The Best Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies


Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crisco chocolate chip cookies are very easy to make, and they will taste like the best chocolate chip cookies you have ever had. For this recipe, using butter-flavored Crisco is the secret ingredient. Using Crisco for your shortening changes the texture of your cookies so that they are literally the best you have ever had. 

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies stacked top down

Absolutely the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Crisco chocolate chip cookies are absolutely the best cookies you can taste. They are unique because they are made with Crisco rather than butter. When you use shortening in place of butter you get the delicious texture of crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside. 

Plus, there is no waiting for the cookies to chill in your refrigerator. You can simply mix up the dough, and begin baking. This makes the process of cookie making much faster. 

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

You’re going to love this recipe because it is so easy to make, using basic ingredients from your kitchen, in addition to shortening. Then, you can simply mix up the cookie dough, bake, and enjoy. It’s really that easy!

Why We Use Crisco in These Chocolate Chip Cookies 

We like to use Crisco and cookies for a couple of different reasons. First, using Crisco allows your cookies to get the delicious taste and texture of the crispiness on the outside but still delicious and chewy on the inside. 

Second, when you use Crisco for chocolate chip cookies, there is no need to allow your cookie dough to refrigerate and chill for hours upon hours. Instead, when you use shortening you can simply mix up your cookie dough, roll them into balls, and bake your cookies. There’s no need to chill the dough. 

What is Shortening?

Shortening is a kind of fat that is used for baking. Fat content included in shortening helps to make light fluffy and flaky baked goods. No matter if you’re making cookies, bread, or biscuits, shortening can be included in a variety of recipes for flavor, and texture. 

Shortening can range to include a variety of ingredients, usually butter, but can also include Crisco, as well as a few other types of shortening that are less commonly used. 

Why Use Crisco Instead Of Butter?

In most cases, Crisco melts at a higher temperature than butter does. This results in more air bubbles being trapped inside Crisco and produces baked goods with the insides having a lighter and softer texture. 

Crisco also helps your baked goods to maintain their shape better than butter does, this is why we use Crisco, it does not require you to chill the cookie dough in the refrigerator. 

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies laied out

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies (Ultimate Recipe)

There’s nothing that quite compares to these Crisco chocolate chip cookies. When you use Crisco to make chocolate chip cookies you end up with fabulous cookies that hold their shape, and are still soft and chewy on the inside. You just have to try it to see for yourself what a difference it makes to use Crisco for making cookies rather than butter. 

The Best Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who is ready for the best Crisco chocolate chip cookies?! If this sounds good to you, be sure to read our step-by-step instructions below on how you too can easily make the ultimate chocolate chip cookies using Crisco for your shortening. We are so excited to share this recipe with you! 

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ingredients For Crisco Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Butter flavored Crisco

Light brown sugar

Baking soda

Sea salt

All-purpose flour


Vanilla extract

Chocolate chips

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies cookie tower from the side

How To Make Crisco Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Preheat Oven

Preheat your oven to 350°F. 

Cream Shortening and Sugars

To begin making your delicious Crisco chocolate chip cookies, start by adding your Crisco and brown sugar into the mixing bowl. Mix until they form a creamy light texture. This should almost look like whipped butter. 

Dry Ingredients

Now, into the same mixing bowl add your dry ingredients including baking soda, sea salt, and all-purpose flour. Do not mix together at this point

Adding Eggs and Vanilla

Into your mixing bowl add eggs and vanilla on top of your dry ingredients. 

Combine Shortening Mixture and Dry Ingredients

When all of your ingredients, except the chocolate chips are added, mix them together. Be careful not to over mix the mixture. Mix your cookie dough just until the dough begins to form. Add chocolate chips, then mix just until they are combined. 

Baking the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lightly grease your cookie sheet, or line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Roll cookies into balls that are approximately 1 inch in diameter. Place evenly spaced on a cookie sheet. Bake for approximately 10 to 12 minutes or until cookies begins to turn a light golden color on the bottom. Remove from the oven and allow the cookies to cool for about 10 minutes. 

Once the cookies have cooled, move them to your cooling rack and allow them to continue cooling to room temperature. Repeat the process until all of your cookies are baked. Then enjoy your delicious fresh baked cookies! 

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies top down

Tips for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baking Soda. Baking soda is a leavening agent used for these cookies. We recommend using only baking soda to make them rise. 

