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Is dark chocolate vegan? With vegan diets becoming more popular this is a question that many search for answers to. We’ll describe the specific ingredients that you’ll want to watch for that disqualify chocolate from being vegan as well as some store brands to look for that will give a sweet boost to your vegan-friendly diet.

chocolate pieces
chocolate pieces

How Chocolate is Made

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. They’re cleaned, roasted, the shell is removed, and then they’re ground. The cocoa is separated from cocoa butter.

At this point, other ingredients such as sugar is added to the chocolate liquor. Finally, the chocolate is tempered by heating and cooling. Then the chocolate is wrapped and stored. 

History of Modern Chocolate

The world’s first chocolates were crude. However, modern chocolate is smooth, and it melts quite easily.

Do Vegans Eat Chocolate?

Yes, vegans can eat chocolate, depending on their dietary restrictions and personal preferences.

The most common type of chocolate that’s naturally vegan friendly is dark chocolate.

vegan dark chocolate
vegan dark chocolate

The higher percentage of cocoa content, the higher quality of chocolate and the more likely it is to be vegan friendly.

Despite its name, cocoa butter is 100% dairy-free and vegan.

Cocoa butter is a plant-based product and is vegan friendly and dairy free. It’s a pale-yellow edible fat extracted from the cocoa bean.

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? A Vegan Chocolate Guide

Some brands of dark chocolate are vegan. It depends on the ingredients used to make them and whether animal byproducts are used.

We’ll outline some of the brands below that are vegan friendly.

How Can You Tell If Dark Chocolate Is Vegan?

The best way to know if dark chocolate is vegan is to check the label for the ingredients. Dark chocolate that’s approximately 70% cacao is considered a high-quality dark chocolate.

But just because it’s a high-quality dark chocolate, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily and automatically vegan friendly.  You’ll still want to read the labels.

dark chocolate
dark chocolate

How to Choose Vegan Dark Chocolate

Here are some specific ingredients to watch for in eliminating ingredients that cause dark chocolate to not qualify as vegan-friendly. 

Sugar: Another Culprit

When sugar is an ingredient, sometimes it’s processed using animal bone char. This would eliminate any product it’s used in from being vegan-friendly.  

Pieces of black chocolate
Pieces of black chocolate

Be Wary of Palm Oil

Even though palm oil itself is not an animal byproduct, the way it’s processed can have negative impacts on environment, and its growth can lead to animals losing their homes.

Whether you consume palm oil in your vegan diet will depend on the strictness of your vegan diet. 

Double Check Label

When choosing the best vegan chocolate, you’ll want to read labels and be aware of any potential cross contamination, milk ingredients, allergies, nuts, or dairy products.

Fair Trade

Another factor for potential consideration is child labor, which is used in some countries to manufacture dark chocolate and other flavors of chocolate. Buying fair trade chocolate can help minimize the possibility of supporting child labor.

But you’ll want to know that some companies are more strict than other companies when it comes to standards relating to child labor.

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? Brands You Need to Know

There are some brands of dark chocolate that are vegan. But it depends on the ingredients used to make the chocolate. We’ll list some vegan chocolate brands to try below.

Pieces of dark chocolate
Pieces of dark chocolate

Vegan Dark Chocolate Brands

Following is a list of vegan friendly dark chocolate brands.


Hershey’s Oat Classic Dark

Whole Foods Organic Dark Chocolate

Lindt Dark Chocolate Vegan

Chocolate Inspirations’ Artisan Bar (In Raspberry)

No Whey Chocolate Bar- Semisweet Dark

Enjoy Life’s Dark Chocolate Bar

Theo Chocolate Organic Coconut 70 % Dark Bar

Alter Eco Dark Salted Almonds Organic Chocolate

Seed & Bean Organic Dark Chocolate



Vivani Superior Dark Chocolate

Doisy & Dam

Cocoa Libre

Divine Dark Chocolate

Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate

Scharffen Berger Maker Semisweet Dark Chocolate

Chocolove Organic Dark Chocolate

Hu Kitchen Almond Butter & Puffed Quinoa Chocolate Bar

Divine – Dark Chocolate with Raspberries 70% Cocoa

Taza Organic Sea Salt & Almond Dark Stone Ground Chocolate

Taza – 95% Wicked Dark with Ginger Organic Chocolate

Mast Brothers Mini Dark Chocolate Bar

Accidentally Vegan Chocolate Products

While there are some brands that choose to go through a process to certify their products as being vegan friendly, adding a note to the product label so that consumers can tell at a glance that it fits within vegan dietary restrictions.

