What Is Bearnaise Sauce?


What Is Bearnaise Sauce? This sauce came from France and is often enjoyed as a topping to your favorite meat. It is a simple sauce as far as ingredients go, however mastering the creation of this sauce is known to be a bit difficult.

What Is Béarnaise Sauce?

Béarnaise Sauce is a French sauce that is generally enjoyed atop grilled fish or other meat. This sauce is primarily made from egg yolks, vinegar, butter and shallots that have been cooked over low heat and then flavored with chervil or tarragon. This sauce is a very delicate mixture and can sometimes be difficult to get the hang of. It is a creamy decadent topping for meats.

A Tip To Succeed

This sauce, while delicious, can also be very temperamental to prepare at times. If the first time you try making it, don’t be discouraged! Sometimes, this sauce takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it. Often times, one of the problems in preparing this sauce, like Hollandaise sauce, is that it likes to curdle. If this occurs, a trick for you to try, is to try beating into your mixture a trickling spoonful of water. When your sauce is hot, you will want to add cold water, if your sauce is cold, use hot water. By doing this, your sauce should come back together.

History Of The Sauce

Bearnaise sauce is said to have received its name from chef Collinet. He opened a restaurant outside of Paris in 1836 called “Le Pavillon Henri IV”. The birthplace of Henri IV was Béarn. This is where the name Béarnaise is believed to have originated from.

Béarnaise sauce is a classic French sauce that is usually found alongside grilled meat or fish. Its texture is quite creamy. The sauce is made from simple ingredients, but is known to take a bit to get the hang of making the sauce without running into curdles.

What is your favorite way to incorporate Béarnaise Sauce?

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