Sea Salt. For the best flavor, we recommend using sea salt for these Crisco chocolate chip cookies. However, if needed you may substitute sea salt for kosher salt or iodized salt. 

Light Brown Sugar. Brown sugar can come in many different forms ranging from light to dark. We recommend using light brown sugar, as it has less of a molasses texture, however, if you are unable to find light brown sugar, dark may be used. 

Baking Time. The baking time for these cookies may vary depending on how you prefer cookies, and your oven. Feel free to adjust the baking time for less or more time if needed. 

Cooling Time. We highly recommend that you allow the cookies fresh from the oven to cool on their baking tray before removing them. This will help them to stay intact better, then once they have set you can remove them from the baking sheet and allow them to finish cooling on a wire cooling rack, or dish towel. 

Mix-ins. Although we recommend using chocolate chips, you can use a variety of chocolate chips from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, to semi-sweet, mini chocolate chips. You could also use white chocolate chips, M&Ms, raisins, or your favorite Mix-ins. 

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies as Bars. You can also use the above recipe to make cookie bars if desired. Simply grease a 9×13 cake pan, then add your cookie dough. Pat it down so that your cookie bars cook evenly. Bake for approximately 15-30 minutes, or until the bars are cooked through.

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies cookie centered

Storage and Freezing


Cool. Crisco chocolate chip cookies are going to be the best when you allow them to fully cool to room temperature on a wire cooling rack, or even a clean dish towel. Once they have fully cooled, and are set, you can then store your chocolate chip cookies. 

Airtight Container. For best results, we recommend storing your leftover chocolate chip cookies in an airtight container at room temperature. Although you can refrigerate them, they tend to become hard when kept in the refrigerator. To keep them nice, crisp, but chewy on the inside, storing your cookies sealed in an airtight container is going to be your best bet.


Baked Cookies. Cookies that have been baked and fully cooled can be frozen if you wish. To freeze you’re going to want to transfer them to an airtight container after they have completely cooled to room temperature. Place them in an airtight container, or sealed in a plastic freezer bag then freeze for up to three months. 

Cookie Dough. Our favorite way to freeze Crisco chocolate chip cookies for later is to freeze the cookie dough while it is still raw. To freeze the cookie dough, you can roll it into balls, or freeze it in a thin block. 

To freeze, place it into an airtight container, or seal it in a plastic freezer bag. Store in the freezer at 0°F or below for up to three months. Then when you’re ready to use, simply remove them from the freezer, allow them to thaw in your refrigerator overnight, then roll them into balls and bake. 

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies on a plate side view

Recipe FAQs

Can You Freeze These Cookies? 

Yes, Crisco chocolate chip cookies maybe frozen if you wish. You can freeze these both in cookie form or in dough form. Be sure to seal them securely in an airtight container, or in a plastic freezer bag and remove any excess air before freezing. 

Is it better to use Crisco or butter for chocolate chip cookies?

It is entirely a matter of preference as to whether you use butter or Crisco for your shortening. Using Crisco allows you to have a lovely chewy texture in the center, but crispier on the outside. Using Crisco allows you to make the ultimate bakery-style cookie. Plus when you use Crisco there’s no need to chill the cookie dough before baking. 

Can I use regular shortening instead of butter-flavored?

Yes, regular Crisco shortening can be substituted for butter-flavored Crisco. The main difference between the two is that your cookies will not have the same butter-flavored taste as they would if you used butter-flavored Crisco. Otherwise, you will receive the same texture and outcome. 

Why are my chocolate chip cookies flat?

The main reason why chocolate chip cookies usually turn out flat is because there is not enough flour for your cookie dough. To help, simply add a little bit more flour until you are satisfied with your dough. 

Butter Flavored Crisco Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

Butter flavored Crisco chocolate chip cookies make the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. When you use butter flavored Crisco to make your chocolate chip cookies you end up with an amazing taste and texture to your cookies. 

Crisco helps you to achieve the soft and chewy inside of your cookie with the delicious crunch on the outside. Using butter-flavored Crisco also allows you to skip the chill time before baking. You can simply mix your cookie dough, and bake them right away. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Crisco

Making chocolate chip cookies with Crisco is very easy, allows you to skip the chill process for your cookie dough, and makes amazing bakery-style chocolate chip cookies. If you’re looking for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe, this one is it. Give this delicious crisco chocolate chip cookie recipe a try, and taste for yourself how amazing and truly delicious they are. 

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