How To Press Tofu


Learn How To Press Tofu, through this quick tutorial. By doing this before you cook your tofu, you will see a great improvement in its outcome!

You might be a bit confused by this. Doesn’t tofu come in a pressed block of soybean curd already you might ask? You are correct, it does. However, when you obtain it in a pressed block of soybean curd, it still has a lot of liquid in it. In order to help it hold its shape better, pressing it out and discarding the extra liquid before you cook it will really help. The only items you need to accomplish this are a weight and a kitchen towel.

How To Press Tofu

Pressing tofu is a simple process. Start by doubling up your kitchen towel and placing the tofu on top of it. Pull the rest of the towel over the top of it, so that the tofu is in the fold of the towel. As you press down from the top and bottom, the towel will help absorb the liquid that comes out.

If you have a heavy cast iron lid to use for your weight, that would work great, or a hamburger press would also work. Otherwise you can use a cutting board, a plate or any other heavy object you have in your kitchen. Place the weight on top of your tofu and let it sit. After about 15 to 30 minutes most of the liquid should be pressed out, depending on the heaviness of the weight. Now you are ready to use the tofu to cook!

Learning How To Press Tofu, is a simple process, that will not take you very long to complete. However, doing this step will greatly enhance the outcome of your dish. Give it a try at home, and let us know what you think!

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