Precooking Lasagna Noodles


When no-cook lasagna noodles came on the market a few years back, it seemed like a wonderful development.  No longer would we have wrestle with sticky, fragile noodles during the layering process. No-cook noodles do work great in lasagnas with plenty of liquid or sauce — tomato-based lasagnas, for example — that can completely cover the noodles during the baking.

But for dryer lasagnas, parboiling regular lasagna noodles is still a good idea. With the right tools, pre-cooking lasagna noodles isn’t very hard. 
Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the noodles to the pot, using a pair of tongs to keep them from sticking together as they simmer. Meanwhile, spread out a couple of large clean kitchen towels. Pull the noodles from the boiling water when they’re barely pliable but still very firm. As you take them out of the water, line them up on the towel. Layer more towels on top as needed. Let the noodles cool a little before starting to assemble the lasagna. 

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