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Our Roblox cupcakes and toppers will help simplify your life. You might have children in your life that are into the Roblox video games and you want to have a birthday party using this theme. If that’s the case, then we’ve got you covered with our FREE download of Roblox cupcake printable toppers. You can just print them, cut them out and glue them to a toothpick for an easy solution to your party theme.

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Roblox Edible Cupcake Toppers (12 Images)

Our free download sheet includes a layout of 12 images. If you’re looking for edible, you’re probably going to want to find another solution or make your own fondant characters. Ours are not edible because they’re printed with your in-home printer on card stock paper.

Equipment Needed

Card stock or heavy weight paper
Our FREE Roblox Cupcakes printable download


If you’re creating Roblox cupcakes for a child who is turning 6 for example, you might opt to create a larger number six by arranging the cupcakes accordingly. To do this, you’ll want to have a large board such as a cutting board, cake board or cookie sheet available. Then, frost the cupcakes and arrange them as a number six or whatever number is desired and add your Roblox cupcake toppers.


If your kids are into the Roblox game, they might have played the dessert games that include eating the biggest cupcake in Roblox. If that’s the case, they’ll likely be thrilled with a birthday party or anytime party theme that includes Roblox cupcakes.


Royale High is a destination in the Roblox games. You can now take a cooking class and make the weirdest cupcakes or cakes in cooking class at Royale High. If your kids are into the game, they probably know. Just ask them.

Roblox Cake Ideas

There are so many Roblox cake ideas and cupcake ideas available on the internet and Pinterest if you’re searching for more ideas. We typically like to make cupcakes as a quick and easy solution because they seem faster to put together and they’re perfect for individual servings.

Our FREE and easy download, print, and cut toppers help to make your party theme come together swiftly. It’s also fail proof. We figure it’s a whole lot easier than making custom fondant colors and shaping all the characters by hand with homemade fondant. That could become very time consuming.

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Roblox Birthday Cake

If you have your heart set on a cake, rather than making cupcakes, you can still use our FREE printable cake toppers. Just make your cake as desired, prepare the cake toppers and use one or as many as you’d like to decorate the top of your cake.

Easy Roblox Cake

A super easy and fast Roblox cake idea is to purchase a plain grocery store or bakery cake decorated as desired and then add the FREE printable and downloadable cupcake toppers to decorate it. This route will only take you about 10 minutes’ time to prepare and will cut off the hassle of making your own cake.

Roblox Cake for Boy

Perhaps you’re wanting to make your Roblox cake specifically for a boy. If that’s the case, just alter the color of frosting used to a color like red or blue. Or consider using sprinkles that are more boyish such as red or blue sprinkles.

Roblox Cake for Girl

To make a Roblox cake, specifically for a girl, use our cupcake toppers. And you can also make some easy but subtle changes in the way the cake or cupcakes are decorated. Altering frosting colors to more girl likable colors such as pink or purple and using coordinating sprinkles are two of the easiest ways to make your cake looks special for a little girl.

roblox cupcakes girl

Roblox Girls’ Cupcake Toppers

We’ve included some girl friendly cupcake toppers in our FREE downloadable printables. Just select the page that you want to print in your print settings. And have fun decorating your cupcakes to celebrate a girl.

Roblox Cake Topper

Use our FREE printable downloads for an easy cake or cupcake topper. To prepare them, simply print them on card stock and cut them out. You’ll need two toppers (front and back) for each cupcake. Then, cut them out and glue two to a single toothpick, hiding the top of the toothpick in between the front and the back of the topper.

Roblox Cake Decorations

Your Roblox cake decorations can be as simple as our FREE downloadable cupcake toppers. Or you might choose to get more fancy by making your own custom fondant characters. Piping the frosting using a piping bag and tips can also add more of a fancy or professional feeling to the presentation. Sprinkles and color coordinating cake candies can be a fun addition as well.

Cupcake Launcher

A cupcake launcher is a type of gear published in the game avatar shop. It is available for purchase using your game characters and accumulated Robux game currency.

Roblox Themed Cupcakes

We know that party planning and themed parties can be somewhat stressful these days. They’re all the rage and the details can get out of control. That’s why we’ve created our FREE printable download to help you out. And they make your cupcakes go right along with your party theme without all the stress of having to make them homemade.

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Homemade Easy Marshmallow Fondant

Maybe you prefer to go the homemade method of making fondant and custom coloring it to design edible Roblox cupcake characters. Or maybe you have older children or teens who enjoy baking and this is the perfect project for them. Here’s how to make easy marshmallow fondant.

Ingredients List:

16 oz mini marshmallows
2 tbsp water
vegetable shortening
8 cups confectioner’s sugar

Melt marshmallows with water, stirring until smooth. Mix 6 cups of sugar into the melted marshmallows. Divide frosting and add food coloring as desired. Use vegetable shortening to grease hands and work area. Roll fondant and enjoy creating.


Easy marshmallow fondant can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container for up to three days.

Roblox Characters EDIBLE Cake Topper Image Cupcake Toppers Roblox Cake Décor

To make your Roblox characters with edible cake toppers you’re going to need edible icing sheets, printer with food safe edible ink, and our FREE printable download. If you don’t have several to print then buying the food safe edible ink for just one project would be quite costly.

To make them, print the images on the edible icing sheets just like you would print on any sheet of paper, making sure to use the food safe edible ink.

Roblox Edible Wafer Cupcake Toppers

Gum paste rounds can be used under your edible icing sheets to give them more stability and create a wafer like cupcake topper. The images will need to be laid out on your computer the same size as the edible icing sheets. Again if you’re planning to just print this project, the expense of the food safe printer cartridges and supplies might be more costly than desired.

Roblox Edible Cake Topper Image Cupcakes Roblox Characters Cake Edible Images

When you’re planning out Roblox edible cake topper images you might choose to use our professionally designed images, or you might also choose to make your own. Either way is fine and can be a lot of fun.

Roblox Edible Image Cupcake Cookie Topper

If you want to use a cookie for your cupcake topper along with an edible image, you can do so by using your favorite cookie. Keep in mind that you’ll want the cookie to be plain and smooth for the best consistency. Cookies like sugar cookies or shortcake rounds tend to work well.

roblox cupcakes girl

Roblox Cupcakes

If you’re having a party to celebrate the birthday of a child or a teenager who’s into Roblox gaming, making these Roblox cupcakes might be the perfect gift. Downloading our FREE printable toppers is a quick and easy way to make a Roblox themed party.

Roblox Cupcake Topper

To prepare your Roblox cupcakes and toppers, follow our step-by-step instructions in the next section.

Product Description & Instructions:

To make our FREE downloadable Roblox cupcake toppers, you’ll need the following:

Downloaded printable
Card stock paper

1. Prepare your cake or cupcakes as desired or purchase one from the grocery store or bakery.

2. Download the Roblox cupcake topper printable.

3. Print the desired pages and number of copies on card stock or a heavy weight paper.

4. Cut out the toppers.

5. Glue a front topper to a back topper, with the top of a toothpick in the middle. Let dry.

6. Place the toppers as desired on a fully decorated Roblox cake or cupcakes.

7. Serve and enjoy.


The delivery of our FREE printable download will be directly emailed to your desktop or mobile device. You’ll need to click the confirmation link first and then the PDF printable download will begin. And you can print to a printer directly from your desktop or mobile device.

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