way to make cake pops, we will look at the more complicated, and common method of making cake pops. See the below instructions on how to do this.

Cake Pop Bouquet Using Cake 


For the sponge

1 box prepared cake, baked and cooled

To form the cake pops

1 jar frosting

To decorate the cake pops

Candy melts or chocolate chips
Any other decorations desired

Preparation Directions 

Make the sponge

First, you will prepare the boxed cake mix according to the instructions on your box, bake it, and allow it to fully cool.

When the cake has been baked, and cooled, you can cut it into small pieces and then crumble it by hand. 

Make the cake pops

To turn your cake crumbles into cake pops, add the frosting to your cake crumble mixture. Work it through until all your cake is coated in frosting. Then roll your cake into small balls that are even in size. Dip your sticks into melted chocolate and stick them into the center of your cake balls. If desired freeze until solid.  

Coat the cake pops

Melt your chocolate candy melts in the microwave stirring often and microwaving for 30 seconds at a time until melted. Work quickly as your candy melts will set up fast. Take your cake pop balls, and dip them into the melted candy melts. Then insert the sticks in Styrofoam to allow them to harden.

Arrange the bouquet

Once your cake pops are solid, you can arrange the cake pops in any way you wish. Some great ideas include putting a piece of Styrofoam in the bottom of a vase and arranging them like a flower bouquet. Or you can arrange them and wrap your cake pops in paper then tie them with a ribbon.

Some helpful hints for how to avoid your cake pops from cracking, recipe ideas and storage instructions.

Helpful Hints

When making cake pops using cream-filled cookies, I have found that it works best to allow the cake pops to freeze overnight, before dipping in chocolate. This allows the cake pops to hold together instead of becoming mushy when dipped in chocolate.

Recipe Ideas

You can do some easy recipe variations simply by changing up the flavor of the cookie, or the flavor of the chocolate. Another great way to change up your recipe, is to use different colored sprinkles, or toppings to decorate your cake pops.

Storage Instructions

You want to place the finished cake pops in a cool location. For best results, you will want to store your finished cake pops in the fridge until you are ready to give them away or serve them. You can also store the cake pops in the freezer if you wish to store them for a longer period of time. Your cake pops will be best when placed in a sealable plastic bag, or in an airtight container.

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What is cake pop dough? 

Cake pop dough can be made by using baked and cooled cake, mixed with frosting. Or it can be made using cream-filled cookies, combined with cream cheese.

What flavors can I use for my cake pops?

Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes to different flavors you can use to make your cake pops. If you are using a cake that is crumbled and mixed with frosting, you will simply want to add a flavor to your cake before baking. Or if you are using cookies, you can simply use vanilla cookies, and add in your flavoring. Or you can use flavored cream-filled cookies for different flavor combinations. Get creative and have fun!

Can I make cake pops from cake mix? 

Yes, you can make cake pops using a cake mix if you wish. You can also make cake pops using a cake from scratch if you prefer. For a very easy method, use cream-filled cookies for your cake pops.

Is making cake pops from scratch better?

It’s really a matter of your preference, and the cake mix you use. Some cake mixes may not be as crumbly as you may desire. It’s all up to you whether you choose to make your cake from scratch, or use a mix.

Can I make my cake pop other shapes?

Yes, you can make a cake pops into any shape you wish. Often a simple ball works well and is multi-purposeful. However, any shape you wish to make your cake pops into will look very cute. 

Are there cake pop molds available?

Yes, there are all kinds of molds available for making cake pops.

Can cake pops be frozen? 

Yes, cake pops can be frozen once they are made, or after the cake has been formed. Freezing cake pops is a good way to store them.

Can I make them ahead of time?

Yes, cake pops can easily be made ahead of time. Simply store them in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to use them.

Why do my cake pops have condensation on them? 

Cake pops sometimes get condensation when they are still cold and get pulled into a warm room. The water in the air hits the cold cake pops and forms a liquid on them. To avoid this happening, place your cake pops into an airtight container when they are in the fridge, and keep them in the airtight container once pulled out of the fridge until they reach room temperature.

Why are there beads of water on my chocolate?

There may be beads of water on your chocolate because the chocolate is still chilled and has been placed at room temperature. Therefore, the water in the room is turning back to a liquid when hitting a cold surface. To avoid this happening, place your cake pops into an airtight container when you put them in the fridge, or freezer. Leave them in the airtight container until they have warmed to room temperature. 

What’s the difference between a chocolate coating and a color melt coating?

Chocolate coating, chocolate chips, or melted chocolate is used. Candy melts are a fancier version and often thought that they are more stable to work with. I have found that they set up much faster and require you to work super fast. What you choose to use is a matter of your preference. 

Cake Pop Bouquet mini boquet close up

Why did my cake pops break? 

One reason why your cake pop may have broken is that your ratio of stick size to the size of your cake pop may not be accurate. If your cake pop is much bigger than your stick, your cake pop is too heavy, and therefore often breaks. The same can be said if your cake pop is too small and your sticks are too large. Your small cake pops me flat out.

Why didn’t they stay on the stick?

Another reason why your cake pops may have trouble staying on the stick is that the balls were not packed hard enough. When assembling your balls, be sure that your balls are packed very tight before placing them onto the sticks.

Why are my cake pops cracking?

