The Best Smoked Baked Beans


Smoked Baked Beans

Smoked baked beans are an easy and fabulous testing side dish. Simply prepare your smoked baked beans and then add them to your smoker along with the smoked meat, then enjoy a delicious smoked meal! These beans are so good you have got to try them! 

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Homemade Smoked Baked Beans

Making homemade baked beans on the smoker is the perfect side dish for any smoked meal. Homemade smoked baked beans are great because they are very easy to prepare and can be added to the smoker to easily complete your meal. 

Why smoke baked beans?

By smoking your beans you get the added delicious flavor that your smoke would provide. This helps to make your baked beans even more delicious. The smoky flavor just adds an extra flavor punch that helps to balance your baked beans and make them the ultimate smoked baked bean recipe. 

These beans are the best

Smoked baked beans are seriously the best ever! They work out great because you can simply add them to the smoker when you’re preparing something else, such as smoked meat, and they taste amazing. Plus, they are easy to make. 

Best beans for baked beans

When it comes to smoked baked beans, determining what kind of beans you should use is helpful. Sometimes you can make baked beans with a mixture of beans, or you can simply use all of one kind. Our recipe below includes a variety of beans, however, you can use just one kind of beans, such as only Northern beans if you want to keep it simple. 

Canned vs dried beans

After determining what type of beans you want to use, you then are faced with the question should you use canned beans or dried beans? There are pros and cons to both types of beans. While they both have their benefits and downsides, what it comes down to is how much time you have, and how much money you want to save. 

Canned beans are ready right away, all you have to do is drain them. On the other hand, dried beans are cheaper, but you need to soak them overnight before making them into your baked beans. 

Smoked Baked Beans with Bacon

There’s nothing quite like delightful smoked beans with bacon or ham. Smoked baked beans make a perfect side dish to any main meal. They are also easy and can be added to your smoker alongside another smoked main dish. 

Smoked Baked Beans top down

Smoked Baked Beans Recipe

Equipment Needed for Making Baked Beans


Cast iron pan (recommended) or baking pan

Ingredients You’ll Need

Pork and beans

Northern beans, or lima beans

Kidney beans


Peppers (optional)


Bacon or ham

Ground beef, ground turkey, or ground venison

Brown sugar


Worcestershire sauce

BBQ Sauce


How to make smoked baked beans

Step-By-Step Recipe Instructions

Preparing The Smoker

Begin by preheating your smoker. If you are smoking another dish at the same time, your beans can be smoked between the range of 220 to 250°F. 

Bacon or Ham

You can choose to sauté your bacon (or ham), onions, and peppers on your smoker, or on your stovetop before adding the beans to your smoker. For ease and convenience, we prefer to sauté them on our stovetop and then add the prepared dish to our smoker to fully cook. 

Take your slices of bacon or ham and cut them into small pieces. Add the pieces of bacon or ham to your cast-iron skillet and cook for a few minutes just until they begin to crisp up. Approximately 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Remove the bacon/ham from your pain, leaving the grease behind. 

Ground Meat

Next, cook your ground meat over medium heat until it is fully cooked. Use a meat masher to crumble your ground meat in the pan. When your meat is close to done, add onions, peppers if desired, and garlic. 

Sauté the onions & peppers

Add your onions, peppers if desired, and garlic to your pan with the bacon grease and meat. Sauté your onions until they are translucent in color then remove from heat. 

Create Sauce 

In a small mixing bowl combine your brown sugar, catch up, where to share sauce, barbecue sauce, and water. Mix then pour on your onion mixture.

Add the rest

Drain your can of kidney beans and northern beans. Add to your mixture. Do not drain your pork and beans, but add to your mixture with all of the liquid. 

Cooking the beans

There is no need to cook your bean mixture on your stovetop, instead place your combined baked bean mixture on your smoker over indirect heat. 

Smoking baked beans

Smoke your baked beans for approximately one to two hours or until they are warmed through. The ideal temperature for smoking your baked beans is between 220°F and 250°F. This is a great dish to throw on along with your smoked meat. 

Allow the beans to smoke over indirect heat until they are completely warmed through. Since all of your ingredients are already cooked, you are simply looking for them to be warm and bubbly. When your baked beans are warm and begin to bubble, you can remove them from the smoker and serve while hot, enjoy! 

Smoked Baked Beans close up

Recipe Notes

This smoked baked bean recipe can be prepared with any variety of beans you desire. Above are all recommended combinations, however, you can use any themed varieties, or you can use all one kind of bean, such as Northern beans. 

Dried Beans. If you are using dried beans for the smoked baked bean recipe, you will want to follow the instructions on the package for soaking your beans overnight. Then boil them as your package instructs, then assemble your recipe according to the instructions above. 

