Watercress And Cucumber Tea Sandwiches


The Watercress And Cucumber Tea Sandwiches is a delicious combination. The removal of the bread crusts make them an elegant sandwich and the addition of cucumber is cool and light. Add a bit of cream cheese for protein and filling. When planning serving sizes, figure at least one whole sandwich per person.

Watercress And Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Shopping List
thin white sandwich bread
cream cheese
unsalted butter
bunch watercress

serrated knife

Watercress And Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Place the bread in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm it up and make it easier to trim off the crusts. You’ll also want to bring the cream cheese and butter up to room temperature to make it easier to spread.

Spread butter on 6 of the slices of bread. Spread the cream cheese the remaining 6 slices of the remaining six slices of bread.

Peel cucumbers and thinly slice them, and arrange them evenly on the six slices that you’ve spread with cream cheese. Season the cucumbers lightly with salt, and generously with freshly ground black pepper.

Top the cucumbers with watercress, then top with the buttered slices of bread. Put the sandwiches together, and cut off the crusts. Cut the sandwiches either into quarters, or in half diagonally.

Enjoy Watercress And Cucumber Tea Sandwiches!

You might also enjoy creamy shrimp bisque.

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