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How To Make Peach Green Tea

With the peach season upon us, what better way to use your fresh peaches, than learning how to make peach green tea?! I am so excited to share this iced tea drink recipe with you today! With our easy step-by-step instructions you can learn how to make peach green tea in a quick and easy way, with this recipe that tastes delicious. 

iced peach necter tea

No matter if you love tea, or are just starting to get into drinking tea, there’s no better way to spend a hot summer day, than with a tall glass of iced tea. It’s a great way to savor the warmth and sunshine, especially on a hot day. 

You can enjoy peach green tea all year round, it doesn’t have to be summertime for you to enjoy this refreshing drink. You can enjoy both iced tea, or warm tea with this peach green tea recipe it’s entirely up to your taste preferences. 

This green tea recipe is absolutely delicious. It takes your basic green tea to a whole new level by adding ripe peaches to the tea, to get the delicious peach flavor mixed with green tea.

Keep in mind you can use a can of peach nectar if you don’t have access to fresh peaches, but there’s nothing that quite beats real peach juice. That natural flavor is so delicious and sweet, it takes your green tea to a whole new level.

If you want to make this peach green tea recipe, when peaches are not in season, then it might be a good option for you to consider using a canna peach nectar. This is a good alternative if you don’t have access to the delicious fresh peaches.

Let’s learn how to make this delicious peach green tea recipe so that you can understand the deliciousness that I am referring to. They are just a few ingredients needed in order to make this delicious, yet easy recipe. 

iced peach green tea

Refreshing Iced Peach Tea: Homemade Recipe 

What you will need for this Peach Green Tea:

Green Tea Bags. You can find green tea bags and most grocery stores. Look in the tea aisle, to find the different options available. You don’t have to buy a fancy brand, just make sure to get some good green tea bags for this recipe.

Cold Water. You will want to brew the green tea bags in a few cups of water. No matter if you choose to cold brew the tea, or if you’re hot brewing it on the stovetop, using cold water will allow your water to heat easily. 

Fresh Peaches. Using real peaches to give your peach green tea that peach flavor is your best option. The real fruit, is juicy and sweet, giving you the best overall flavor. However, if you do not have access to fresh peaches, another good alternative is to use a can of peach nectar.

Simple Syrup. Using simple syrup to sweeten your peach green tea is it going to be the easiest sweetener option. Simple syrup is made by boiling together water and your desired amount of sugar to make a liquid sweetener. Another type of sweetener option is to use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey.

How to Make Peach Green Tea

To make peach green tea, you’re going to start off with making the green tea concentrate. That way your green tea will have a chance to cool, well you are preparing the other portions of the tea recipe.

Green Tea Concentrate

Add the cold water into a medium-sized saucepan. Allow the water to heat so that it turns into hot water, then add your teabags. Boil the water for 2-3 minutes with the teabags, to allow the green tea to brew.

After your green tea has brewed, remove the hot tea from the burner and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Once cooled, remove the tea bags and discard them.

Then pour the green tea concentrate into an airtight container, or you can see it in a mason jar with a lid. Let cool for a few minutes at room temperature, then place into the fridge to chill the green tea mixture.

iced peach nectar tea

Making the Peach Syrup

To make the homemade peach flavoring, you will want to take your ripe peaches and cut them into pieces. Discard the peach pit, then add the peach slices into a blender or food processor. 

Blend the peaches on a high speed until the peach puree is completely liquid. If there are any chunks remaining, you might consider straining the peach purée through a mesh strainer to remove any chunks. Then pour the peach juice into your green tea concentrate. 

Sweeten with the Simple Syrup

Prepare your simple syrup by boiling together water and sugar. Let the mixture cool, then add your desired touch of simple syrup to the peach green tea to sweeten it. 

To serve your peach green tea, pour the cooled prepared peach green tea into your serving glasses. Add ice cubes, then stir the mixture together before serving. Serve and enjoy your delicious homemade peach green tea!

