Snoop Dogg Chocolate Cake Recipe


Snoop Dogg Chocolate Cake Recipe

You have not had a delicious cake until you try Snoop Dogg Chocolate Cake Recipe. This one is so amazing, you must taste it for yourself, to understand that it takes a chocolate cake to a whole new level. Talk about, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake, this one literally takes the cake! 

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Chocolate Birthday Cake(snoop dogg’s)

Chocolate cake is AMAZING! If you are like me, chocolate cake is one of the best birthday cakes you can make. Actually, no matter, if it’s a birthday or any occasion really, chocolate cake, is a fantastic dessert to enjoy. This chocolate cake recipe is especially unique, and very delicious. 

Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg

Perhaps you may be a little less aware of pop culture along with me. Turns out, that Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have become friends over the years, first beginning when Martha Stewart invited Snoop Dogg to appear on her show and taste a bowl of mashed potatoes. From there, they have continued to grow a friendship and have created their own cooking show. Snoop Dogg has even gone on to launch his very own cookbook.

Decadent Chocolate Cake

Snoop Dogg’s chocolate cake recipe is an amazingly decadent chocolate cake. This is such a delicious cake that you got to try making it for yourself to understand how amazing it is. You just have to taste it to believe it. Perhaps this is not something you would have expected from Snoop Dogg, but it is a truly amazing cake. 

Snoop Dogg’s Chocolate Cake

I hope your mouth is watering because we are about to jump into how you can make Snoop Dogg’s chocolate cake recipe. Let’s first look at the things you’ll need in order to make this cake. 

Things You’ll Need

Kitchen Equipment

Mixing bowls

Hand or stand mixer

Measuring cups and spoons

Small saucepan

Cake stand or plate

Knife or piping bag

Chocolate Cake

All-purpose flour

Granulated sugar

Cocoa powder

Baking powder

Baking soda



Vegetable oil



Boiling water

Chocolate Frosting

Unsalted butter

Cocoa powder

Confectioners sugar

Whole milk

Pure vanilla

Cake Decorations

Chocolate sprinkles

Our Additional Topping Suggestions

Mini chocolate chips

Chocolate shavings

Summary of Making this Cake

Now, we are going to give you an overview of how you can easily make this cake. After the overview, we will take a deep dive into the specific ingredients and measurements you will need in order to make this fantastic chocolate cake. 

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For The Chocolate Cake:

First, he will start off by making your cake. In a mixing bowl, combine all of your dry ingredients then stir until mixed. Next, add in ingredients except for the boiling water. Stir in a low speed until your cake mixture is combined. Then, gently pour in your boiling water while you are mixing. Mix until the water is combined with your cake batter. 

Take your cake pans and lightly grease using butter or cooking spray then add approximately 2 teaspoons of flour into each pan and pat the side until the entire bottom of the pan is covered in flour, dump out any extra flour. 

Pour your cake batter into the prepared cake pans. Bake at 350°F for approximately 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of your cake comes out clean. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. 

Make The Chocolate Frosting!

When your cakes are close to cooled, it can begin making your frosting. Let’s go over how to make this tasty chocolate frosting. 

For The Chocolate Frosting:

To make your frosting, take the room temperature butter and add it to your mixing bowl, combine with cocoa powder and mix until smooth. Add in your confectioner’s sugar, milk, and vanilla. Mix until smooth. If your frosting is too dry or stiff, add a little more milk. Be careful to not add too much milk. Stir to combine. 

Assemble The Cake! 

When your cake has cooled to room temperature, and your frosting is made, it’s time to assemble your cake. Please note that there are several different ways you can decorate your cake once assembled, Snoop Dogg recommends a very basic approach, but if you are feeling more adventurous you can use decorating tips and deck out your cake.

And by taking your first layer of cake and placing it on your serving plate. Next, line the top of your first layer with your chocolate frosting, smooth it out with a knife. Then, add your second tier of the cake, and add frosting to the top. Finally, add frosting around the entire side of your cake. Top with sprinkles well your frosting is still wet. Then store, or serve right away. 

To add your frosting, it is sometimes easiest to use a piping bag with no tip or a simple plain tip. You may also choose to use a knife or rubber spatula if that is easier for you to manage. Simply use whatever is the best option for you. 

Snoop Dogg’s Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday Cake

Now, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty chocolate lovers Ness of this amazing chocolate cake recipe. Below you will find a detailed recipe with specific measurement amounts and step-by-step instructions. Also be sure to check out the tips and tricks, storage methods, and some frequently asked questions that we have answered below. Now let’s get baking! 

Let’s Get Started!

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Snoop Dogg Chocolate Cake Recipe


Lovers, attention please! This delicious chocolate cake or blow your mind away! Not only is this a great recipe for those of you who might otherwise not make a cake from scratch, but this cake is so good, you have simply got to taste it to believe how great it is. No matter if it’s a birthday, another special occasion, or you’re simply just looking for a delicious chocolatey dessert, this one is perfect!


For The Chocolate Cake

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 cups granulated sugar

¾ cup cocoa powder

2 tsp baking powder

1 ½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp salt

1 cup buttermilk

½ vegetable oil

3 large eggs

2 tsp pure vanilla

1 cup boiling water

For The Chocolate Frosting

1 ½ cups unsalted butter (3 sticks), at room temperature

1 cup cocoa powder

5 cups confectioners’ sugar

½ cup whole milk

1 tsp pure vanilla

For The Topping

Chocolate Sprinkles


Step 1: Preheat Oven

Before you begin, preheat your oven to 350°F. 

