How To Prep Enoki Mushrooms


Learning How To Prep Enoki Mushrooms is a very simple process. Learn all about the simple steps involved, outlined below.

Enoki mushrooms are a delicious mushroom that are not often used. They are small white mushrooms that are quite beautiful. These mushrooms are also very simple to prepare.

The enoki mushroom is very popular in Asia, and particularly in Japan. There are two different types of this mushroom, one that has been farmed and one that grows wild. Because of the different environments, these two have a slightly different taste to them.

Wild enoki received their name for the entire kind of mushroom because they often grow on stumps of the enoki tree. These mushrooms can be eaten raw or after they have been lightly cooked. They will only last for a few days in the refrigerator before they go bad.

These little mushrooms have a very mild flavor, that taste slightly fruity! They go well in soups, burritos, stir-frys, and quesadillas, just to name a few. To prepare them, follow these simple steps:

How To Prepare Enoki Mushrooms

Begin by brushing any loose dirt from the mushrooms. You can use a paper towel to do this, if desired.

Next, all you do is cut off the roots and discard. You are left with the long stems and they should be mostly separated from one another. These are the parts you use in your cooking.

Summary: Try out these little mushrooms in your kitchen! They are quite underused and under appreciated, but they are packed full of an unusual, tasty flavor. Learning How To Prep Enoki Mushrooms, is so simple! Try it!

What is your favorite food to prepare with enoki mushrooms?

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