What Is Gremolata?


What Is Gremolata? This is a type of Italian garnish that only requires three ingredients. It is great to use to top off various dishes to give a burst of flavor!

Gremolata also known as gremolata is a type of Italian garnish. To make this garnish, finely mince parsley, zested lemon and minced garlic cloves. Simply mix the three ingredients together and top with a little lemon juice and some sea salt if desired.

To serve, gremolata is often found atop or beside osso buco. It is also fantastic when served with fish, steak, with fettuccine, to top off soup or with chicken. However you decide to use it, this is a simple yet flavorful garnish for the dish of your choice.

If you desire, you could also swap out parsley for another herb such as mint, cilantro or even basil. Try substituting the lemon zest with orange or lime to mix things up. It all depends what flavor combination you are going for. An example of a variation on gremolata would be to replace parsley with cilantro and change out the lemon zest for lime zest. Still mixing your cilantro and lime zest with garlic and a pinch of sea salt would make the perfect garnish for any south of the border dish!

Give gremolata a try! Mix it up so that it fits your preferred taste and let us know what you think!

Which components are your favorite to make gremolata?

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