Easy Guacamole Seasoning


Guacamole Seasoning

Making your own homemade guacamole seasoning does not have to be scary or complicated. In fact, you can make amazing flavored guacamole seasoning using a few basic ingredients.

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We are excited to show you how you can make your own guacamole seasoning, which results in fabulous tasting guacamole.

Easy Guacamole Seasoning

Our easy guacamole seasoning will help you to make the best tasting guacamole. This fresh recipe will help you to enjoy the delicious Mexican dip, with only a few ingredients.

But before we jump into the recipe, let’s first look at how you can choose your avocados. Because this is a key factor to making amazing guacamole.

How to Get Perfectly Ripe Avocados

When you pick out avocados at the grocery store, you don’t always have a lot of options. If possible, it’s best to choose avocados that are ready to use right away, however sometimes they are not nearly ripe enough.

To choose an avocado that is ready to use, hold the avocado in your palm in gently squeeze the avocado. You should feel it give way slightly in your hand. You are also noticed that most avocados will have a darker skin, the riper they become. 

If you are buying an avocado in advance, and don’t need to use it for a few days, you can simply let it ripen on your countertop at room temperature. But, if it comes time to use the avocado, and it’s not quite ripe, you can ripen it faster by storing it in a brown paper bag for a few hours or overnight. 

If you seal it in a paper bag with an apple, kiwi, or banana, it will even speed up the ripening process faster, because it traps the gas from the fruit, and causes your avocado to become ripe much faster. 

You can also potentially ripen avocados by microwaving them for a few seconds, or even by baking them in the oven at a low temperature for a few minutes. We have not had much success with this and have found that the paper bag method usually works the best. 

Now assuming your avocados are ripe and ready to go, let’s look at how to make the perfect guacamole seasoning, and what ingredients do you need in order to make this recipe.

Let’s jump into the delicious guacamole seasoning, and how you can turn it into amazing tasting guacamole. 

Homemade Guacamole Seasoning & Easy Guacamole

Ingredients you’ll need

Garlic Powder. Garlic powder is one of your base seasonings for guacamole seasoning. We do recommend the use garlic powder rather than fresh garlic or minced garlic because it distributes the flavor much more evenly throughout the guacamole. 

Onion Powder. Another important seasoning to use when making guacamole seasoning is to include onion powder. Onion powder add a kick of flavor, that enhances the overall taste to your dip. 

Salt. Salt is also needed to season your guacamole. You can use kosher salt, sea salt, or iodized salt to flavor your guacamole.

We will give you the recommended amount to use, but you may need to adjust this so that it fits your taste preference. 

Cilantro. We recommend that you include cilantro for the best overall guacamole flavor. However, if you do not like cilantro, it does not have to be included.

If you choose to include cilantro, the best flavor comes from fresh cilantro, although you may use dry if necessary. 

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Lime Juice. Lime juice is also needed in your guacamole seasoning to enhance the overall flavor of your guacamole. If you do not have lime juice, you may substitute it with lemon juice, although lime juice is preferred.

Ripe Avocados. Now that you know all of the seasonings, to make delicious guacamole you will need a few ripe avocados. 

Onion. In your homemade guacamole, we recommend that you use a diced onion for additional flavoring. Our favorite is to use a red onion, although you can use a yellow or white onion as well.

Tomato. We also enjoy adding a finely diced tomato into your guacamole as it is prepared. For best results, we recommend using a Roma tomato that is cut into small pieces. 

Corn. Corn is optional, but it does add a delicious flavor and pop of color to your guacamole as it is prepared. You can use white corn or yellow corn.

Canned corn or frozen corn works well. Just make sure to drain the liquid from your canned corn. 

Jalapeno Pepper (optional). For an added kick of flavor, you can cut a jalapeño pepper into small pieces, and then add it to your prepared guacamole before serving.

This will give you a bit of spice do your guacamole. 

How to make Guacamole Seasoning

To make your guacamole seasoning, in a mixing bowl combine the garlic powder, onion powder, salt, cilantro, and lime juice. Mix these ingredients together.

How to make Easy Homemade Guacamole

Then to make your delicious guacamole with the guacamole seasoning, into the mixing bowl with your seasonings, add your ripe avocado that has been cut in half, removed from the skin, and pitted. 

Mash the avocado until it is almost smooth. 

Into mixing bowl add you are finally diced onion, diced tomato, corn if desired, and diced jalapeño pepper if desired.

Stir these ingredients together, then serve right away with chips, or on top of your favorite Mexican dish. Enjoy! 


Our favor add-ins for homemade guacamole include onion, tomato, corn, and a jalapeño pepper. In addition to this, you might enjoy other types of peppers, or red pepper flakes.

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Ideas for Serving Guacamole

Guacamole is the best enjoyed when it has been freshly made. Often guacamole is served as a dip, with tortilla chips. But it can also be enjoyed on top of your favorite Mexican dish or served along with pico de gallo.

You can also serve your homemade guacamole with other ingredients, or even as a layered dip. 


How do I store leftover guacamole?

If you are storing leftover guacamole, it’s important to store it so that air does not touch the guacamole otherwise it will turn brown very fast. The best way to store it, is in a container, then lay plastic wrap directly on the guacamole.

Use your hand to press the plastic wrap against the guacamole and remove any air bubbles. Cover this with an additional lid, in-store in the fridge for one to two days. Please note that the faster it is used, the more likely it will be good. 

How To Store Your Guacamole Spice Mix

The guacamole spice mix that we enjoy making is made using garlic powder, onion powder, cilantro, salt, and lime juice. If you want to make this mix, and leave out the lime juice, it may be prepared in advance as long as you use dried cilantro. 

If you make this guacamole spice mix in advance, it can be made in a mason jar and stored at room temperature with a lid. It will likely last a few weeks at room temperature. 

When you are ready to use it, you will want to add it to you are ripe avocados, along with lime juice and any other add-ins you desire. 

Guacamole Seasoning Making Tips:

The key ingredients to seasoning guacamole to perfection is to use garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and cilantro. Then add lime juice when you are ready to make your guacamole.

Depending upon your taste preferences, you may need to add additional salt, and even additional garlic powder depending upon how garlicky you like the flavor. 

We also recommend that you use lime juice rather than another type of citrus juice. Lime juice will give you our guacamole the best seasoning, and results in the best overall flavor.

If you are able to use freshly squeezed lime juice, this will give you the best result, however you may also use bottled lime juice. 

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One easy variation when making guacamole is to take the easy way out and use a package of McCormick guacamole seasoning. Although this is super easy, you can get the same delicious flavor by making your own homemade guacamole seasoning. 

What to Serve With

Guacamole is often enjoyed as a dip with tortilla chips. However if you wish to enjoy guacamole with another dish, here are a few of our favorites to enjoy it with:


What spices are in guacamole seasoning?

The main spices that we recommend including in your guacamole seasoning are garlic powder, onion powder, salt, cilantro, and lime juice. These are the best flavors that when added with avocados, turn an average avocado into delicious guacamole. 

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DIY Guacamole Seasoning

Making your own homemade guacamole seasoning is surprisingly easy and it allows you to make amazing, flavored guacamole. If you’re looking for a simple solution to make amazing guacamole, this recipe is one you should give a try. We hope you like it! 

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Guacamole Seasoning Recipe

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