Step 2: To Make The Chocolate Cake

Begin making a chocolate cake by adding to your mixing bowl your flour, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Mix to combine. 

In a separate mixing bowl, add buttermilk, vegetable oil, eggs, and vanilla. Mix to combine. 

Gently pour your wet mixture into your dry mixture, while mixing. Stir until combined. 

In a small saucepan, bring your water to a boil, once boiling, steadily pour your boiling water into your cake batter while stirring. Mix only until combined, set your cake batter aside for a minute. 

Take your cake pans, and lightly grease the bottom and sides. Next, take approximately 2-3 tsp of flour into the bottom of each pan. Tap the sides until the entire bottom has a light coating of flour, dup any extra. 

Pour your cake batter into your prepared pans. Bake at 350°F for 25-35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Allow your cakes to cool to room temperature. 

Step 3: To Make The Chocolate Frosting

Now, to make your chocolate frosting. In a mixing bowl, add your room temperature butter, and cocoa powder. Beat with your mixer until your butter becomes creamy and smooth. Add in confectioners’ sugar, whole milk, and pure vanilla. Stir until your frosting is smooth. 

If your frosting is too stiff or is slightly dry, add a little more milk. We would recommend adding one tablespoon of milk at a time so that you don’t add too much. Once you are happy with the consistency of your frosting, it is time to assemble your cake! 

Step 4: To Assemble The Cake

When your cake has cooled to room temperature, and your frosting is prepared, you can begin assembling your cake. To assemble your cake, first, remove the bottom layer cake from your cake pan and place it onto your serving plate, or cake stand. 

Add frosting on top of your first layer of cake. Smooth it out so that your next layer will sit evenly. Add your second layer of cake, and then top it off with frosting. Add frosting to the entire side of your cake, in the top. Smooth it out, or texture it as desired. 

Step 5: Topping The Cake

Decorate using chocolate sprinkles on the top while your frosting is still wet. You may also choose to decorate your cake using a piping bag, or by using other toppings such as chocolate chips, regular sprinkles, or chocolate shavings. After your cake has been decorated, you can store the cake, or serve it right away and enjoy.    

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How To Store The Cake

There are three main ways you can store your finished cake. The main ways are to store it at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer. Below are the details on each of the storage methods. 

Room Temperature: Storing your cake at room temperature is a good option. You will want to be sure that you place it on a cake stand with a lid, or have another larger bowl to put over it so that it does not dry out. When you store your cake at room temperature, it is typically good for one to two days. Please note that if you live in a warm, damp climate you may want to store your cake in the refrigerator rather than room temperature as it may melt or grow bacteria faster. 

Fridge: You can also refrigerate your finished cake. To do this, you will also want to try and cover your cake, so that it does not dry out and go bad. A cake that is stored in the fridge typically lasts between 3 to 4 days.

Freezer: Perhaps you were looking to store your finished cake for longer amounts of time. If this is the case, you might try freezing your cake. To do this, you will want to be sure your cake is in an airtight container, and then maybe frozen for up to three months. 

Tips & Tricks

When it comes to preparing your cake, there are a few tips and tricks in my experience to help you better prepare the cake. Below are a few for your reference. 

Tip #1: Serve Fresh

This cake is absolutely amazing when it isn’t enjoyed one to two days after it has been prepared. For the best results, you can eat this cake as soon as it has been assembled, and you will be delighted by the amazing taste and flavors. 

Tip #2: Frosting

This cake is usually not decorated a whole lot, and the frosting is usually left a bit textured rather than smooth. However, if you would like to decorate the cake a different way, you can try making your frosting on the thicker side, and use a piping bag to decorate your cake. 

Tip #3: Get Creative

Ready to get creative and decorate this cake any way you wish. Some fun ideas are to use chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, other chocolate candies, or colored sprinkles to liven up this delicious chocolate cake. 


Do I need to use buttermilk, or can I use regular milk?

Rather than just using regular milk to substitute for buttermilk, we recommend using a milk and lemon juice combination. To do this, you will take one cup of milk, and mix it together with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix and allow it to sit for a few minutes before adding it to your cake batter. 

Do I need to use unsalted butter, or can I substitute it for salted butter?

For the frosting, it is not absolutely critical that you use unsalted butter. If you are having difficulty locating unsalted butter, you may substitute for salted butter, however, please be aware that it will increase your sodium content in the frosting. 

Why does the water have to boil? 

Boiling water in the cake batter does a few different things to the mixture. It helps to increase the overall flavors, makes your cake moister, and helps your finished cake to be soft. 

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Snoop Dogg Chocolate Cake Recipe

This chocolate cake recipe from Snoop Dogg is amazing. You have got to give Snoop Dogg’s chocolate cake recipe a try so that you can taste this amazing cake for yourself. Chocolate cake is good; however, this chocolate cake recipe steps up the game to a whole new level. Give this recipe a try, so that you can taste for yourself just how amazing it is. Believe me, your taste buds will thank you! 

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