Birthday Cake Cookies A Recipe For Birthday Parties


Birthday Cookies Recipe

Making the fun birthday cookies recipe is a fun sweet treat to use for any birthday celebration. These are such fun cookies to make, because they taste fabulous, and are loaded with delicious flavors, and bright and cheerful sprinkles, making them the perfect treat for the birthday celebration you are preparing for. 

Why You Will Love These Birthday Cake Cookies:

I love these cookies, and I hope you will too! They are loaded down with a mixture of colorful sprinkles turning them into funfetti cookies. This easy recipe will allow you to make delicious cookies from scratch and still keep that classic birthday cake flavor. 

These are the perfect treat to make, for your birthday party, and wish the guest of honor a happy birthday with this fun birthday cookie recipe. 

I just love these cookies because they are so tasty, chewy cookies that melt in your mouth, but they still have that cake batter flavor. Plus, they are loaded down with bright-colored sprinkles, making them so fun and cheerful, that you just can’t go wrong. 

Birthday Cake Cookie Recipe

Helpful Kitchen Equipment

A large cookie scoop

Measuring cup

Measuring spoons

Stand mixer (recommended)

Cookie Sheet

Ingredients in Birthday Cake Cookies


Using butter at room temperature will provide the best results for these birthday cookies. I used salted butter in this recipe, but if you prefer you may use unsalted, just please note that it will have less salt content in the finished cookie. If you choose to use unsalted butter, you may want to slightly increase the salt that is added to the recipe. 


In this cookie recipe, I suggest using both granulated sugar and powdered sugar. If you don’t have powdered sugar you may use confectioner’s sugar instead. 


You will need a couple of large sized eggs for these birthday cookies. 


For these birthday cake cookies, do you want to use vanilla extract, you can choose to use regular vanilla extract, or imitation vanilla if that is what you have. 

Cake Batter Extract

The secret ingredient to these birthday cake cookies to help them taste like birthday cake, is to use cake batter extract. You can find this at your local grocery store in the spices and extract section. If you leave this ingredient out, it will still taste like delicious birthday cookies, only with a slightly less cake batter flavor. 


You will also want to have flour on hand for these cookies. Your basic all-purpose flour will work well. Please feel free to select the type in brand of all-purpose flour that you prefer.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is the leavening agent used in these cookies. It is important to include baking soda, and make sure that it is nice and fresh. 


Images to use whichever type of salt you prefer or have on hand. Some good sell options include kosher salt, and iodized salt, as well as sea salt. 

Rainbow Sprinkles

Adding colorful sprinkles to these birthday cake cookies is part of what makes them so much fun! Select whichever type of sprinkles you prefer, and make sure you have plenty on hand, as this birthday cake cookie recipe uses quite a few. 

White Chocolate Chips

Another delicious addition to these birthday cookies is to include some white chocolate chips. This ingredient is optional, but it is very tasty when they are included. 

How to Make Birthday Sugar Cookies

Step 1: Making the Birthday Cookie Dough 

To make the birthday cookie dough, you will start off by adding the room temperature butter into the mixing bowl. Use the paddle attachment on your mixer, to beat the butter until it is smooth and creamy. 

Use the spatula to scrape the butter away from the edges of the mixing bowl. 

Into the mixing bowl add granulated sugar, powdered sugar, and eggs. Mix until combined. 

Next, add the vanilla extract, cake batter extract, all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt. Mixed on low speed, slowly increasing the speed until the cookie dough comes together. 

Add sprinkles and white chocolate chips. Mix just until combined. 

Step 2: Resting the Birthday Cookie Dough 

Remove the mixing bowl from your mixer and cover it with plastic wrap. Placed the cookie dough into the refrigerator to chill for 1 to 2 hours.

Step 3: Baking the Cookies 

Preheat the oven to 350°F. 

​Lightly spary a cookie sheet with cooking spray.

