What Is A Chiffonade?


Chiffonade is a French word that means “made of rags.” In cooking, chiffonade is a way of slicing greens, herbs and leafy vegetables into long, thin strips. So the translation into cooking is in essence cutting leafy greens into rag like pieces. The lettuce or greens appear to be made of rags.

This culinary technique is used for a unique visual presentation, like a garnish or for cooking tougher greens like kale and chard, which can be harder to chew if left in larger leaves. It’s also a nice way to slice up herbs like mint or basil to scatter over a dish or add to a salad. 🥗

The technique creates beautiful, thin delicate ribbons that can be tossed on top of a salad or sprinkled on top of a soup to give it visual flair and added flavorful interest. We encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think.
To chiffonade something:
1. Stack a small pile of leaves on top of one another.

What Is A Chiffonade
stack the leaves

2. Roll the stack into a tight bundle.

roll all the leaves together in a tight bundle

3. Cut or snip the bundle into very narrow strips.

cut narrow slices through all the layers to achieve a chiffonade cut

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