One of the main reasons why cake pops crack, is because you dip cold cake pop balls into hot chocolate. It can also be affected because your cake pops don’t have the right cake to frosting ratio. This is one of the challenges of working with cake batter. When using crushed cookies mixed with cream cheese, this is not typically a problem but can be on rare occasions. Simply let the balls warm slightly before dipping into your melted chocolate. 

Why are my cake pop coatings not smooth?

One reason why your cake pop may not be smooth, is because your cake pops are too cold. This will make the chocolate set much faster when using a cold cake pop. To avoid this, let your cake pop warm up slightly before dipping in chocolate. Your cake pop should be close to room temperature on the outside when they are immersed in chocolate. 

Another reason why your cake pop coating may not be smooth is that your chocolate is setting up. Simply microwave your chocolate for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until your chocolate is once again melty. Then try dipping your cake pops in again.

Why are there little bubbles in my cake pops?

Though a rare occurrence, you may notice that there are some bubbles in the coating of your cake pops. This could be because you mixed up the melted chocolate too much so that there are now air bubbles in it. When mixing your chocolate, stir gently, and carefully fold to mix it.

Why are my candy melts so thick and claggy?

Candy melts are very reactive to the heat when warmed. Keep in mind that a little bit of heat goes a long way. You can overcook your candy melts so that they become thick and clumpy. If your candy melts are all clumpy now, try adding a little bit of coconut oil or vegetable Crisco into them so that they become more workable. One great trick is to try and not over warm your candy melts. They can retain a lot of heat from the microwave, so only try to melt them until they are mostly melted. Then gently stir until your candy melts are all liquid. 

Other Recipes You Might Like

Recipe Variations

There are several different recipe variations for cake pop bouquets. Some of these recipe variations include preparing the cake pops with different flavors, while others are simply decorating them for different occasions. Please see the below for details.

Bailey’s Cake Pop Bouquet Cake Pops

You can easily make cake pops with a bit of Bailey’s in them, simply by adding 2 ounces of Bailey’s to your cake pop batter. When adding Bailey’s, you will want to cut back on the cream cheese included in your dough. 

Cake Pop and Donut Bouquet 

There are some very cute cake pop bouquets that are mixed with mini donuts. To do this, prepare your cake pops as instructed above. Then either make, or purchase some mini donuts, and add them to sticks and insert them into your bouquet. This makes for a very cute appearance of your overall bouquet 

Beautiful Cake Pop Bouquet / Easy Mother’s Day Gift 

If you are looking for an easy Mother’s Day gift for that special woman in your life, try making a cake pop bouquet for her. You can decorate them just the way that she likes, and present them to her as a beautiful bouquet.

Cake Pop Bouquet – Valentine Special (Using spare or leftover cake)

Cake pop bouquets are also perfect for Valentine’s Day. No matter if you were looking for a gift for her, or for him, it’s hard to go wrong with a cake pop bouquet. Simply prepare as instructed above, then decorate as you wish for your special Valentine.

Birthday Chocolate Donut & Cake Pop Bouquet

Cake pop bouquets are a fun way to celebrate birthdays too. To make a chocolate birthday bouquet, prepare as instructed above using chocolate cream-filled cookies, and dip in chocolate. Then pair with mini chocolate donuts and combine into a beautiful bouquet.

Floral Cake Pop Box Bouquet

You can easily make your cake pop bouquet into a floral cake pop box bouquet simply by getting a box and decorating it along with flowers. Or even use a gift bag, with flowers then insert your form into the gift bag before adding your cake pops. Get creative and enjoy decorating! 

Birthday Cake Pop

You can get creative and make a birthday cake pop, by making mini birthday cakes that are dipped in chocolate and decorated in sprinkles. And if you want to get even more creative, insert a candle into the top of each mini birthday cake for the whole effect.

Summertime Cake Pop Bouquet

Summertime cake pop bouquets are great for any occasion during the summer. There are so many ways you can make this into a fun summertime bouquet. An easy way to do this is to simply use bright colored sprinkles to dip each cake pop into before the chocolate hardens. You can also add bright-colored tissue to your bouquet to liven things up if you wish. 

Vanilla Yellow Cake – Cake Pop Bouquet 

If you want to use vanilla cake, or have a vanilla flavor cake pop, simply use a vanilla cream-filled cookie, dipped into white chocolate. This will make a beautiful white cake pop that is super easy to assemble. These are great for any occasion, or even for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding.

Rose Cake Pop Bouquet – Half Dozen

Dipping your cake pops into red candy melts, or adding red food coloring to white chocolate chips, is a great way to make your cake pops look like roses. Then simply add sprinkles around the top. Feel free to get creative with additional details.

Cupid Cake Pop Bouquet

There are many different ways you can make a Cupid cupcake to help celebrate love, or Valentine’s Day. The easiest way is to simply make your cake pops dipped in white chocolate, or dark chocolate then decorate with a drizzle of red, pink, or chocolate. Get creative and decorate!

Cake Pop Bouquet virtical picture

Specialty Cake Pop Bouquet

Cake pop bouquets can be easily made for your special occasions with our above recipe for easy cake pops. These are great to make on your own because they will save you a lot of money ordering cake pops and they are delicious to eat. You can decorate them for any occasion you have coming up, and everyone will want to know your secret recipe because it is oh so good!

Cake Pop Bouquet

Making your own cake pop bouquet can be surprisingly easy, and even a fun project! Our recipe will walk you through an easy step-by-step way to make a delicious cake pop bouquet. Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

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