The Best Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipe


Best Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipe

The best grilled chicken thigh recipe is very easy to make and will make your mouth water with all of the amazing flavors. This recipe is easy to make, you should give it a try today and taste how amazing it is! 

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Perfect Grilled Chicken Thighs 

You have not tasted amazing grilled chicken until you taste this amazing, yet easy the best grilled chicken thigh recipe. The process of making it is surprisingly easy to do, and this just might make the best chicken you have ever had the pleasure of eating. Let’s look at what you will need in order to make this recipe. 

What You Need

Chicken Thighs. We highly recommend using chicken thighs with the bone in and skin on. You can also use thighs without bone and skin if needed or drumsticks, hindquarters, and wings, as long as they have the bone in and skin on. No matter what cut of chicken you decide to use, for best results be sure it includes the bone and skin as this will help your chicken turn out amazing. 

Olive oil. Olive oil is used for an easy marinate for grilled chicken thighs. We highly recommend using olive oil instead of other oil types. 

Salt Sisters Blend. Salt sisters seasoning blend is a mixture of sea salt, onion, garlic, and black pepper. This blend is amazing on your grilled chicken and helps to turn it into mouth-watering grilled chicken with amazing flavors. You can also use your favorite garlic salt as a substitute if desired. 

Rosemary Garlic. We like to use rosemary garlic seasoning to finish off the chicken. This helps to give it amazing added flavors. Our favorite is Tone’s Rosemary garlic seasoning blend, but anything similar will work. 

Basics: Once you get the hang of grilling chicken, it is really quite simple. The keys to grilling chicken are to allow it time to marinade, grill it over indirect heat if at all possible, cooking it skin side down most of the time, before flipping it shortly before it is finished. Before you serve the grilled chicken, it is a good idea to allow it a few minutes of time to rest. 

Let’s Make It!

The Best Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipe:


6 medium chicken thighs

½ cup olive oil

1 Tbsp salt sisters blend

2 tsp rosemary garlic seasoning blend  



Begin prepping your chicken by thawing it if frozen, removing any extra skin and remaining feathers. Place into a large mixing bowl. 

The Best Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipe Marinade

Drizzle your chicken with olive oil, then toss with salt sisters seasoning blend, and rosemary garlic seasoning blend. Toss your chicken until it is completely coated in your seasoning mixture. Cover and place the chicken back into the refrigerator and allow it to marinade. 

How Long to marinade?

The amount of time it takes for your chicken to marinade can vary. We recommend letting it marinate for at least two hours, or overnight. After your chicken has had sufficient time to absorb the seasonings, it is time to grill your chicken. 

How long to grill chicken thighs?

The amount of time it takes may vary depending on how large your chicken thighs are. On average, the total grill time will take approximately one hour for the internal temperature of your chicken thighs to reach 165°F when cooking over indirect heat. 

Grilled Chicken Theighs skin up

How To Grill Chicken Thighs On Gas Grill

Before placing your chicken on the grill, make sure your grill is clean, and then you can begin to preheat your grill. Allow it to warm up before adding your chicken. 

No matter what kind of grill you are using, it is key to cook your chicken over indirect heat as much as possible for this chicken to turn out amazing. For a gas grill, you can turn one burner off, and allow the other one to stay at medium heat. Place your chicken over the burner that is off, so that your chicken will cook from the heat that is not directly under it. 

How To Grill Chicken Thighs on Charcoal Grill

The same concept applies if you are using charcoal or pellet grills. Try to cook your chicken so that it is not directly over your heat source if possible. 

Remove your chicken from the marinade and place your chicken on the grill so that it is being grilled over indirect heat. Place your chicken skin side down, and grill over medium-low heat (around 350°F) for approximately 45 minutes, or until the chicken reaches 160°F. 

Watch For Flare-Ups

Check on your chicken occasionally so that you can prevent any flare-ups. Continue cooking your chicken over indirect heat for a total of one hour. After one hour has passed, flip your chicken over so that the skin side is up, and grill for approximately 15 minutes to make the skin crispy. 

Grill until the internal temperature of all of the chicken pieces reaches 165°F, and the juices from your chicken run clear. When your chicken reaches 165°F remove it from the grill and allow to rest for a few minutes before serving. Then serve and be prepared to savor some amazing chicken! 

Grilled Chicken Theighs upside down


The best grilled chicken thigh recipe is the best when served fresh from the grill. To tell when your chicken is done, you can use a meat thermometer, as well as watch the color of your chicken juices. The juices will run clear when it is finished cooking. 

Please note you can also increase the flavor by gently pulling back some of the skin on your chicken and make sure your seasoning blend gets underneath the skin as well. This is not required but will help to increase your overall flavors. 

Grilled Chicken Theighs side view

Nutrition Facts

We have estimated the following nutritional facts for one chicken thigh. One serving is estimated to contain approximately 423 calories. We have also estimated that one serving contains 27.7g total fat, 130mg cholesterol, 246mg sodium, .3g total carbohydrates, 42.3g protein.  

Perfect Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipe

The secret to the best grilled chicken thigh recipe is easy to make and only requires a few basic ingredients to enjoy a delicious meal. You have got to try this amazing grilled chicken recipe for yourself to comprehend how amazing it is! Give it a try today and let us know what you think about this tasty recipe. 

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