Easy Orange Whip Drink


Orange Whip Drink

An orange whip drink is a delicious orange flavored frozen beverage that can be easily prepared at home in your blender. All you have to do is add the ingredients to your blender and mix them together until combined and smooth.

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This drink recipe is so good, you have got to try it for yourself! 

Orange Whip

An orange whip drink is the perfect summer time treat, or a treat any time of the year. This delicious orange flavored frozen beverage is loaded with amazing citrus flavor and is one of our all-time favorites. 

We are going to show you how you can make an amazing tasting orange whipped drink using only a few ingredients. This orange drink is similar to that or an orange Julius and is super easy to make.

Although our recipe is made non-alcoholic, there is a version of the recipe that can be made to copy the Blue’s brothers famous orange whip drink that contains vodka and rum. 

Let’s jump into our delicious orange whip drink recipe, by looking at what ingredients you will need to make this delicious drink. 

Orange Whip aka Orange Julius

Orange Whip Ingredients

Frozen Orange Juice. To make this orange whip drink, one of the key ingredients is to use a can of frozen orange juice from concentrate.

This is a can of orange juice that you can find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. In order for it to be an orange flavor you want to use frozen orange juice. 

Milk. We like to use milk in order to make your orange whip drink have a nice frothy texture to it.

However, if you want an alternative to milk, you can use almond milk, soy milk, silk milk, or orange juice. 

Ice Cubes. We like to use a lot of ice cubes when making our frozen orange whip drink. This is what helps to make it nice and frozen. 

Vanilla Extract. Adding vanilla extract into your drink is optional, but we do recommend it as it helps to enhance the overall flavor of your orange whipped drink. 

Lemon Juice. A dash of lemon juice into your orange whip drink also helps to enhance the overall flavor of your orange juice drink.

This ingredient is also optional, but I highly recommend it. If you do not have lemon juice, you can substitute it with lime juice. 

Sugar. Adding granulated sugar to your orange drink is entirely optional. If your drink is not sweet enough, then we do recommend that you add a little bit of sugar to help sweeten it.

It’s entirely a matter of personal preference as to whether you wanted a little bit sweeter or if you are good with the natural sweetness of your frozen orange juice from concentrate. 

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How To Make Orange Whip Drink at Home

To make your delicious orange whip drink at home, you will first want to pull out your blender. Then into the blender add the can of orange juice from concentrate. Follow that with the milk and ice cubes.

You can then add in your optional ingredients of vanilla extract, lemon juice, and sugar. 

Secure the lid on top of your blender, and then blend your drink until the ice is completely blended. 

You may need to remove the lid and stir the mixture occasionally, depending upon your blender. 

Once your mixture is blended until it is smooth, you can pour it into your serving glasses, top with whipped cream if desired, then serve right away and enjoy your delicious homemade orange whip drink (AKA copycat orange Julius). 

Tips and Tricks

Use Canned Orange Juice. To make this drink turn out the best, you will want to use a can of frozen orange juice from concentrate. You do not want to use regular orange juice as the base of your drink, as it’s not strong enough flavor, and will make your drink have too much liquid.

You may substitute for milk with orange juice if you prefer, but you will still need to use the can of frozen orange juice from concentrate. 

How to Serve

The best way to enjoy your delicious orange whip drink is to enjoy it when it is freshly made.

If you have insulated tumblers, these will keep your beverage in its frozen state the longest.

Otherwise, you can simply serve it right away and enjoy your tasty frozen drink. 


Your beverage is going to be best when it is enjoyed fresh. Because the drink is frozen, it does not store well.

If you have an insulated Tumblr, then keeping it in that will help us stay frozen longer, however it does not work well for the long-term storage. This is not a drink that you want to keep at room temperature for long, or in the fridge for a long amount of time. 

If you do need to store your orange drink for a long amount of time, you can keep it in the freezer. Make sure to transfer it to a freezer safe container, then freeze it.

When you want to buy it, you may need to add additional orange juice or milk to the drink to help it regain its original form. 

orang whipped drink


Alcoholic. The most common variation of this orange whip drink is to add rum and vodka to the beverage. Keep in mind adding more liquid will make it melt faster, and not be nearly as frozen. 

What to Serve with Orange Whip Drink

Our version of the orange whip drink recipe is best enjoyed, well, for any occasion.

You can serve this with breakfast, brunch, as a snack or summertime treat, or even as a delicious dessert drink. You really can’t go wrong with the tasty recipe. 

Orange Julius Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time It Will Take To Make Orange Whip Drink?

To make our version of orange whip drink, it only takes a few minutes to prepare it from start to finish. Usually, you could have the whole drink ready in five minutes or less depending upon your blender. 

What’s an orange whip drink?

Our recipe is a delicious frozen beverage made with orange juice as its base, then add in ice cubes, milk, and a few optional ingredients such as vanilla extract, lemon juice, and sugar if desired.

These ingredients are all blended together to make an absolute delicious frozen orange flavored drink. 

Can you make this with alcohol?

Yes, you can make this orange whip drink with alcohol if desired. The most common types of alcohol to add into this drink are 1 ounce of rum and 1 ounce of vodka. 

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Remaking the Famous Non-Alcoholic Orange Whip

Orange whipped drinks are super easy to make, and they taste amazing. Our recipe for orange whip drink can be enjoyed for any occasion or any time of day.

It is simply a delicious orange flavored frozen drink that you can enjoy. We hope you’ll give this recipe a try, and we hope that you enjoy it! 

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Orange Whip Recipe

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