Simple Crockpot Chicken Potatoes and Green Beans


Crockpot Chicken Potatoes and Green Beans

Looking for a quick and easy dinner recipe? Preparing crockpot chicken potatoes and green beans is very easy and it makes a healthy and well-balanced meal.

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You can prepare this recipe with very little hands-on time, and only have one pot to clean up when you’re done. Not only is this recipe easy, but it also makes a very delicious dinner! 

Slow Cooker Seasoned Chicken, Potatoes and Green Beans

Preparing crockpot chicken, potatoes, and green beans is so easy and it allows you to create a delicious meal all in one pot. This is great because it means there’s very little mess, and it’s a balanced dinner that the whole family will enjoy. 

This crockpot meal is perfect when you are on the go, or simply don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing in the kitchen.

Let’s look at what ingredients you will need in order to make this super simple recipe. 

Super Simple Slow Cooker Chicken

Tools You Need For Chicken and Potatoes with Green Beans:

Crockpot with a lid

Slow Cooker Chicken Potato & Green Beans Ingredients

Chicken breasts. We recommend that you use chicken breasts, however, you may use other cuts of chicken as well if you would rather. If you are using other types of chicken, we do recommend that you remove the bone and skin to allow for more even cooking. 

Potatoes. Our favorite type of potatoes to use are red potatoes, but you could use golden, yellow, or even russet potatoes if you prefer. Simply make sure that they are washed, dried, and cut into quarters before adding them to the crockpot. 

Green beans. When selecting your green beans, we recommend that you use fresh or frozen for the best results. If you do choose to use canned, you will want to let them warm in your crockpot for only a short time, so that they don’t become mushy. 

Oil. We recommend using a drizzle of olive oil on the bottom of your crockpot, then on top of your chicken and potatoes. Olive oil will help keep your food moist and allow the seasonings to stick. 

Water. Adding a little bit of water to your crockpot is optional, but it is a good idea if you are worried about your food burning. Adding approximately ½ cup of water to the bottom of your crockpot will help keep your food nice and moist. 

Seasonings. There are a lot of different types of seasonings you can choose to use for your crockpot dinner.

Our favorite is to sprinkle some onion powder, garlic salt, everything bagel seasoning, and seasoning salt (like Lowrey’s seasoning salt) on top of our food while it cooks.

Some other great seasonings include Italian dressing or powdered ranch seasoning. 

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How to make a one pot chicken dinner:

Making crockpot dinner is easy. Begin by making sure that your chicken is completely thawed. You do not want to add frozen chicken into the crockpot. 

Drizzle a bit of olive oil in the bottom of your crockpot. If desired, you can add a little bit of water as well. 

Add your chicken on the outside edge of the crockpot. Then take your potatoes and add them to the middle of your crockpot leaving a little section on the outside for your green beans. 

Now take your olive oil once again and drizzle it on top of the chicken and potatoes. You can then sprinkle your desired seasonings on top of the food. We like to sprinkle a bit of onion powder, garlic salt, seasoning salt, and everything bagel seasoning. 

Then, cover your chicken and potatoes with a lid and make sure it is secured. Cook on low for approximately 7 to 8 hours or on high for approximately 4 hours. 

When you have 1 to 2 hours left in your cooking time, open the crockpot and add green beans. 

Drizzle the green beans with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt. Cover and continue cooking until the potatoes are soft, and the chicken reaches at least an internal temperature of 165°F. 

When the food is ready, remove it from the crockpot, serve, and enjoy! 

Storage and Reheating

Room Temperature. Once your crockpot dinner is turned off and removed from the crockpot, it should not remain at room temperature any longer than two hours before it goes bad. 

Refrigerator. For longer storage, the leftover chicken, potatoes, and green beans should be transferred to an air-tight container or sealed in a plastic storage bag, then placed in the fridge for up to three to four days. 

Freezer. If needed, you can also freeze the leftover chicken and potatoes. To freeze them, transfer them to an air-tight container, or seal them in a plastic freezer bag.

Label and date them, then place them into the freezer for up to three months. We do not recommend trying to freeze your green beans once they are fully cooked. They will likely turn out mushy after they are thawed and reheated. 

Reheating. There are a few different ways you can reheat the leftover chicken, potatoes, and green beans. They can be reheated in the skillet on your stovetop over medium heat, in the oven at 350°F, or even in the air fryer at 350°F. Simply reheat the food until it has warmed through. 

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Top Tips

Quarter the Potatoes. We have found that the potatoes cook more even when they are cut into quarters. 

Seasonings. You can use the basic types of seasonings you wish. Basic garlic salt, onion powder, and seasoning salts are basic go-to seasonings.

You could also try using ranch seasoning powder, or an Italian dressing if you wish to mix things up. 

Add Green Beans Later. We strongly recommend that you add green beans towards the end of your cooking time so that they do not become mushy.

While you can include them at the beginning, please note that they are likely to be quite pushy by the end of the cooking time. 


