How to make a Salami Rose for your Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie Board Rose 

The key to making a gorgeous charcuterie board is to arrange your average ingredients in such a way as to catch your guest’s attention. Adding a charcuterie board rose to your meat and cheese appetizer tray is the perfect way to turn your average snack board into a unique charcuterie board.  

salami rose with crackers

These charcuterie roses are so beautiful and surprisingly easy to make, so why not turn your average pieces of meat into the shape of a rose? We are here to walk you through the step-by-step process with this easy tutorial.  

Charcuterie boards are a fun way to start off your Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, birthday, or any holiday or special gathering together. Plus, making these rose petals out of your round meats is the perfect way to turn your delicious snack tray into something absolutely gorgeous.  

Simple Charcuterie Board 

Not only are charcuterie board roses beautiful, but they are also a simple way to enhance the beauty of your delicious appetizer. There are so many different types of meats you can use for your roses, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  

Let’s look at some of the more common types of meat you can use to make roses for your charcuterie board.  

Types of Meat Roses 

Salami Roses 

The first, and probably most common type of meat to use when making a rose for your charcuterie board is salami. This works well because a piece of salami is cut to a good thickness so that it is thin enough to make beautiful rose petals.  

There are a few different types of flowers you can make with slices of salami. The main types are rose salami flowers and salami rosettes. Both are easy to make. All you need is sliced salami and glass to make a beautiful rose.  

Pepperoni Roses 

Another type of meat you can use to make roses for your charcuterie board is sliced pepperoni. Pepperoni slices work well, especially if you are making a smaller-sized rose for your charcuterie board.  

charcuterie board with roses

Deli Meat 

You can also use deli meat in various types to make a rose for your charcuterie board. It works best if the meat is shaped in circles, but you can also use a round cookie cutter to cut the meat appropriately if you wish. Doing this allows you to transform any kind of deli meat into a gorgeous rose.  

How to Make a Beautiful Rose 

To make meat flowers, you will want to select a glass to use to build flowers on. Keep in mind that the size of the glass you choose to use will determine the finished size of the rose. 

Our preference to make smaller roses is to use a shot glass. This works especially well if you’re using smaller pieces of salami, or pepperoni. 

Either way, once you select your glass size, you will begin making the first layer of the rose by turning a glass right side up, so that the opening is facing you. Then add a piece of salami folded in half over the rim of the glass. The piece of meat should be sitting so that the center fold rests directly on the rim of the glass. 

Continue making the first layer by adding the second slice of meat. Fold it in half, so that it halfway overlaps the first piece of salami. Keep adding each slice of salami, or pepperoni in this manner, so that it rests folded in half on the rim of the glass and is placed so that it overlaps the previous piece halfway. Continue around the rim of the glass to finish the first layer. 

When the first layer is complete, start the second layer by laying the first piece of meat where the previous round overlaps. This way the petals will be offset. Continue around the rim of the glass to create the second layer. 

Now if you’re using a small shot glass, this is likely all you can fit. However, if you are using a larger glass, continue adding layers of sliced meat, until the glass is mostly full. The total number of salami slices you use, or pepperoni slices will depend on how big of glass you are using to make the rose.  

When you are done, turn the glass upside down, to release the rose. Gently set the rose on your charcuterie board as desired. 

Your charcuterie board rose is now finished. You can add it to your board and serve the charcuterie appetizer right away or store the meat in an airtight container in the fridge until you are ready to serve. 

salami rose with crackers and grapes

How to Make Different Sizes 

To make different-sized roses, you can easily make them larger or smaller based on the size of glass you choose to use. The instructions above outline using a shot glass, for small roses.  

However, if you would like to make larger roses, some great options include the following types of glasses: 

  • champagne flute 
  • champagne glass 
  • wine glasses 
  • small ramekins 
  • small bowls 

The size of the glass you use will determine how large or how small the finished rose is. And the process for making the roses is all the same. You will just need to add more layers for the larger flowers. 

Another great option is to use small ramekins to set the finished roses in. This will help to keep your rose nice and shapely, even as the guests eat the delicious meat. 


After the roses are prepared, they will either need to be served right away, or stored in the fridge for later use. 

Room temperature. Charcuterie board roses should remain at room temperature for no more than two hours when the room temperature is less than 90°F.  

However, if the room temperature is 90°F or above, then the meat should be left out no more than one hour at room temperature, or you run the risk of it growing unwanted bacteria, and possibly making people sick.  

In the fridge. The best way to store your prepared or leftover roses is in the fridge. To store them in the fridge, place them into an airtight container, or cover them securely with plastic wrap or saran wrap.  

Then place them into the fridge for up to 3 to 4 days. Please note the amount of time the meat lasts in the fridge may depend upon the specific type of meat you used to make the roses. 

Other Favorite Things to Include 

In addition to serving meat roses on your charcuterie board, you might be wondering what else we should add to the board in addition to these beautiful roses.  

A few ideas for you include adding pieces of cheese, fresh fruit, sweet treats, crackers, or even some vegetables.  

salami rose on charcuterie board

Cheese Board 

There are many different types of cheeses you can add to your charcuterie board. Pretty much any type of cheese is great to enjoy as part of your charcuterie board.  

You can use a wheel of cheese, slices of cheese, or cheese cut into cubes. It’s entirely up to you your taste preferences how fancy you want to get, and how much money you want to spend on it.  

Fresh Fruit 

Adding fresh fruit to your charcuterie board is also a fun and delicious addition. You can add whatever type of fruit you prefer or have on-hand.  

Some of our favorite types of fruit include blueberries, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, black raspberries, cherries, strawberries, sliced peaches, or apples. 

Crackers and Bread 

Crackers, or little slices of bread, are another great addition to your charcuterie board. You can use regular crackers or fancy types of crackers, whatever you like the best. 

Sweet Treats, Vegetables, and Other Items 

There are many other types of food that you can add to your charcuterie board as well. Really, the sky is the limit. You can add olives, pickles, carrots, candy, chocolate, or whatever other types of food you enjoy. 

salami roses

Charcuterie Board Ideas 

Adding roses is a great way to turn your average grazing board into an elegant charcuterie appetizer. These roses are simple to make, and they just look so elegant, you can’t go wrong.  

Now that you know how to make these easy and gorgeous roses for your appetizer, it’s time to get started creating your next charcuterie board. 

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