Smoked Chuck Roast


Smoked Chuck Roast

Smoked chuck roast is a very easy and delicious cut of beef to smoke and enjoy eating. Smoking chuck roast requires very little hand on time, and it tastes so fabulous that it has been known to compete with brisket and even prime rib. For an amazing recipe, check out our smoked chuck roast recipe below! 

Smoked Chuck Roast cut close up

Smoked Beef Chuck Roast

Smoked beef chuck roast is surprisingly easy to smoke, and it tastes fabulous. A smoked chuck roast may take several hours to smoke on your smoker, however, you are rewarded with an amazing taste and a very delicious dinner. Once you try smoked chuck roast, there is no going back. 

What is Chuck Roast?

Chuck roast is a kind of beef that comes from a cow’s shoulder area. This beef is perfect for cooking over low and slow temperatures and makes a delicious, juicy, and tender cut of meat. Although this portion of meat makes a delicious roast in your oven, you can also smoke it on your smoker for additional flavor, and an amazing overall meal. 

Can You Smoke Chuck Roast

Absolutely! You can smoke a chuck roast, which is very easy to make, it does not require much hands-on effort, and tastes fabulous. When you smoke a chuck roast, it adds a very subtle smoky flavor to the roast, and it tastes downright delicious.

A smoked check roast is often compared to a smoked brisket or prime rib. A smoked roast is low cost in comparison with these other types of meat, and makes a delicious, juicy, piece of smoked beef. 

Why This Recipe Works

This recipe works because it is easy, and tastes fabulous. Plus, in comparison to other cuts of beef, smoked chuck roast is low cost, but still tastes amazing. 

Chuck Roast vs Brisket

Chuck roast comes from the shoulder of a cow compared to a brisket which usually comes from the chest area of a cow. Brisket usually requires a longer amount of cooking time and contains a relatively high fat to meat ratio. Oftentimes, the chuck roast can be more flavorful due to its make-up of meat and fat content compared to a brisket.

Of course, there is always the price difference between brisket and Chuck roast as well. Typically, a brisket is much more expensive than a check roast, which is why Chuck roast obtained its nickname of poor man’s brisket. 

Smoked Chuck Roast-Poor Mans Brisket

A smoked chuck roast is often referred to as a poor man’s brisket because of the lower cost, yet delicious meat. A chuck roast can be prepared in the same manner as a smoked brisket, however, it is much less of a cost compared to a brisket. 

Picking a Chuck Roast

Determining how to choose a Chuck roast can be half of the battle. If you are able to, purchasing a chuck roast from a local butcher or even from a Costco or Sam’s Club often works out really well. We have found great deals at our local Sam’s Club for a Chuck roast, however you can also try buying them from local grocery stores as well. 

The size of your Chuck roast can depend on how many people you are hoping to feed with it. On average, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to prepare approximately 6 ounces of meat per person. However, you will also want to determine if you have a lot of meat lovers amongst the people you are serving, if so be sure to include a little extra. 

Ideally, when choosing a cut of Chuck roast, you want to look for a roast that is a bright pink or red color, avoid roasts that are brown or grayish in color. You will also want to try and look for a Chuck roast that has fat marbled throughout the entire cut of meat, and not any one huge chunk of fat. If the cut of meat has a nice marbling of fat throughout the meat, it will help your Chuck roast be nice and juicy.

Smoked Chuck Roast from the top

What You’ll Need:

To make it smoked Chuck roast, you will want the ingredients for your roast, seasonings for your rub, and equipment to smoke your roast. Below are the ingredients we suggest that you use, along with our recommended equipment to smoke Chuck roast like brisket. Now, let’s look at how to smoke a roast! 

Ingredients You’ll Need For This Recipe

Fresh Chuck roast (6-8 pounds)

Beef Rub:

Dijon mustard

Dill pickle juice



Garlic salt


Equipment and Supplies:


Instant read meat thermometer

Water pan

Grilling tongs 

Step-by-Step Recipe Instructions

How to Smoke a Chuck Roast

#1 Prepping the Beef Chuck Roast

Before you begin smoking your Chuck roast, you need to prepare it. To prepare your check roast, trim anything from your roast that you want to remove. Then, mix Dijon mustard and dill pickle juice in a bowl. Brush all sides of your roast with the mixture. Then, sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic salt, and paprika if desired to cover the entire outside of your truck roast. 

#2 Prep the Smoker

Time to prepare your smoker. Begin by cleaning off the grates, then preheat your smoker to 225°F to 250°F. If you have enough time, cooking your Chuck roast lower for more time is definitely better. 

