Do I Need To Salt Eggplant Before Cooking It?


Do I Need To Salt Eggplant Before Cooking It? The answer to this question depends on a few factors in regards to your eggplant. Learn all about this, as well as a cooking tip for salted eggplants!

When you sprinkle salt over vegetables before cooking, a process known as degorging takes place. This means that when a vegetable with salt on it cooks, the moisture from the vegetable is drawn out. This process can be beneficial, if you do it with the right kind of vegetable.

There are two main types of eggplants, one we recommend salting and the other we believe does not require it. The two types are older eggplants that are filled with a bitter tasting liquid and brown seeds. The other type is young eggplants that are smaller, and have fewer, smaller seeds.

Salting Eggplants

When cooking larger eggplants, they will generally become soft and somewhat squishy. By salting larger, older eggplants, it helps to remove some of the liquid and improve the flavoring. Eggplants that have been cooked after salting have a more solid outcome and taste better, being less bitter. We would not recommend salting younger eggplants, as we believe they do not need it.

Instructions For Salting

Begin salting an eggplant by slicing the eggplant open. Sprinkle salt over each section of the vegetable and then let them rest. You will begin to see fluid rising to their surface. This process should take between twenty to thirty minutes to see results. Once you see the liquid, rinse the slices off with water and then pat them dry.

When cooking with salted eggplant, check to see if your recipe calls for salted eggplant. If your recipe does not, it is a really good idea to cut the amount of salt you add in half. If you forget this, you may have a very salty dish.

Summary: The simple answer to Do I Need To Salt Eggplant Before Cooking It is that it depends on the size and age of your eggplant. If you decide you would like to salt your eggplant, be sure to follow these simple steps to get the best result. Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

What do you think, to salt, or not to salt?

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