Tips and Tricks 

Cold Brew Tea. If you have enough time, you can also prepare your green tea by cold brewing it overnight. To do this you will simply add your cold water into a container such as a mason jar, add the teabags, secure the lid, and place into the refrigerator overnight. The next day you can add your peach and simple syrup to the mixture before serving.

Storing in a Large Mason Jar. It’s my preference to make a big batch of peach green tea and store it in the fridge so that I can enjoy it for a while.

I like to use a large mason jar with a lid to store my peach green tea until I am ready to enjoy it. This works really well to use a large mason jar, rather than a picture or another type of container.

iced peach green tea with fresh peaches

Different Flavors and Variations To Choose From

In addition to enjoying peach green tea, there are several different other flavor options that you might enjoy. Let’s take a look at what some of these different flavors are that you might enjoy as well. 

Peach Tea Lemonade Recipe

If you’re not exactly a tea drinker, then making a peach lemonade is another fabulous option. It’s very similar to the green tea drink, but is made with your peach juice, and lemonade mixed together into a fabulous combination.

Iced Tea Lemonade

Another tasty drink option is to make iced tea lemonade. This combination doesn’t have too much caffeine but still allows you to enjoy the green tea combined with lemonade, and peach juice. This mixture is another tasty option to enjoy during the warm summer months.

Starbucks Version Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Another tasty peach green tea option is a Starbucks copycat recipe. This Starbucks peach green tea lemonade is made by brewing green tea and mint tea together then mixing in lemonade and peach juice to form a tasty summertime drink.

These Starbucks ingredients are surprisingly simple, yet the fresh mint combination with peach and tea serves to make a delicious drink. Make sure to check out this DIY Starbucks Recipe so that you can enjoy this tasty tea recipe.

Using Different Types of Tea

In addition to making this peach green tea recipe, you might enjoy using black tea instead of green tea. Otherwise, the above recipe can be prepared as instructed, simply by substituting the type of tea used.

green tea with peach nectar

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can I make this Starbucks peach green tea in advance?

Yes, you can make this peach green tea recipe in advance and store it in the fridge in an air tight container. For best results, you will not want to make it too far ahead of time as it is best kept up to three days in the fridge.

Can I double this recipe?

Absolutely! You can double this recipe, or triple it as needed.

Is the Starbucks peach tea lemonade recipe sweetened?

This homemade peach tea lemonade is sweetened to your taste preference. To sweeten it you can add as much or as little simple syrup to your tea, to make it as sweet as you want.

How much caffeine is in this iced green tea peach lemonade drink?

How much caffeine is in this tea recipe will depend on what type of tea bags you use, and how many are added. Some types of green tea are caffeine free, but others do contain caffeine.

Can I make this drink without the lemonade?

Yes, if you want, you can make peach green tea without lemonade. This recipe does not include it, but it can easily be added if you wish.

What should I do if I want my peach green tea lemonade sweeter?

There are a couple of different options if you want to make a sweeter tea. First, you can add more simple syrup to your tea, but you can also add more lemonade if you are using a sweet version.

How to make homemade simple syrup?

Simple syrup is a basic sugar and water mixture that is cooked on your stovetop until the sugar dissolves into the water. Find the full simple syrup recipe HERE.

Homemade Peach Green Tea

Tea lovers and new tea drinkers alike can enjoy making this simple recipe. It’s not hard to learn how to make peach green tea, in fact, it’s quite easy, and you get to enjoy this tasty drink anytime you want it.

The best part is you can adjust the recipe so that it is exactly as you desire. Yet it doesn’t have to cost you much to make this tea recipe, and you get to enjoy the delicious drink anytime you want it.

Thank you so much for stopping by to learn how to make peach green tea. We hope that you enjoy this tea recipe! If you would like more summer drink recipes, you might enjoy checking out these tasty cold brew coffee drinks that you can also make at home to enjoy anytime you have a craving. 

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