#3 Smoking the Chuck Roast

Place your Chuck roast on the top rack of your smoker. Then add a water pan directly underneath your Chuck roast. 

#4 Adding A Water Pan to the Smoker

If your smoker has a water fake pan fill the pan with approximately 3 inches of water, or even beer if desired. However, for smokers that do not have a water pan, you will want to add a pan filled with approximately 3 inches of water to your smoker below your Chuck roast. 

#5 Low and Slow

Insert a meat thermometer probe, and then close the lid of your smoker. Smoke it until your smoked Chuck roast internal temp reaches approximately 175°F-185°F. This may take anywhere between 6 to 10 hours of smoking time. 

Check on your charcoal, wood, or pellet supply as your cook time passes. Be sure to replenish as needed until your smoked Chuck roast temp is reached.

#6 Testing For Doneness

Ideally, the internal temperature of your smoked Chuck roast should read approximately 175 to 185°F on an instant-read thermometer. You may see varying recommendations for the internal temperature we are between 140° to 210°F. 

Please note that Chuck roast registering an internal temperature of 140°F will be on the rare side. For the best, juiciest, and most tender Chuck roast, you are better off cooking it until it reaches an internal temperature between 175°F and 185°F

#7 Holding

When your smoked Chuck roast reaches your desired internal temperature, you can remove it from the smoker and wrap it in aluminum foil. 

#8 Resting the Wrapped Chuck Roast (Oven vs. Igloo Cooler)

We highly recommend placing your wrapped Chuck roast in a cooler or in your oven for another couple of hours to allow the intramuscular fat and tissue to finish melting. 

Oven Method. To rest your wrapped Chuck roast in the oven, preheat your oven to 180°F. Place your Chuck roast in the oven for another one to two hours at this temperature. If desired you can also place your wrapped Chuck roast in the smoker at 180°F and allow it to rest for one to two hours, however, your smoker is not required at this point. 

Cooler Method. You can also allow your smoked Chuck roast to rest in a cooler if desired. To do this, simply place your Chuck roast wrapped securely in aluminum foil into a cooler and allow it to rest for one to three hours. 

Ideally during the resting time, no matter what method you choose to use, the internal temperature of your Chuck roast should reach 195°F on your meat probe. 

#9 Slicing the Smoked Chuck Roast

Place your meat, you will want to remove it from your oven, or cooler and unwrap the Chuck roast. 

Place it on a cutting board then slice against the grain. You may need to change up the ways that you slice varying pieces so that they all get consistently cut across the grain. To slices can use a regular knife or an electric knife.

#10 Serving the Smoked Chuck Roast

Serve your sliced and smoked Chuck roast while it is warm. You can serve your Chuck roast brisket on top of sandwiches, or simply served a serving platter. 

If desired you can add gravy, barbecue sauce, or even cheese sauce on top of your smoked Chuck roast. Then, dig into the deliciousness and enjoy! 

Smoked Chuck Roast out

Choice of Wood for Smoking

Deciding what kind of wood did you use for smoking your Chuck roast can be challenging. If in doubt, it’s always a good idea to go with hardwoods rather than soft words.

Hardwoods such as pecan, oak, hickory, peach, and Mesquite Blends are always good options. If you can’t decide, you can always use blended words as well, such as bear mountain blended pellets, or lumberjack competition blend pellets. 


Seasonings for your smoked Chuck roast can be left up to your judgment. We enjoy using a combination of Dijon mustard and pickle juice mixed together and then sprinkled with salt, pepper, garlic salt, and paprika. However, you may enjoy a simple smoked Chuck roast flavored only with salt and pepper. 

Although Dijon mustard, pickle juice, paprika, and garlic salt I completely optional, we have found that they helped enhance the overall flavor and bring out the naturally delicious flavors of your smoked Chuck roast. 

Recipe Variations

How to Smoke a Chuck Roast for Pulled Beef

Smoking a beef Chuck roast so that you can pull the meat apart from your Chuck roast to serve as pulled beef, you can do this after your meat has rested in the cooler or in your oven. Simply use two forks to gently pull the meat into shredded beef. You can also use a stand mixer to pull the beef apart if desired. 

How To Dry Brine a Chuck Roast

To dry brine a Chuck roast you can do this the night before you intend to smoke it. To dry brine a Chuck roast sprinkle the entire outside of your roast with salt. Cover your cut of beef in plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or place it into a disposable catering 10 then placed it in the refrigerator overnight. Then, the next day when you go to smoke it simply remove your roast from the container and smoke it. 

