What Is Watercress?


What Is Watercress? Learn all about it here, including its family, its history, and the health benefits of eating it. 

This plant is a dark green leafy vegetable that grows in natural spring water. It is a part of the cruciferous family. There are many health benefits that have been traced back to the Roman soldiers and Egyptian Pharaohs eating and serving it. 

Watercress Family

This plant is found growing in natural spring water. It grows mostly in cool, shallow streams. This plant is a part of the cruciferous family, which is the same family as kale, broccoli and Brussel sprouts. 

History of This Vegetable

Watercress is thought to have an extensive history. Eating watercress has been traced all the way back to Egypt, when it is believed Pharaoh fed it to the Egyptian slaves. Roman soldiers are also believed to have had this as a staple in their diet. Then during the Victorian era, they could be found walking the street with a bouquet of this vegetable, snacking on it as they went. 

Watercress Today

Today much of the watercress production is located in Britain. During world war I and II watercress sandwiches became popular. This was because Britain was highly dependent upon local products. Then in 2003 a campaign to promote health awareness of the plant came into play. Today, it is primarily used in soups, salads, as well as other dishes, and is also used as a garnish.

Health Benefits

There are many known benefits of adding the plant to your diet. Some of the known health benefits of watercress today are:
     Used in cancer prevention and treatment
     Lowering blood pressure
     Keeping your bones healthy
     Helps to fight diabetes

What is Watercress? It is a peppery, dark green leafy vegetable that is very healthy for you to eat. It is often found growing wild, near cool spring water. 

Have you ever found watercress growing wild?

What is your favorite way to eat watercress?

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