Red White and Blue Float Sonic Copycat Recipe


The festive red, white, and blue float Sonic has offered in the summertime, provides a wonderfully festive and patriotic sweet treat. It’s so fun to enjoy and is beautiful to look at too. If you find yourself entertaining for summertime holidays or just want a red, white, and blue drink, we’ll walk you through how to make our copycat version. And the kids will love it!

red white and blue sonic float
Red White and Blue Float Sonic. Photo by CookThink.

Sonic Brings Back Red, White And Blue Slush Float For Summer

To effectively layer the various colors without them mixing together, it’s best if you use drinks that include different sugar content. And start with the drink that has the most sugar on the bottom.

That’s why we start with the red on the bottom. The cranberry-apple juice has the most sugar of the three colors used. Cranberry-pineapple juice can also be used in its place. However, we don’t recommend using plain cranberry juice for this recipe, because it can make the whole thing taste a bit awkward because it is somewhat bitter.


The key to this recipe is to pour slowly and add your scoop of vanilla ice cream slowly, so as to not disturb the layers. If you pour gently over the back of a spoon it can help to break the pounding juice and make so that the layers are crisper.

Slushies + ice cream = this patriotic drink.

Freezing the different layers as you go, allows each layer to become somewhat of its own slushie.  Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream of course makes the float such a great patriotic drink, or so we think.

Sonic Debuts New Red, White & Blue Slush Float

The brand of vanilla ice cream you choose to use doesn’t really matter. Use whatever you like or whatever is available to you. A plain vanilla ice cream is going to give it more of a bright white color, like what Sonic uses for their soft serve ice cream.

But if you prefer French Vanilla or New York Style Vanilla, those will work just as well.  

SONIC goes Red, White & Blue

When Sonic goes red, white, and blue in honor of American summertime holidays, it kind of makes everyone else want to go red, white, and blue too. Or at least that’s the way we feel. So we hope that if you’re into the red, white, and blue theme that you’ll give this recipe a try.

Sonic Serving Up Red, White & Blue Slush Float for $2.99

At Sonic, a red, white, and blue slush float sells for about $2.99. But if you make this one at home, you can make a single slush float for significantly less. A whole bottle of G2 Gatorade can be purchased for about $1, a jug of Ocean Spray Cranberry Apple juice is about $3 and a bottle of Sobe cost about $2. Then you’ll need a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, which we estimate is about $3.

The total of these comes to less than $10 and we estimate you can make about 8 red, white, and blue floats, depending on your glass size, that look like Sonic’s for just over $1 each.

red white and blue sonic float with cherries
Red White and Blue Float Sonic. Photo by CookThink.

Great 4th of July Treat – Red White and Blue Slush Float

If you’re using different ingredients for this recipe, other than the ones we’ve outlined, we suggest that you’re probably going to want to use simple syrup to increase the sugar level of the bottom layer to keep it on the bottom.

Simple syrup can be made by boiling equal parts sugar and water and dissolving the sugar, heating it until it is suspended in the mixture.

Sonic Red White and Blue Slush Float is BACK!

If you don’t have the time to wait for each layer of the drink to freeze over before adding the next layer and serving the drink, you can still enjoy the float. Just be very careful when pouring the layers. And just know that your layers likely will still be noticeable, but won’t have as crisp edges.  

Sonic’s Red, White, and Blue Slush Float Review | Taste Test

Once you’ve gone through the steps to make your copycat red, white, and blue Sonic float, it’s time for the taste test! Sit back and take a long refreshing rest to enjoy your sweet and beautiful patriotic beverage. Feel free to adjust the different flavors to ones that your guests will enjoy. 

SONIC Delivers a Sippable Taste of Americana with New Red, White & Blue Slush Float

If you are making these layered drinks for a large group of people, I recommend you use a baking pan or cookie sheet to transfer them to and from the freezer. Carefully, place them on a tray that will hold several and this will allow you to move several at a time, saving you time.

