Edible Prefilled Easter Eggs, Easy Chocolate Recipe


Making prefilled Easter eggs for children, friends, and neighbors can be so much fun! We’ll show you how to make these easy confetti filled chocolate eggs in just a few minutes. And we trust the memories you make from creating them and enjoying them together will be fantastic!

prefilled easter eggs dark chocolate

Filled Easter Eggs

What are some of the Easter traditions that you and your family have enjoyed together? When we were kids, our family used to enjoy an Easter egg hunt. All of the grandmas and the aunts would prepare prefilled Easter eggs and hide them around the yard for all of the kids to find. It was so much fun. And now, we continue that tradition for our children.

Filled Plastic Easter Eggs

To make these prefilled Easter eggs with chocolate, you’re going to need some plastic easter eggs. We’ll use these as our molds. There’s no need to purchase a separate candy mold for this recipe. To prepare your plastic Easter eggs, you’ll want to wash them thoroughly with soap and water and dry them before you begin.  

Bulk Easter Eggs

Our prefilled chocolate Easter eggs are easy to make, but they’re not likely the kind that you’re going to want to make a whole bunch of them like you would for a bulk batch, unless you’ve got some help.

prefilled easter eggs melted chocolate
prefilled easter eggs liquid chocolate

Candy Filled Easter Eggs

You’ll want to use candy that is small enough to fit through a hole that you’ll cut in the tip of your egg. Our favorite kinds of candy to use inside our edible chocolate eggs are sprinkles and M&Ms. There is no need to use candy that is individually wrapped inside your egg, because if you did it would make it, so it’s not fully edible. Instead, use candy that is unwrapped so that it makes the whole thing edible. Here are some other candy possibilities that you might like to try:

Pop Rocks
Mini peanut butter cups
Chopped nuts
Sweetened shredded coconut
Candy Easter eggs
Colored mini marshmallows
Reese’s pieces
Crushed toffee pieces

3 in. Easter Pre-Filled Eggs with Prizes

These 3 inch filled chocolate Easter eggs can be so much fun because of the loaded surprises inside. Your recipient won’t necessarily know what you put inside the hollow chocolate, or even that the chocolate is hollow until they bite into it! That’s part of the fun!

LOL Surprise! Prefilled Easter Egg Hunt

After you finish your chocolate prefilled Easter eggs, you might like to start a new tradition of having a prefilled chocolate Easter egg hunt. Let us know what kinds of traditions you have or are starting with your family.

prefilled dark chocolate easter eggs

Walla! Pre Filled Plastic Easter Eggs with Candy – Surprise Pinata Stuffers and Egg Hunt Eggs for Kids – Assorted Pastel Colored Eggs Stuffed with Candy – Basket Stuffers Easter Eggs

Once you get your chocolate Easter eggs completed prefilled, can sit back and say, “Walla”! You’ve just created a wonderful gift for your recipients and started making new memories that will last a potential lifetime. And making memories is how your children, friends and family will remember that they’re loved.

Pre-Filled Easter Eggs

Regardless of what candy pieces you choose to put inside your Easter eggs, having prefilled chocolate eggs ready to go for your Easter festivities can be a lot of fun! It’s such a pleasant surprise to break them open and enjoy the treat inside.

Busy Kids Colorful Candy-Filled Easter Eggs, Various Colors

If you have older kids, perhaps you’ll want to let them join in on the fun of making these prefilled eggs. Getting kids involved in the kitchen and special event planning can have its benefits for you as well as the children.

Hershey’s Easter Favorites Filled Egg Hunt Favorite Assortment

Hershey’s is known for their special occasion Easter candy. They create mini candy bars at this time of year, just for the holiday. Their mini candies might be something that you want to check out and use to make your prefilled chocolate Easter eggs.

prefilled easter eggs with nerds

Candy Free Easter Egg Ideas

For various reasons, sometimes people prefer to use candy free Easter egg ideas. So, if you’re needing to bypass the sugary candy aspect of Easter eggs, here are some filling ideas for candy free Easter eggs for you:

Snack mixes
little handwritten notes of encouragement
Scripture verses Toys and gifts (ideas below)
gift certificates or gift cards

Toy Filled Easter Eggs

Do you prefer toy filled eggs or candy filled eggs? Toy filled eggs can come in handy if you’re trying to accommodate dietary restrictions or just plain want to avoid all the sugar.  Finding small toys to prefill your eggs can be a lot of fun. Here are some ideas for toy filled eggs:

mini cars
sticky hands
mini toy Slinkys
plastic figurines
rings Pencil sharpeners
bouncy balls
silly putty
play doh
finger puppets

Candy and Toy Filled Plastic Easter Eggs

If using a combination of toys and candy in your prefilled Easter eggs, we recommend making sure each piece that is being added inside your Easter egg is individually wrapped.

I remember as a kid we had one aunt that would always prefill her eggs with both candy and money. She used unwrapped, individual jellybeans as well as loose change all together in her eggs. Oh dear! It grossed me out to say the least. So, consider this your public service announcement to make sure your candy is individually wrapped if you’re placing it inside a non-edible plastic egg. 

prefilled easter eggs with candy

Easter Eggs & Egg Coloring Kits

You might like to use some colored chocolate melts to color the outside of your prefilled chocolate Easter eggs.  Just melt them and use a piping tip or drizzle the melted chocolate with a spoon or fork over your egg. Or perhaps you prefer them plain like us. And part of the fun is you get to be creative and make them however you wish.

How to Make Edible Prefilled Easter Eggs, Easy Chocolate Recipe

To make edible prefilled chocolate Easter eggs, you’ll use a clean plastic Easter egg as your mold. Next, melt the chocolate and stir it until it’s smooth. Then place some chocolate inside the plastic egg and tilt it around until the inside is completely covered. Let cool. Cut a hole in the tip of the egg and fill with candy pieces. Then patch the hole with melted chocolate. Let cool. Decorate if desired and enjoy!


double boiler pan
plastic Easter eggs, for molds
sharp knife


Good quality chocolate chips or melting chocolate


1. Wash plastic Easter eggs with soap and water. Dry them and set them aside.

2. Melt chocolate chips or melting chocolate in a double boiler pan. Stir until smooth.

3. Place some of the liquid chocolate in half of the plastic egg. Attach the other half of the plastic egg and roll the egg around until the chocolate completely covers the inside.

4. Place the eggs in the freezer to allow the chocolate to setup.

5. Remove the eggs from the freezer and carefully remove the plastic egg from the chocolate egg.

6. Using a sharp knife, cut a small hole in the end of the chocolate egg to add your candy pieces. You might find creating a small paper funnel helpful to direct the candy pieces inside.

7. Use melted chocolate to patch the hole and smooth it out with your finger or knife.

8. Allow the chocolate to set up completely.  Decorate the outside of the eggs if desired.

9. Serve and enjoy!

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