Is Tea Acidic


Is tea acidic? Different flavors and kinds of teas have different acidic content, and we’ll take a look at the acid levels of the most popular ones according to the pH scale. We’ll also recognize how the consumption of acid can affect your health.

tea bags
tea bags

Is Tea Acidic? This Is the Most Comprehensive Guide

Is your relishing favorite tea acidic? Let’s find out as we walk through our comprehensive guide and look at all the details.

Is Tea Acidic or Alkaline? 

Tea is considered to be mildly acidic. We’ve created a list of various flavors of tea along with their acid levels below.

Be sure and check out how your favorite flavor of tea ranks on the pH scale.

Acidity in Tea: pH Levels, Effects, and More

You might not think it to be the case, but tea has a mild acidic level which can cause some health effects and more.

We’ll take a look at the acid levels for each popular flavor of tea as well as some of the ways it can affect one’s body when it’s consumed regularly.

What is the pH Level of Tea?

The pH level of tea varies according to the flavor of tea and what is used to make the tea.

tea up close
tea up close

For example, black tea has a greater acidic level than green tea. And a lower number on the pH sale, means the higher the acid concentration.

Is Tea More Acidic Than Coffee?

Some flavors of tea are more acidic than coffee. For example, some brands of lemon tea can have a greater concentration of acid than coffee.

But, green tea or black tea can have a lesser concentration of acid than coffee.

Is Drinking Tea Harmful to Your Teeth or Stomach?

Drinking a large quantity of acidic foods over a length of time can be harmful to your teeth, stomach, and ultimately, your health.

Foods with a pH of 2 to 4 are considered highly acidic. Drinking tea with a pH at this level over time can cause harm to the enamel of your teeth as well as to your stomach.

Is Tea Acidic?

Any food that registers below 4 on the pH scale is thought to be highly acidic and will potentially affect digestion, can cause acid reflux and tooth decay.

This build up can happen immediately in some cases or over time for others. Be sure to consult your doctor if there is concern.

tea cup with tea
tea cup with tea

pH of Popular Teas

Below we’ve created a list that shows the average pH of popular teas. Tuck this away for your reference.

Here is each tea, with its average pH scale listing.

Black Tea, 4.9 – 5.5

Green Tea, 7 – 10

Herbal Teas (Chamomile, Mint), 6 – 7

Fruit Teas (Blackberry), 2 – 3

How To Make Tea (Yet Less) Acidic

How Do You Lower Your Tea’s Acidity? If you appreciate drinking tea regularly, you might appreciate knowing how to make tea even less acidic. It can keep the acid from affecting your teeth, health, and stomach.

Steep for less time. Steeping tea for less time allows it to not become so concentrated and keeps the content from becoming so acidic. Instead of letting the tea get bold, remove the tea leaves or tea bag before too long.

tea bags and tea
tea bags and tea

Use smaller quantity of tea leaves. If you’re making tea with loose leaves, consider using a smaller quantity to keep the tea from becoming so acidic. This will also make the ratio of water to tea greater and will decrease risks of consuming acid.

Herbal teas are less acidic. Consider drinking herbal teas to decrease your acid intake. Herbal teas are less acidic that alternative options.

Drink home brewed teas. Brewing tea at home gives you control over the situation such as the ingredients used as well as the concentration of the tea.

What Is The pH Scale?

The pH scale is used to measure how acidic an object is. The range of the pH scale is 0-14, with 0 being very acidic, 14 being a base, and 7 being neutral. 

tea bag in water
tea bag in water

Objects that have a pH of less than 7 are considered acidic.  And something with a pH of 5 is considered ten times more acidic than something with a pH of 6.

What Factors Affect Tea Acidity?

There are many factors that affect the acidic aspects of tea.  For example, how long you steep your tea can affect the acidic concentration.  The longer tea is allowed to steep, the greater acidic concentration.

The ingredients included in the tea can also be a factor. Additives such as citrus, milk, and herbs can increase the acid in tea.

How diluted your tea is plays a role in the acid level of tea. The more tea leaves or tea bags you use, the more acidic it becomes. 