Dry brining a Chuck roast with salt allows the water to be pulled from your roast and the salt absorbed. This adds extra flavor and breaks down some of the muscle fibers creating even more tenderness to your smoked Chuck roast. 

Smoked Chuck Roast Burnt Ends

You make smoked Chuck roast burn ends you can smoke your roast as instructed above, and then cut it into cubes, and place the cubes into a pan. Add additional seasonings if desired then smoke your cubed Chuck roast for an additional two hours at approximately 240°F. This will make your cubed Chuck roast into poor man’s burnt ends. 

Smoked Chuck Roast and beans cover

Side Dishes For Smoked Chuck Roast

Determining what to serve alongside smoked Chuck roast can be a challenge. Never fear though, we have you covered! We have several easy dishes that you can prepare and serve alongside your smoked Chuck roast, they are delicious and easy. 

Recommended side dishes for smoked chuck roast

Storage Tips

Serve: Your smoked Chuck roast should be served while it is warm. It may last at room temperature up to two hours if stored between 40°F and 90°F. If your room temperature is over 90°F, it should not sit out any longer than one hour. 

Refrigerate: To refrigerate your smoked Chuck roast, store it in an airtight container, or seal it in a plastic storage bag. Place it in the refrigerator and store between three and four days in the fridge at 40°F or below. 

Freeze: Your Chuck roast may also be frozen after it has been transferred to an airtight container or sealed in a plastic freezer bag. You can also vacuum seal your smoked Chuck roast. Place in the freezer at 0°F or below for up to three months.

Expert Tips and FAQs

Tips for Smoking Chuck Roast

Internal Temperature for Smoked Chuck Roast

You may see varying recommendations for the internal temperature of your smoked Chuck roast. There are recommendations for internal temperature vary between 40°F and 210°F.

We have found that smoking your truck roast until it reaches 175 to 180°F works best and then allowing it to rest until it reaches an internal temperature of approximately 185 to 195°F. You may prefer that it reaches a higher or lower internal temperature. 

How Long To Smoke A Chuck Roast Per Pound

How long to smoke a roast may vary, however, a good rule of thumb is to count on smoking a Chuck roast for at least one hour per pound. Please note that this time may vary depending on the thickness and if your roast is thawed completely, and the external temperature of your location where you are smoking. However, considering one hour per pound is a good rule to follow.

Smoked Chuck Roast side view

Recipe FAQ’s

What’s the Difference Between a Chuck Roast and a Pot Roast?

A Chuck roast is a cut of meat that typically comes from the shoulder portion of a cow. A pot roast is not a specific type of meat but rather refers to how the meat is prepared. 

Should You Wrap a Chuck Roast When Smoking?

For the majority of the time, you could not wrap your Chuck roast when it is smoking. Wrapping your truck rails to prevent the roast from picking up the smoky flavor. 

How Long Does it Take to Smoke a Chuck Roast at 225 degrees?

Typically, how long to smoke Chuck roast when smoking a Chuck roast at 225°F will take approximately one hour per pound. For example, if you are smoking a 6-pound Chuck roast, it will take you at least six hours for the meat to completely smoke. However, be sure to allow extra time in case you’re Chuck roast takes longer to smoke. 

What kind of meat is a Chuck roast?

A Chuck roast is a slice of meat that comes from a cow’s shoulder. 

Is Chuck Roast a good cut of meat?

Yes, although less known, and less desired, Chuck roast is a very good slice of meat and is often considered comparable to a brisket or prime rib. 

How long does it take to smoke Chuck roast?

The amount of time it takes to smoke a Chuck roast may vary, however, a good rule of thumb is to count on at least one hour per pound to smoke a Chuck roast. 

Is a Chuck roast good for smoking?

Yes! A Chuck roast tastes fabulous when it is smoked. 

Can you smoke a Chuck roast like a brisket?

Yes, you can smoke a Chuck roast just like you would smoke a brisket. Because Chuck roast is very similar to brisket and can be treated the same, when smoking, it is often referred to as a “poor man’s brisket”. 

What is a stall and do I need to wrap it?

A stall is when you allow the meat to rest after it is close to your desired internal temperature. When the meat rests it will continue cooking and continues to break down the fat and become juicy. It is a good idea to wrap your meat in aluminum foil, or butcher’s paper when it is resting. 

Smoked Chuck Roast cut and on a plate

Smoked Chuck Roast

Smoked Chuck roast is an amazing meal to make, and requires very little hands-on time. This dish is easy, and you get to enjoy a fabulous, juicy, and all-around amazing tasting cut of beef. Be sure to give this recipe a try, the next time you have a hankering to smoke meat! 

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