Remove the cookies from the fridge, and use a cookie scoop, to scoop the cookies. If desired roll the cookie dough balls in additional sprinkles, so that the tops of the cookies have a lot of fun sprinkles on them. Then place them onto a prepared baking sheet.

Place the prepared cookie dough into the oven and bake the cookies for approximately 9-11 minutes or until the cookies begin to turn a light golden brown around the edges. 

Remove the cookies from the oven and let them rest on the pan for a few minutes. Then move the cookies to a wire rack to finish cooling. After the cookies have cooled, you may now serve and enjoy the delicious birthday cookies!

Make Birthday Cookies Ahead and Storage Tips

Storage Instructions At Room Temperature

After the birthday cookies have cooled, they should be transferred to an airtight container for storage. You can keep these cookies in an airtight container for approximately 3-4 days at room temperature, or they may be stored in the fridge.

To Freeze

To keep these cookies for a longer amount of time you can also freeze them. To do this you want to transfer the baked cookies to an airtight container and place them in the fridge for up to a month. 

The best way to store cookies in the freezer is actually to make these birthday cookies and freeze them as dough. This way you can bake them later, and they will still be nice and fresh. 

Freezing the Dough to Bake Later 

To freeze these birthday cookies as cookie dough, you will first want to roll them into cookie dough balls. Placed them on a sheet of parchment paper and put them into the freezer for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Just so that the cookie dough balls are frozen. 

Then transfer the cookie dough balls to an airtight container or steal them in a plastic freezer bag to prevent freezer burn. The cookie dough balls may be kept in the freezer for up to three months. 

When you are ready to bake the cookie dough bowls, you can simply remove them from the freezer, and bake them until they turn a light golden brown around the edges.

What To Do If Your Cookies Spread or are Flat:

Getting the cookie dough to the right consistency is key for the success of your birthday cookies. They might turn out to be too flat in the spread too much. There is an easy way to fix this with the next batch before you bake them. 

Most likely if your cookies are spreading stand and end up very flat, they didn’t get quite enough flour. To fix this you can try adding a little bit of flour, usually around ¼ cup to your cookie dough, and mixing it up again. 

Remember, the ideal shape of your cookie dough, is so that it is firm, enough for you to roll into balls and not mushy.

Switch Up the Chocolate Chips and Sprinkles

In this recipe, I have recommended that you use white chocolate chips and your favorite type of sprinkles. If you want to add other fun mixins to this recipe, you can do this as well.

Some other fun ideas include chocolate chips, M&Ms, nuts, crushed Oreo cookies, golden Oreos, or whatever else you can dream up. There are so many fun options, feel free to experiment. 

Possible Variations:

Dip in Melted Chocolate

Another fun option is to dip your cooled birthday cookies into melted chocolate. This way your cookies can behalf dipped in chocolate, or white chocolate as you prefer. Then add a bit of sprinkles on top to finish out the fun birthday cake cookies. 

Top with Buttercream

Another fun way to finish off these cookies, is to add a swirl of buttercream frosting to the top of each cookie before serving it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I chill this cookie dough before baking?

Yes, it’s important that you chill this birthday cake cookie dough before baking it. It allows the dough to have time to rest, and chilling it helps the cookies to turn out as they should. 

Can I Freeze these Cookies?

Yes, this recipe for birthday cookies may be frozen. The best way to do it is to freeze the cookie dough as rolled balls so that you can just pop them out of the freezer and bake them in the oven. Then you get to enjoy fresh cookies whenever you want. 

Birthday Cake Cookies

These fun Fetty birthday cookies are so much fun to make, and they are a lot of fun to add as a sweet treat to your birthday party. If you’re looking for a cake-flavored, yet cake alternative, these birthday cookies are just the thing to try. 

Thank you so much for stopping in, to learn more about my birthday cookies recipe! I hope that you will give this recipe a try, and I hope it will be a fun addition to your birthday party. 

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