The Best Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate Recipe Copycat


Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate Recipe

Making our copycat Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate recipe is surprisingly easy to prepare, and you get to enjoy a cup of homemade deliciousness whenever you want. Give our quick and easy recipe a try today with our step-by-step instructions below. 

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Homemade Hot Chocolate

Making your own homemade hot chocolate is quite simple. You only need a few basic ingredients, and in a couple of minutes of time to have your own copycat Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate. With our copycat recipe, you are rewarded with easy and delicious hot chocolate to enjoy. 

Hot Chocolate 

Unlike powdered hot chocolate mixes, homemade hot chocolate is delicious and creamy. 

Drink In The Cozy 

There’s nothing to help you feel all warm and cozy like a fresh glass of homemade hot chocolate. Our copycat recipe for Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate will help you to make easy and delicious homemade hot chocolate in a matter of minutes.

The best thing is you only need a couple of ingredients in order to enjoy this delicious drink. Now, you can enjoy hot chocolate any time of the year, and in a matter of a few minutes. 

How do I make Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate at home?

The process of making a copycat version of Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate at home is surprisingly easy. You will only need a few basic ingredients on hand, in order to enjoy the delicious hot chocolate anytime you have a craving. 

Following is the information related to the recipe:


In order to make our copycat Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate recipe, you will need a few basic ingredients, then we follow the ingredients up with a simple overview of how to make the hot chocolate. Please see below for details. 

Ingredients of the recipe:

Milk. Milk is used as the basis for this hot chocolate recipe. If desired, you may mix some of your milk with a little bit of water to make your hot chocolate slightly less creamy if needed. However, we recommend using 2% milk for your liquid. If you like extra creamy hot chocolate, you may also substitute a small portion of the milk for heavy cream. This will give you an extra creamy flavor. 

Chocolate chips. You may choose to use any kind of chocolate morsels, or chocolate chips. We recommend using semi-sweet chocolate chips or our favorite is dark chocolate chips for delicious chocolate flavored hot chocolate. However, any type of your favorite chocolate morsels will work. 

Caramel Syrup. Caramel syrup is added in Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate to help sweeten the hot chocolate and add a delicious slightly caramel flavor to your drink. Although this ingredient in the drink is optional, we strongly recommend including it for the best-flavored drink. 

Whipped Cream. Most delicious hot chocolate drinks are topped with whipped cream. We recommend adding whipped cream to the top of our copycat recipe for the most decadent results. This topping is optional, and may be substituted with marshmallows, or left out if desired. 

How to make Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate:

The process of making our copycat Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate recipe is very simple. To begin, pour your milk into a small saucepan and place over medium-low heat. Be careful to keep your temperature for the burner cool, so that you do not scald your milk. As your milk begins to heat up, stir often. Add your chocolate chips and continue stirring. 

Although some recipes say to simmer, we recommend simply heating your milk so that it warms enough to melt the chocolate, this way is it easier to avoid burning your milk. 

When your chocolate chips are melted, add caramel syrup, and allow it to warm for a few more minutes until dissolved. Pour your chocolatey mixture into your mug, top with whipped cream, and drizzle with chocolate syrup, or caramel syrup, then serve right away and enjoy. 

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Please note, that you may also substitute the chocolate chips, for cocoa powder and granulated sugar if you do not have chocolate chips on hand. To make using cocoa powder and sugar, you will want to add approximately ½ cup cocoa powder and ½ cup granulated sugar. Stir together, then gently pour in the milk and stir to combine. For this mixture, you’ll want to bring it to a low simmer stirring constantly so that your milk does not burn, and so that your cocoa powder dissolves. 

Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate Recipe

Yields: 1 large 


2 cup 2% milk, or whole milk or 1 ¾ cup milk and ¼ cup heavy cream

½ cup chocolate chips, dark chocolate recommended 

3 Tbsp caramel syrup

Whipped cream, as desired

Carmel syrup drizzle, as desired



Pour milk into a saucepan, and place over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until it warms.

Once milk begins to warm, add chocolate chips, and stir until melted. Next, add caramel sauce, and stir until dissolved.

Pour into your mug, top it with whipped cream, and add a drizzle of chocolate syrup or caramel syrup. Serve right away and enjoy!


You can also prepare this hot chocolate in the microwave if desired. To do this, pour your milk into a microwave-safe mug or dish. Add your milk to the mug, and microwave in 30-second increments until your milk is warm. 

When your milk is warm, add your chocolate chips and stir to combine. Continue microwaving at 30-second increments, stirring in between, until your chocolate chips are melted into the milk. 

Add caramel sauce, stir, and microwave again, until caramel sauce is dissolved. Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce, or chocolate sauce, then serve right away and enjoy! 