Tips for Smoked Baked Beans

Place under meat to catch drippings. If you are smoking a meat at the same time that you smoke your baked beans, it works really well to place your prepared baked beans underneath your meat. This will allow your baked beans to catch any drippings from the meat adding additional flavors to your baked beans. 

Sub the bacon for a vegetarian side. If you are looking to prepare these for a vegetarian recipe, you can leave out the bacon, and ground meat, or substitute this meat with a vegetarian-friendly meat substitute. 

Bulk the beans up with chopped brisket or pulled pork. Instead of using bacon or ground meat, you could also try adding chopped brisket or pulled pork to your baked beans. 

Experiment with different bean combinations. We have given the recommended combination in this recipe, however, you do not have to use the specific combination. Feel free to experiment with different types of beans mixed together, or use all one type of bean. 

Ramp up the heat. As your beans near the end of the baking time, you may need to increase the heat to help them finish and be warmed through. Make sure that you remove any meat you are smoking before turning your heat up. 

Add a sweet touch. You can always add extra brown sugar, or other sweeteners to your baked beans if you prefer a sweet flair to the dish. 

How Long To Smoke Baked Beans

Typically, if you are smoking baked beans at 225°F, it will take between one and two hours for your beans to be done. The time may vary depending on the quantity of beans you are smoking. 


Serve: Smoked baked beans should be left at room temperature for no more than two hours at a time. After that store properly. 

Refrigerate: Transfer your smoked baked beans into an airtight container and then place them in the refrigerator at 40°F or below for up to one week. 

Freeze: You can freeze smoked beans if desired. Make sure they are transferred to an airtight container or sealed in a plastic freezer bag. Then freeze for up to six months at 0°F or below. 

Smoked Baked Beans with spoon

What To Serve With Smoked Baked Beans

There are many things you can serve with smoked baked beans. These beans make the perfect side dish, for any occasion. 

Type Of Wood

Recommended: We recommend apple, cherry, oak, hickory, pecan, maple, and blends. Pretty much any kind works well for smoked baked beans. 

Avoid: Mesquite tends to overpower smoked baked beans, so this one is good to avoid, however, any other type of wood works great.


Can you freeze baked beans?

Surprisingly yes, you can freeze baked beans for up to six months. 

Can you make smoked baked beans ahead of time?

Yes, you can make smoked beans ahead of time, then store them in the refrigerator for up to a week. To serve, simply pull out and reheat the beans before serving. 

Do you have to soak dried beans overnight?

Yes, if you are using dried beans they must be soaked overnight before using. 

How Can I Make Baked Beans Taste Good?

There are many ways you can make baked beans taste good. Above we have outlined several tips to help them taste great, as well as our step-by-step instructions given in the recipe to make amazing smoked beans. 

How Long Should I Smoke the Beans?

Typically, it takes between one and two hours to make smoked baked beans. 

What can you serve with smoked baked beans?

Smoked baked beans make a perfect side dish for any smoked main dish or any main dish in general. Try pairing smoked beans with smoked chicken breast, smoked chuck roast, or even smoked pizza. 

What is indirect heat?

Indirect heat means that you are not directly over the heat source. For example, if your heat source or fire is in the center of your smoker, do you want to try to place the baked beans on the edge of your smoker so that they are still getting warm and smoky flavoring, but are not directly over the heat source. 

What Kind of Smoker Should I Use?

There are many different types of smokers available for use. Be sure to research your smoker before purchasing to see which one is the best fit for you. 

What Pan Should I Use?

If possible, we recommend using a cast-iron skillet to make your smoked baked beans. If you do not have access to a cast-iron skillet, a cast-iron Dutch oven is a good option as well. Otherwise, you can simply use an aluminum foil baking dish. 

What’s the Best Type of Wood to Use for Smoked Beans?

When making smoked beans you can use pretty much any kind of wood, with the exception of Mesquite. Such as apple, cherry, peach, pecan, oak, and many more all work well for smoked beans. 

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Smoked Baked Beans with Brown Sugar and Bacon

Smoked baked beans with brown sugar and bacon is a delicious side dish for any smoked meal. Smoked baked beans are great because you can throw them onto your smoker along with your main dish and have a delicious meal to enjoy. 

Smoked Baked Beans from Scratch

Making smoked beans from scratch is simple to make, and easy to smoke, plus you get to enjoy the delicious taste of smoked beans. This means alongside any main smoked dish is fabulous. Be sure to give these smoked baked beans a try the next time you are smoking your dinner!

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Best Smoked Baked Beans Recipe

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