There are two main areas of substitutions we are going to look at. Those are different types of seasonings you can use rather than the basic garlic, onion, and seasoning salt.

And we are also going to look at other types of vegetables you could include instead of green beans or potatoes. 

Seasoning Substitutions 

Italian Dressing. A great seasoning option is to simply drizzle your favorite brand of Italian dressing over the chicken, potatoes, and green beans.

There is no need to add additional seasonings when you use Italian dressing as it will add flavor to all of your ingredients.

Ranch Dressing Powder. You can find ranch dressing in powdered form in seasoning packets, or in a large canister at places like Sam’s or Costco.

Simply sprinkle ranch dressing powder over your chicken, potatoes, and green beans for a delicious ranch flavor. When you use your ranch dressing powder, you will not need to add any other types of seasonings. 

Vegetable Substitutions 

If you’re looking to replace the potatoes or green beans in this dish, there are other types of vegetables you could use instead. But keep in mind that they will be in the crockpot for long periods of time, so you will want to increase or decrease the proportion of your vegetables so that they cook just right. 

Broccoli. You can use large florets of broccoli to replace your vegetables in this crockpot recipe if desired.

Keep in mind that you will need to keep the florets larger so that they take longer to cook. Otherwise, they will be done way before your chicken. 

Cauliflower. Cauliflower is another food you could replace your potatoes or green beans with the desired.

Similar to the broccoli, you want to use larger florets of cauliflower so that it takes longer for them to cook. 

Carrots. Carrots naturally take a long time to cook as well. If you are using baby carrots you can simply wash them and add them to the crockpot.

If you are using large carrots you will want to wash them, peel them, and cut them into smaller portions before they’re added to the crockpot. 

Sugar Snap Peas. Sugar snap peas make a great replacement for green beans. Like green beans, they do not take as long to cook, so they should be added near the end of your cooking time. 

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Honey Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs and Potatoes with Green Beans

Another way you could make chicken, potatoes, and green beans in the crockpot are to use chicken thighs rather than chicken breasts and season them with honey and garlic. This makes a sweet seasoning for your meal. 

Onion Soup Mix Chicken and Potatoes

An easy seasoning you could try using for this crockpot recipe is a package of onion soup mix. Lipton onion soup mix can be found at most local grocery stores, or you can find the off brand of this soup mix.

Simply open the package and sprinkle it across the chicken, potatoes, and green beans. This will give them a lovely seasoning, to make your meal delicious! 

Italian Dressing Chicken Thighs

Using chicken thighs rather than chicken breast will make the meat a little bit moister naturally because you are using dark meat rather than white meat.

You can buy chicken thighs at a reasonable price, and you can simply remove the bone and skin yourself or you can buy just the chicken thighs without the bone and skin. You could also consider seasoning your chicken thighs with Italian dressing, for a nice, simple, and delicious flavor. 

Ranch Chicken Potatoes and Green Beans in the Crockpot

If you want to make ranch-flavored chicken, potatoes, and green beans in the crockpot, we recommend using ranch dressing powder rather than actual ranch dressing.

The powder gives a lovely flavor and makes everything have a hint of ranch flavors in it. This is a very easy and delicious way to season your crockpot dinner. 


Can you put raw chicken in the slow cooker?

Yes, you can put raw chicken in the slow cooker. However, you will want to be sure that the chicken is thawed and is not frozen. You do not want to cook frozen chicken in the crockpot as it is likely to sit at the danger point of temperature for too long. 

Can I use a different vegetable than green beans?

Yes, you can use other vegetables instead of green beans or potatoes if you want. Keep in mind the cooking time when determining which other vegetables you want to use. Make sure that they will have enough time to cook, but will not overcook. 

Can I use the Italian dressing mix instead of making homemade dressing?

Yes, you can use bottled Italian dressing, and Italian dressing mix, or homemade dressing for this crockpot recipe. The choice is entirely up to you. 

How long does chicken take in the slow cooker?

If you are cooking your chicken on low heat, it will likely take between seven and eight hours for it to fully cook. However, if you are using the high-temperature setting on your crockpot, it will take approximately four hours for the chicken to cook. 

How do you know when chicken is done in the crock pot?

To tell when your chicken is fully cooked, we recommend using an instant-read meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. The internal temperature of your chicken must reach at least 165°F for it to be safe to eat. 

What to serve with Crockpot Chicken and Potatoes:

Chicken and Potatoes Comfort Food

Chicken, potatoes, and green beans in the crockpot is a perfect dish to make ahead and requires very little fuss. This meal is perfect for dinner after work, or simply when you just don’t want to mess with food.

You can easily prepare this meal with very little hands-on effort. Not only is this meal very easy to make, but it also tastes fabulous and provides you with a well-balanced meal. 

Let’s get started making Crockpot Chicken Green Beans and Potatoes

Did you make this recipe? Comment below and let us know what you think! We love to hear from you.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Potatoes & Green Beans Recipe

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