There are others that use ingredients that aren’t animal byproducts and still fit within vegan dietary restrictions, however these are accidental vegan products.

Vegan Chocolate Ingredients

Vegan dark chocolate is typically made from cacao beans that have been roasted and processed into a cocoa paste with sugar. 

Is Chocolate Vegan?

Some chocolate is vegan while other chocolate is not made with vegan friendly ingredients. The answer to the question is chocolate vegan is it depends.  It depends on the ingredients used to make the product.

What is Vegan Chocolate?

Vegan chocolate is chocolate that that is made from plant-based products. It doesn’t include any animal byproducts and or processing that would be harmful to the environment or an animal’s habitat.

Where Can I Buy Vegan Chocolate?

Vegan chocolate can be purchased at most grocery stores as well as online. See our list of vegan chocolate brands in this post.

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? Don’t Despair!

Just because you’re adopting a plant-based diet doesn’t mean that you have to give up chocolate! At least, not dark chocolate.

chocolate with almonds nuts closeup
chocolate with almonds nuts closeup

What Makes Dark Chocolate Non-Vegan?

Ingredients that are animal byproducts such as milk, or other dairy products, as well as sugar processed with bone char, and palm oil, are all ingredients that would violate vegan dietary restrictions.

If these ingredients are included in your dark chocolate, you can assume the dark chocolate is non-vegan.

How Can I Tell if Dark Chocolate is Vegan?

If the dark chocolate is vegan certified this is an easy way to know that it’s vegan. You’ll also want to read the packaging label and the list of ingredients. This can also be one of the best ways to tell if dark chocolate is vegan. If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact the company to see if they can provide answers to your question.

In Conclusion: Vegans Can Eat Dark Chocolate

So, the answer to the question is dark chocolate vegan? Yes, there are some brands that make vegan dark chocolate. Be sure to follow our guidelines for knowing whether your chocolate is vegan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to is dark chocolate vegan. If you have a question that’s not answered here, please feel free to drop it to us in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to answer it.

What type of chocolates are vegan?

Chocolate that’s made without animal byproducts or animal cruelty is considered to be vegan friendly.

Chocolate bar and coffee beans
Chocolate bar and coffee beans

Is all dark chocolate dairy free?

No, some dark chocolate has dairy in it. You’ll want to read the label to know whether your specific brand is dairy free.

Is 72% dark chocolate vegan?

It depends what other ingredients are included in the 72% dark chocolate. You’ll need to read the packaging label to find out if any animal byproducts are used.

Why isn’t dark chocolate vegan?

Dark chocolate that’s not vegan contains animal byproducts such as milk, or sugar that’s processed using bone char.

Is milk chocolate vegan?

No, milk chocolate contains milk, which is an animal byproduct making it non-vegan.

Is white chocolate vegan?

If you like white chocolate, you can probably find vegan white chocolate in specialty grocery stores. However, it’s not too likely that you’ll find vegan white chocolate in a regular grocery store.

Is ruby chocolate vegan?

Most regular ruby chocolate isn’t vegan. It’s made with milk and is not dairy free or vegan friendly.

Is cocoa butter vegan? 

Yes, cocoa butter is vegan. It’s the fat pressed from seeds of the fruit of cocoa tree, and is fully plant based.

Is cocoa powder vegan?

Yes, cocoa powder is vegan as it’s made from the solids of seeds of the cocoa tree’s fruit.

Can vegans eat chocolate?

Yes, there are some kinds of chocolate that are vegan friendly.

Where can you find dairy-free chocolate?

Most grocery stores and health food stores carry dairy free chocolate options.

Is vegan chocolate healthier?

Vegan chocolate is not necessarily healthier, as it still includes large amounts of sugar.

Chocolate bar and coffee beans
Chocolate bar and coffee beans

Is Lindt dark chocolate vegan?

Yes, some Lindt dark chocolate varieties are vegan. Be sure to read the packaging labels.

Is Cadbury dark chocolate vegan?

No, Cadbury contains milk powder in its list of ingredients, making it non-vegan.

Is milk chocolate vegan?

No, milk chocolate contains milk, making it non-vegan friendly.

Is Aldi dark chocolate vegan?

Yes, Aldi does carry vegan chocolate in dark chocolate as well as other flavors. 

Is dark chocolate dairy-free?

Some brands make dairy free dark chocolate.

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