Copycat Olive Garden Chicken Pasta Slow Cooker Recipe


Olive Garden Chicken Recipe 

This copycat Olive Garden chicken recipe is super easy and makes the perfect slow cooker recipe when you’re looking for a dinner you can make without a lot of hands-on preparation.  

chicken pasta and parmesan with a wooden spoon

There are a few simple ingredients that you will need to include to make a restaurant quality meal that the whole family will enjoy.  

Slow Cooker Olive Garden Chicken Pasta 

Our copycat Olive Garden chicken pasta recipe contains a deliciously creamy sauce. This is one of our favorite restaurant meals and you can easily make it at home.  

A good reason to do so is that it requires very little effort and is a fraction of the cost compared to going out to eat. Plus, it makes a delicious dinner that the whole family can enjoy.  

This creamy pasta sauce, combined with pasta noodles, chicken, and seasonings, makes a fabulous dish, that will give you a taste of Italian food. This is one of our favorite recipes to make, and I hope it might be your new favorite recipe as well!  

Let’s get started by looking at what equipment you will need, then follow it up with recommended ingredients and some ingredient substitutions you can consider.  

Crockpot Olive Garden Chicken Pasta 


Crock Pot. We recommend that you use a large slow cooker in order to prepare this recipe in the easiest way. This recipe can be prepared on a stovetop, the best hands-off approach is to use a crockpot or a slow cooker to make it very simple.  

Nonstick Cooking Spray. We also recommend that you grease your crockpot before starting with a nonstick cooking spray or rub it down with vegetable oil so that the food doesn’t stick to it.  

Average Cooking Time: 

5-6 hours on low 

3-4 hours on high 

olive garden chicken pasta in a crockpot

Olive Garden Copycat Recipe Ingredients and Substitutions  


The most common type of chicken to use in this recipe is a large chicken breast, you will ideally want to look for large boneless chicken breasts, and even skinless chicken breasts.  

This will be the easiest to prepare in the crockpot, that way you don’t have to pick out any bones or skin later. However, please note that if you prefer another type of chicken, you can substitute the boneless skinless chicken breast for another type of chicken.  

Italian Dressing 

Italian dressing is another key ingredient in this recipe. The best type of Italian dressing to use is Olive Garden salad dressing which you can pick up in your local grocery stores. This creamy Olive Garden dressing will give it the authentic Olive Garden flavor, but if you would rather use a basic Italian dressing, this can also be used.  

As another substitute option, if you are unable to find Italian dressing, you can mix olive oil with Italian seasoning.  

Penne Pasta 

The most common type of pasta to use in this recipe is Panini pasta. The pasta should be cooked according to the package directions on your stovetop, before it is added to the crockpot, as cooked pasta.  

Of course, please note that you can also use another type of pasta of your choice if you prefer.  

Cream Cheese 

You also want to use a block of cream cheese in this chicken pasta recipe to make the sauce nice and creamy. You can use whichever type of cream cheese you prefer.  

Chicken Broth 

Adding chicken broth to the recipe is optional but it helps keep the chicken moist as it cooks. If you’re going to be gone and leave your slow cooker unattended it is recommended to add a bit of chicken broth to the mixture.  

Another great option is to use heavy cream and chicken broth for an added creamy flavor. If you’re adding heavy cream, make sure to add it near the end of the cooking time.  

Parmesan Cheese 

Fresh Parmesan cheese added to this dish will take it to the next level of deliciousness. Another great alternative is mozzarella cheese if you would like another option.  

Lemon Juice 

Adding lemon juice is entirely optional, but it can help to increase the overall flavor of your dish. A little bit goes a long way, so just add a little drop of lemon juice to the mixture if desired.  

Spices and Seasonings 

You can add spices and seasonings as desired to flavor this copycat Olive Garden chicken recipe. Some of our favorites to add include ground black pepper, fresh basil, and fresh parsley. These are entirely up to you!  

copycat olive garden pasta with chicken

How to Make Copycat Olive Garden Chicken 

To start, make sure that the chicken breasts are completely thawed before cooking them in the crockpot. You can thaw them overnight in the fridge for the best results.  

When you’re ready to start, add your thawed chicken breast to the bottom of the slow cooker so that they are lying flat on the bottom. Then pour an entire bottle of Italian dressing over the top of the chicken breasts and place the block of cream cheese on top of the chicken.  

Cover the crockpot with a lid and cook the mixture on high for 5 to 6 hours, or on low for 3 to 4 hours.   

Use an instant-read thermometer to check the internal temperature of a chicken after the time has passed. The internal temperature of the chicken must be at least 165°F.  

When the chicken is done shred the chicken. Sprinkle the shredded chicken with Parmesan cheese, and season as desired.  

Prepare the pasta according to the box directions on the stovetop over medium-high heat. Drain the pasta water before adding the cooked pasta to the cooked chicken.  

Pour the cooked pasta into the cooked chicken and start to combine. Sprinkle the top with any remaining shredded Parmesan cheese, then serve and enjoy!  

Tips & Tricks 

Used thawed chicken. It is very important that the chicken you cook in your crockpot is thawed before cooking it. This will ensure that the chicken is safe and does not remain at a temperature that could be harmful for too long. 

Our favorite way to thaw chicken is to place it in a bowl of water inside the fridge overnight, that way it is thawed and ready to go in the morning. 

How to Serve 

The best way to serve this Olive Garden chicken recipe is when it is fresh from the crockpot. This is a great recipe to make in the morning and cook while you are away at work. This way and will be ready to go when you get home.  

close up of pasta on a wooden spoon


At room temperature. Once the crockpot is turned off, and your chicken recipe is served, this dish should not remain at room temperature any longer than two hours before it goes bad.  

In the fridge. For best storage, you will want to transfer any leftovers to an airtight container, or seal them in a plastic freezer bag, and place them into the fridge for up to 3 to 4 days.  


The best way to reheat any leftovers from this recipe is to reheat them in the oven. Place the leftovers into an oven-safe container and cover them with a lid or with aluminum foil.  

Place them in the oven at 350°F and bake for approximately 15 to 20 minutes or until the leftovers are warmed through.  


There are many different variations to this recipe, a couple of the most common variations include adding a chopped red onion into the mix as the chicken is baking. This will add additional flavor, and even a little bit of heat if you would like.  

Another great option, if you enjoy a little bit of a kick, is to add some red pepper flakes. These will help to enhance the overall flavor and provide a bit of spice to the dish.  

What to Serve With 

There are many different options you can serve along with this crockpot recipe if you’re looking for a complete meal.  

One of our favorite options is to serve it with a side salad. You can make the side salad anywhere you prefer, it can be a basic recipe, or can be a copycat Olive Garden side salad.  

Crockpot Chicken Pasta 

This delicious creamy pasta dish is an easy, and simple recipe that you can make, with very little hands-on effort. Making this copycat recipe will allow you to enjoy an entire dinner, with very little effort. We hope that you’ll give this recipe a try, and we hope you enjoy it!  

For your convenience, there is a printable recipe card included below.  

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Olive Garden Chicken Pasta Recipe 

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