EASY Cream Soda Cake Recipe


Cream soda cake recipe is an easy to make recipe that results in a delicious and moist cake. It can be put together with only 4 ingredients, in a matter of 10 minutes and is ready to bake. Over the years we’ve tested many soda cake recipes and have perfected them. We’ll share with you what we’ve learned and how to make them.

Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.
Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.

Cream Soda Bundt Cake

As far as visual appearances are concerned, it lends visual appeal to make this kind of cake in a Bundt cake pan if you have one available. However, if you don’t have a Bundt cake pan, there are several alternatives that will work just fine. In place of a Bundt pan consider using a round cake pan, angel food cake pan, square cake pan, loaf pan, cupcake pan, rectangle pan. The shape of the pan will not alter the flavor of the cake, so feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

Shopping List

yellow cake mix
cream soda
instant vanilla pudding mix


Large Mixing Bowl
Stirring Spatula
Bundt Cake Pan or baking pan

What Flavors Work Best?

For our recipe we created a nice vanilla flavored cake using the combination of a yellow cake mix, vanilla instant pudding and cream soda pop, plus eggs. The eggs are the consistent ingredient that remain the same regardless of what flavor you choose to use.

When making other flavors you can choose a cake mix, a soda flavor and coordinating instant pudding flavor. Here are some possibilities:

Other Combinations for Easy Soda Cake

Root Beer Float Cake, vanilla cake mix + root beer
Brown Cow Cake, chocolate cake mix + root beer
Purple Cow Cake, vanilla cake mix + grape soda
Ginger Spice Cake, spice cake mix + ginger ale
Orange Creamsicle Cake, vanilla cake mix + orange soda                                 
Lemonade Cake, lemon cake mix + lemon lime soda
Cream Soda Brownie, brownie mix + cream soda
Shirley Temple Cake, cherry cake mix + lemon lime soda
Very Cherry Cake, cherry cake mix + cherry cola
Strawberry Shortcake, strawberry cake mix + lemon lime soda
Chocolate Supreme Cake, chocolate cake mix + cola
Lemon 7Up Cake, lemon cake mix + lemon lime soda
Red Velvet, red velvet cake mix + cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper soda

What Other Combinations Are You Going To Try?

Or if you prefer a drier, more crumbly cake, it is possible to make a soda cake with only 2 ingredients, those ingredients being the cake mix and the soda. But if you’re looking for a moist and well held together cake, be sure to add the 4 eggs and a package of instant pudding mix. You’ll not be disappointed.        

Soda Cake Recipes for Dietary Constraints

Cream Soda Cupcakes, gluten free

If your goal is to make a cream soda cake or cupcake recipe in a gluten free manner, you’ll want to be sure to purchase a gluten free cake mix. That is the only recipe alteration that needs to take place in order to accommodate someone who requires a gluten free diet. The eggs, pudding mix and soda pop are all naturally gluten free. You can prepare the recipe as written by substituting out the regular cake mix and replacing it with a gluten free cake mix. Cook times as well as the other ingredients should remain the same.

Diet Soda Cake

If you’re baking for someone who requires a diet or low sugar recipe option, you can greatly reduce the sugar in this cream soda cake recipe by using a diet can of soda. Soda comes in many flavors and those variety of options will continue to allow flexibility and a variety of flavors when making a diet soda cake.

Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.
Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.

How to Frost a Soda Cake

Frosting a soda cake can really be quite simple. We recommend a simple glaze frosting that can be drizzled using a fork or spoon and making a back-and-forth motion. To frost a cream soda cake, create the frosting so that it has a relatively thick consistency. Then get a heaping amount on the fork or spoon and slowly drizzle it on to the cake or cupcakes in a back-and-forth motion.

It will be important to assure that the cake has completely cooled before beginning the frosting glaze process. If the cake is not cooled, the glaze will likely melt right into the cake and in essence disappear.

How Do I Know When The Cake Is Done Baking?

Setting the timer for the specified amount of time and baking the cake at the recommended temperature will get your cake close to being done. However, if you remove the cake from the oven before it’s completely done, you can risk the cake falling as it cools.