Is Tea Less Acidic Than Coffee?

Black and green teas are usually less acidic than coffee.  Coffee runs about 5 on the pH scale on average, whereas black teas are about 5.5 and green teas stack out anywhere between 7-10.

What Are the Impacts of Tea Acidity on Your Health?

The impacts of tea acidity on your health can range from no consequences to harmful consequences, depending on the quantity of tea consumed, the frequency, and its acidic level.

The impacts can range from tooth decay to stomach acidity and acid reflux. Please consult a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Stomach Acidity or Acid Reflux

If you have symptoms of stomach acidity or acid reflux, please consult your physician for help.  It’s possible that consuming acidic foods can play a factor in these symptoms.

What Are The Impacts of Tea on Acid Reflux?

Some believe that the consumption of caffeine causes acid reflux. While this can be true, there can be other causes associated with it as well.

It’s always best to consult a doctor regarding a medical condition so that proper treatment is administered. 

is tea acidic
is tea acidic

Does Tea Have Any Benefits to Your Teeth?

Some varieties of tea are thought to fight bacteria inside your mouth that cause cavities. However, drinking high levels of acidic tea can cause potential harm rather than benefits.

Is Tea Harmful to Your Teeth?

Research shows that tea that has enough acid has the potential to cause tooth decay. But the flip side argument says most people won’t have to worry because tea is not acidic enough.

To know whether tea can be harmful to your teeth, talk to your dentist and consider the kinds of tea you consume, as well as the quantity and frequency it’s consumed.

Is Drinking Tea Causing Your Acidity?

If you think that drinking tea could be causing your acidity, you’ll want to consult your doctor.  Below are some related questions are asked regarding the question is tea acidic.

1. Does tea cause stomach acidity?

The kind of tea that you drink, as well as the quantity that’s consumed can become a factor in causing stomach acidity.

hand holding tea bag
hand holding tea bag

2. What makes tea acidic?

The oxidation process is what’s thought to make tea leaves more acidic. So, the longer they’ve processed, the more acidic it will be.

3. Are herbal teas acidic too?

Herbal teas do have acid, but they’re less acidic than black teas and fruit teas.

4. Can black tea cause acidity?

Yes, black tea has the potential of causing acidity.  It ranks about 4-5 on the pH scale.

5. How to avoid making a cup of tea that causes acidity?

Most kinds of tea have some level of acidity. See our tips above for how to lower the acidity of your tea.

How to Lower the Acidity of Your Coffee

Our main focus here is on tea, but for some coffee is just as important.  It’s a part of a daily routine. So, we’ve included a list of some ways to lower the acidity of your coffee.  Here are some ideas.

Low Elevation Beans. Brewing coffee with low elevation beans can help to lower the acidity in some cases.

Dark Roast Coffee. Using dark roast coffee can assist with lowering the acidity. 

Cold Brew. Cold brewing coffee can cause it to not brew as boldly as it might otherwise which can help to decrease the acidity compared to what it would otherwise be. 

Add Salt. Adding a bit of salt is thought to help neutralize the coffee’s acid levels.

Brew with Eggshells. Some researchers have found that brewing coffee with eggshells has proven to help lower its acidity. 

boxes of tea
boxes of tea

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to is tea acidic.  If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to drop it to us in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to answer it. 

Does drinking tea cause heartburn?

Drinking tea can indirectly cause heartburn in some cases. Heartburn from tea is thought to be caused by the caffeine content. If you notice heartburn after drinking tea, you’ll want to consult your doctor. 

What kind of tea is least acidic? 

White tea is the least acidic tea. So if acid bothers you, consider drinking white tea or herbal teas that have a lower acidic content.

Is tea OK to drink with acid reflux?

Drinking tea with acid reflux depends on your particular situation. If you’re not sure whether. It’s okay for you, consult your doctor to find out.

Can children drink tea?

We don’t recommend that children drink much tea because caffeine can affect them. If you allow children to drink tea, use only a small amount that has a low caffeine content.

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