How To Slice Mushrooms With An Egg Slicer


Have you ever gotten frustrated slicing mushrooms? Learn How To Slice Mushrooms With An Egg Slicer! It’s quick and easy.

Just like with many things, you can slice a mushroom in more than one way. However, if your mushrooms are relatively the same size as an egg, you might consider using an egg slicer. 

Why You Should Use An Egg Slicer

There are many reasons you should use an egg slicer to cut your mushrooms. A couple of the reasons are that it is quick and easy and it will also improve the presentation of your mushrooms because they are consistently sliced. 

How to Slice:

Rinse and pat dry your mushrooms to be sure any dirt has been removed. 

Trim away the bottom of the stem. Then open the slicer. 

Arrange the slicer and the mushroom the way you want the mushroom to be cut. 

Simply press down the slicer to cut the mushroom, just like you would with an egg. You will end up with several even slices of mushrooms. If you are looking for a new slicer, we recommend that you try to find one with two blades, this way it will allow you to slice as well as quarter. 

There are many different ways you can use an egg slicer, including to cut mushrooms evenly. Learn How To Slice Mushrooms With An Egg Slicer, it’s such a quick and easy way to end up with pretty little slices. 

Have you ever tried using an egg slicer to cut your mushrooms? What are some of your tricks?

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