To make sure the cake is completely done before removing it from the oven, insert a toothpick in the center or thickest part of the cake. Remove the toothpick. If it comes out clean, it’s done. If it comes out with batter still on it, it needs to cook a bit longer. Add a few minutes at a time until the cake is done.

If a toothpick is unavailable, another way to know if the cake is done is to gently press on the center or thickest part of the cake with your finger. If it springs back, the cake is done. If it leaves a dent, the cake needs to cook a bit longer.    

What Can I Use as a Topping If I Don’t Want To Frost?

If you’re making a Bundt cake, there are so many options that don’t include frosting. Perhaps you don’t want to consume the calories that are involved in frosting, or maybe you just don’t want the fuss. Regardless of your reason, there are many possibilities for cake topping for Bundt cakes, cupcakes or pan cakes. Here are some ideas:

Sprinkle chocolate baking powder
Drizzle honey
Sprinkle powdered sugar
Use chopped nuts
Use fresh berries
Sprinkle a few pieces of shaved chocolate or chocolate chips
Use baking sprinkles
Use mint leaves
Cut thin lemon slices
Chocolate syrup

Get creative. The sky’s the limit. What’s your favorite non-frosting topping to use?

What Pan Should I Use?

Ultimately the type of pan that you use doesn’t matter. We like to use a Bundt cake for visual aesthetics. But if you don’t have a Bundt cake pan in doesn’t mean you’re sunk. There are still many great options. You can use an angel food cake pan, round cake pan, square cake pan, cup cake pan, loaf cake pan…anything is fine. Just remember to grease it by rubbing olive oil or spraying it with your favorite cooking oil before adding the batter.

Why Cake Mix With Soda Works

Cake mix with a can of soda works well because the leavening agents in the cake mix still go to work even without the oil. The soda is all the liquid you need to turn the batter into a cake. Just pour the box of cake mix into a mixing bowl and add the can of soda. It’s fun to watch it fizz! Kids love to do this to be able to watch the bubbling action!

Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.
Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.

How To Make a Cake With Soda

Making a cake with a can of soda makes the process seem so easy. My elementary aged children even enjoy doing this. Just get out a large mixing bowl, add a cake mix that is your preferred flavor, add a box of instant pudding mix, 4 eggs, and then add the can of soda. Stir well until mixed thoroughly.

And if you want to cut corners and simplify it even more, the cake can be made with just a box cake mix and a can of soda. But as we’ve said, we like adding the eggs and pudding mix to help make the cake extra moist. So delicious!

It’s That Easy!

It really is that easy. Just dump and mix and you don’t even need to make frosting for the top. After the cake cools you can add an icing drizzle or even sprinkle with your favorite topping. It can be one of the most delicious cakes made with the least amount of effort. So fun!

Top Tips

1. Grease the pan.

Be sure the grease the pan with your favorite cooking spray or rub it with your cooking oil before adding the batter to the pan. If you forget to grease the pan, the cake will not come out easily. Don’t forget to grease the pan.

2. Choose coordinating flavors.

When you’re deciding what flavor of cake to make, be sure to choose cake mix flavors that coordinate well with the soda flavor. If you’re using the moist recipe, you’ll also want to use pudding mix that coordinates too. And don’t forget, there’s always vanilla that goes well with most any flavor.

3. Mix ingredients well.

Because this cake is so easy to make, it’s sometimes tempting to rush through making it. But be sure to take enough time to mix the ingredients well until they are fully incorporated.

4. Choose moist or crumbly.

If you want a moist cake, the best way to achieve that is to add eggs and pudding mix as we’ve shown in our recipe below. But if you want a crumbly dump cake you can simply use cake mix and a can of soda to do the job.

Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.
Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to let the cake cool before adding the glaze?

It is best to let the cake cool completely if you’re planning to apply a glaze. Otherwise if it’s too hot, it will melt the glaze and it will be absorbed into the cake making it look like the glaze is non-existent.

2. Are you sure that I only need 2-4 ingredients to make this cake?

Yes. That is true. You’ll need two ingredients to make the super quick version. And four ingredients to make the super easy and moist version. It’s that easy!

