What Are Lardons?


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What Are Lardons? If you like pork or are a bacon lover you’re very likely going to enjoy lardons! 

Lardon is a delicious food, that originated from France. This is a mighty name, for a small but wonderfully delicious, special piece of bacon or pork fat. The French used these little pieces of meat for many different things. If your mouth is not watering yet, keep reading, because it will! 

What Are Lardons

This is a name which is used to describe pieces of bacon or pork fat that has been cut into very small, matchstick like pieces. The uniqueness about a lardon is that it is small but thick. This allows the cooked piece of meat to be both crispy, yet tender, and mouth watering delicious to eat! Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

What Are Lardons Used For

These small pieces of bacon or larding fat are sometimes used to add moisture to lean meats through a process called larding. Lardons are commonly added to roasts, stews, and fried dishes, to name a few. Our favorites are when added to salads, vegetables, potatoes, quiche, eggs, or even pasta. Lardons are perfect when enjoyed this way! These little bits of fatty goodness are great in pretty much any dish because they give it a pop of flavor.  

What is Larding

In France, Lardons were also used for larding. The process by which, a larding needle was woven through pieces of fat and then pulled into meat that is intended to be roasted.

How to Make Lardons

Making your own lardons is quite a simple process. The most common way is to pick up a package of thick sliced or unsliced bacon from your local grocery store. Slicing your bacon, if it is unsliced into 1/2 inch thick slices. Then carefully cut it into small strips. Strips about 1/2 inch by 1 inch will get you the desired effect. If you go much smaller in size you will have bacon bits. Finally,  you have your very own lardons to try! Often times, lardons are blanched before they are used in a dish to help remove any excess salt and fat. 

Lardon Recipe Ideas

A couple of our favorite recipes that feature lardons are Quiche Lorraine, frisée salad topped with a poached egg,  or sprinkled on top of a pan of baked vegetables. What is your favorite way to incorporate lardons?

Lardons are small matchstick like pieces of pork fat or bacon. They are crispy on the outside yet juicy and packed full of flavor. There are many different ways you can incorporate these bits of heaven in pretty much any dish. Give them a try today, and let us know your favorite way to use Lardon! 

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