We estimate that the above recipe contains approximately two servings. One serving is estimated to contain approximately 442 calories. We have also estimated that one serving contains approximately 13 g total fat, 20 mg cholesterol, 145 mg sodium, 75.5 g total carbohydrates, and 10 g protein. 

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Recipe Tips

The key to having your hot chocolate be successful is to be careful that your milk does not burn. For best results, you will want to heat your milk over medium-low heat, stirring often so that your milk does not scorch.

Another way you can do it is to microwave your hot milk so that it is less likely to burn. 

Watch How To Make It

Recipe Variations

There are a couple of different recipe variations of different flavors for Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate.

Recipe variations include salt caramel hot chocolate, frozen hot chocolate, and white hot chocolate. Please see the details for each one of these below. 

Dunkin Donuts Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

To make a copycat version of Dunkin’ Donuts salted caramel hot chocolate, you can easily do this by taking 2 to 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and mixing it with 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Add approximately ½ teaspoon of sea salt and mix together. Stir with one cup of milk, and microwave until warm. Add 2 tablespoons of caramel syrup and mix in. Next, add ½ teaspoon of vanilla.

After warmed in the microwave, stir to combine. Top with whipped cream, and a drizzle of caramel syrup. Serve and enjoy. 

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Chocolate Recipe (Copycat Recipe)

Frozen hot chocolate is a delicious treat. To make a copycat version of Dunkin Donuts frozen hot chocolate begin by combining 1 cup chocolate milk, 1/3 cup hot chocolate mix, 1 ½ Tbsp hot fudge, 1 cup ice cream, and 2 cups ice cubes in your blender. Blend until smooth. Top with whipped cream and enjoy! 

Easy Homemade White Hot Chocolate 

Making homemade white hot chocolate is easy to do. To make this version of hot chocolate, you need only a few basic ingredients, and the process for preparing it is very similar to our above recipe. 

How To Make Homemade White Hot Chocolate 

To make homemade white hot chocolate, warm your milk, then add ½ cup white chocolate chips and warm. Stir often, until chocolate chips melt into your milk. Add ½ tsp vanilla extract and top with whipped cream and any other desired toppings before you serve and enjoy. 

How to make frozen hot chocolate without milk or dairy

In a blender, you will want to take your dairy-free hot cocoa mix, dairy-free milk, and vanilla flavoring and combine it in your blender. Add ice to make your desired thickness, then blend until no chunks remain. Top as desired, then serve and enjoy! 


What does Frozen Hot Chocolate Taste Like?

Frozen hot chocolate tastes kind of like a chocolate milkshake or chocolate frosty. 

Is Frozen Hot Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Yes, in most cases, frozen hot chocolate is gluten-free. However, it is a good idea to double-check all of your ingredients to be sure. 

Does frozen hot chocolate have caffeine?

Typically, no, frozen hot chocolate does not contain caffeine. However, to be sure check your ingredients. 

Does the frozen hot chocolate have coffee in it?

In most cases, frozen hot chocolate does not contain coffee. However, it may on some occasions, so be sure to check the ingredients if this is a concern! 

Does dunkin have oreo hot chocolate?

Dunkin Donuts does sometimes carry seasonal Oreo flavored hot chocolate at select locations. 

Can I add chocolate to this?

Of course, you can add chocolate to this recipe! 

Is Oreo hot chocolate gluten free?

Most likely, Oreo hot chocolate is not gluten free as it contains Oreos. 

Why is this hot chocolate gray?

If your hot chocolate appears to be gray in color, never fear. This is most likely from the combination of your chocolate chips with caramel sauce and milk. 

How to make Dunkin Donuts frozen hot chocolate?

To make a copycat version of Dunkin Donuts frozen hot chocolate take 1 cup chocolate milk, 1/3 cup hot chocolate mix, 1 ½ Tbsp hot fudge, 1 cup ice cream, and 2 cups ice cubes and combine in your blender. Blend until smooth. Then top with whipped cream before serving. 

How Do I Make Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate At Home?

To make our copycat Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate recipe at home you will need 2 cup 2% milk, ½ cup dark chocolate chips, and 3 Tbsp caramel syrup. Microwave together until melted and smooth. Top with whipped cream before you serve and enjoy! 

What is Frozen Hot Chocolate?

Frozen hot chocolate is a bit of an oxymoron. In essence, frozen hot chocolate is a frozen drink that is very much like a chocolate smoothy, chocolate frosty, or chocolate milkshake. 

Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate top down

Enjoy the creamy deliciousness!

There is nothing quite like getting cozy with a cup of fresh hot chocolate. With our easy copycat recipe, you can now enjoy the creamy deliciousness of Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate recipe anytime you want! 

Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate Recipe (Copycat)

We are so excited to share our easy and delicious copycat Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate recipe with you in hopes that you will enjoy this recipe as much as we do! Give it a try today and taste how delicious it is for yourself! 

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