SONIC® Red, White and Blue Slush Float

Here are a few other options that you can use for the various layers, if you’re unable to find the recommended ingredients in your area:

You can use the following ingredients for the red layer:
Hawaiian Punch
Cranberry Juice
Fruit Punch

You can use the following ingredients for the white layer:
Any lemon lime soft drink such as Slice, Sprite, 7UP

You can use the following ingredients for the blue layer:
Regular Blue Gatorade
Blue Powerade Zero

Red, White, & Blue have never looked so good.  SONIC’s got the Red, White, & Blue Slush Float, three layers of sweet satisfaction, for a limited time only.

Red White and Blue Slush Float | Sonic Drive-In

The best time to eat a red white and blue slush float is when it is immediately served. If you wait too long to eat it, it will turn to a mushy mixed-up mess. And if you try to keep it too long in the freezer, it will get too hard to enjoy as a slushie. It’s not a drink that can really be stored for later and enjoyed in the same perfect condition.

Could This Be the Perfect 4th of July Treat?

We think so. What is cuter than a red, white, and blue Sonic copycat slushie float? And what’s more refreshing! We think this is the perfect layered drink combined with a float for Independence Day.

red white and blue sonic float single
Red White and Blue Float Sonic. Photo by CookThink.

Sonic Reveals New Red, White & Blue Slush Float Made With Real Ice Cream

Sonic restaurant makes their floats with soft serve vanilla ice cream. But we don’t expect that you’ll easily be able to replicate the soft serve ice cream aspect from your home. At least we can’t. But real ice cream might be even better, depending on your perspective or preference.

Sonic Drive-In Red, White & Blue Slush Float TV Spot, ‘Excited’

The TV spot for Sonic is a somewhat humorous plug for the Sonic Drive-In red, white and blue slush float. The message is that adults will love it just as much as kids. But the adults have to act like they’re excited for the menu item for the kids.

Update: Sonic is no longer releasing this drink. They are changing their July promotion and offering something else. You can read more about that.

Last year, Sonic did not offer this drink on their limited time menu, so it’s even more of a treat to be able to make it at home. Folks will surely miss having it available in the restaurant drive thru.

SONIC’s Red, White, And Blue Slush Float Is The Perfect July 4th Treat

What kinds of things does your family typically do to celebrate July 4th and other summer holidays? For us, it usually includes a family cookout and then time together in our family’s pool if the weather allows. We love to include red, white, and blue patriotic foods in our get together.

Sonic’s Red White & Blue Slush Float Will Not Be Coming on June 29th

Or at least it didn’t last year. Stay tuned to see if they will be offering it again the coming years. And if they don’t, you’re all set to make your own copycat version at home.

Sonic Scrapped Its Red, White And Blue Slushie

We don’t know if they’ve scrapped it permanently or if they’re just trying other limited time items in its place temporarily.  That’s what food chains tend to do as a part of their marketing plan.  They offer different items to keep people interested in their product offerings. 


clear glass or plastic serving cups
ice cream scoop

red white and blue sonic float
Red White and Blue Float Sonic. Photo by CookThink.

How To Make Red White and Blue Slush Float Sonic

To make a red, white, and blue float that looks similar to the ones they make at Sonic, you’re going to use the list of ingredients described below. Then, follow the instructions for a wonderful layered refreshing drink.


Ocean Spray Cranberry-Apple or Cranberry-Pineapple Juice (red)
Blue Grape G2 Gatorade (blue)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Sobe Elixir Pina Colada (white)
whipped cream (optional)
cherry (optional)


1. Make sure all your ingredients are well chilled.

2. Fill a glass one-third of the way with Cranberry Juice. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes, or until a thin ice layer has formed on the red layer.

3. Gently add pina colada by pouring over the back of a spoon so to not break the thin ice layer.

4. Place in the freezer for 20 minutes, until a thin layer of ice forms on the white layer.

5. Gently fill the rest of the way, pouring over the back of a spoon.

6. Add vanilla ice cream. Top with whipped cream and a cherry if desired. Serve and enjoy.

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