3. Will the cake keep well after it’s baked?

Yes. The cake will keep for up to three days after it’s baked. If you’re making the moist version and want to maintain the moist aspect, the cake is best kept at room temperature. Just stick it in an airtight container on the counter and you can continue to enjoy it. Or you can place it in an airtight container and store it in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Different Soda Cake Variations:

Strawberry Cream Soda Cake

Use a strawberry cake mix, a can of cream soda, 4 eggs and a box of vanilla pudding mix. Mix the ingredients together and bake. Serve with a drizzle of fresh strawberries and whipped cream or strawberry jam.  

Cream Soda Cake Recipe

Cream soda cake is our feature cake. Make it with just a yellow cake mix, box of instant vanilla pudding, 4 eggs and a can of cream soda. Bake as directed and serve with drizzled icing. It’s delicious!

Cream Soda Confetti Sheet Cake

Change up your cream soda cake and instead of making it in a traditional cake pan, why not make it on a sheet cake pan? Top it with confetti sprinkles. It makes an easy and quick celebration cake for a larger group of people. Why not double the recipe to serve a crowd?

2 Ingredient Strawberry Cake Recipe

Use a strawberry cake mix and a can of sprite. Mix the ingredients together well and bake as directed. It is great spur of the moment way to serve dessert to drop in company.

4 Ingredient Cherry & Cream Soda Bundt Cake

To make a 4 ingredient cherry and cream soda Bundt cake, just use a cherry cake mix, a can of cream soda, vanilla instant pudding and 4 eggs. Mix together and bake as directed. Serve with maraschino cherries on top if desired. And to kick up this cake a notch, try adding cherries into the cake batter.

Chocolate Root Beer Soda Cake

Use a chocolate cake mix, a can of your favorite brand of root beer, 4 eggs and a box of instant pudding. The pudding can be chocolate if you like a heavy chocolate flavor or vanilla if you prefer a mild chocolate flavor. Bake as directed and serve with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and whipped topping.

Easy Soda Cupcakes

To make easy soda cupcakes, just choose any flavor of cake mix and combine it with your soda flavor of choice. Add 4 eggs and a box of instant vanilla pudding to make it moist. You might like to top your delicious cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Red Cream Soda Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Use a can of red cream soda along with a white cake mix to make this delicious cake. To make it extra moist, add 4 eggs, and a box of instant vanilla pudding. Bake as directed and top you’re your favorite cream cheese frosting. Enjoy!

How To Store 2 Ingredient or 4 Ingredient Cakes

Cake can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature to help it stay moist. Use in 3-4 days. Or eat it right away to enjoy the best fresh cake possible.

Can Cake Made With Soda Be Frozen?

Yes. Cake made with soda can be frozen. Simply enclose it in an airtight container or wrap it in a sealed bag. Enjoy for up to 3 months.

Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.
Cream Soda Cake Recipe. Photo by CookThink.

Ingredients for a Moist Cream Soda Cake

1 yellow cake mix
1 can cream soda (reserve 3 tbsp for glaze)
4 eggs
1 box instant vanilla pudding mix

How To Make A Cream Soda Cake Recipe

1. Preheat oven to 350F degrees.

2. In a large mixing bowl, mix together 1 yellow cake mix, 4 eggs, 1 box instant vanilla pudding mix and 1 can cream soda.

3. Stir until thoroughly mixed together and the dry ingredients have been fully incorporated.

4. Prepare a greased baking pan. Pour the cake mix into the pan and bake at 350F degrees for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Set aside to cool.

Ingredients for Cream Soda Glaze

1 ½ cups confectioner’s sugar
1 tbsp cream soda

Instructions for Cream Soda Glaze

1. In a small mixing bowl, mix together 1 ½ cups confectioner’s sugar, and 1 tbsp cream soda. Stir until well combined and a thick glaze is formed. If the glaze is too thick to drizzle, add a few more drops of cream soda and continue stirring until the glaze thins out a bit.

2. When the desired consistency is reached, use a fork or spoon to drizzle the glaze over the cooled cake. Serve fresh and enjoy!

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Cream Soda Cake Recipe

Super Easy Cream Soda Cake Recipe
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