What Is The Difference Between Light And Dark Rum?


Rum can come in many different flavors and colors. The colors depend on what it is stored in, and how long it is kept. So What Is The Difference Between Light And Dark Rum? Stay tuned and we take a deeper look into this topic. 

Rum is a type of liquor that is made from sugar cane that has been fermented. Molasses is also used in the making of rum. The rum is then aged in different types of casks to determine the final color it will be. 

Light rum (also called silver or white) Light rum has a slightly sweet taste, and like its name suggests has a light or even clear color to it. It receives this light color because it is usually fermented in steel and filtered. 

Gold or amber rums traditionally are aged in oak casks which gives them a richer caramel color and produces a rich yet sweet flavor. 

Dark rum is using charred oak casks and aging clear rum in them. Using the charred oak casks gives it a deep brown color that has a full flavor. 

Spiced rum is made the same as dark rum, but has added spices and caramel coloring which adds a sweet spicy taste to it. This is what gives spiced rum it’s signature taste. 

What Is The Difference Between Light And Dark Rum? Each type of rum is made similarly, but how it is aged can play a factor into the outcome of the color and taste. 

What is your favorite kind or rum, and why? 

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