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This Copycat Bob Evans Strawberry Pie Recipe tastes amazing and is very simple to make! Out of all the pie recipes, this is one of the easiest to prepare. Follow these step-by-step instructions and learn about the tips and tricks to make your pie the ultimate success! 

One of the easiest fruit pies to make!

This Copycat Bob Evans Strawberry Pie Recipe is so simple and tastes fantastic. It is so delicious it will literally melt in your mouth. One of the best things about strawberry pie is that it is one of the easiest fruit pies to make. 

Helpful Tips To Make Fresh Strawberry Pie:

To make this delicious, melt-in-your-mouth strawberry pie, there are a few helpful tips you will need to know, to make your pie the absolute best. Here we are going to cover six different things that will help you make a delicious Strawberry Pie. 

Homemade Crust Or Graham Cracker Crust

The deliciousness all begins with the crust of your pie. Your pie crust will either start things off right or very, very wrong. There are a few different ways you can approach the crust for this Bob Evans Strawberry Pie Recipe. You can choose to buy a pre-made pie crust, or make your own, or use a graham cracker pie crust. 

I believe that there is quite a bit of difference in taste between a store-bought crust, and a homemade crust. I personally prefer the homemade crust. That being said, this is also the most difficult part of the pie to make. Be sure to pay careful attention to the instructions, we will walk through the best way to prepare it. 

Use Fresh Strawberries 

When making your pie, be sure to use fresh strawberries. Using fresh strawberries will give you the best flavor for your pie. Frozen strawberries can work as well if you mix them into the glaze, however, you will have the best results with fresh ones. 

Best Eaten On The Same Day

This pie tastes the best when it is enjoyed on the same day it is made. It can be stored in the fridge for a few days after it has been prepared. However, it is best when fresh. After a few days of being stored in the fridge, it may turn runny, and the crust could become soggy. On the day it is made, the crust will still be crisp, and the filling perfectly solid and delicious. 

Continually Stir Corn Starch

One trick to making a great strawberry pie is to continually stir your corn starch when cooking the glaze. If you neglect stirring the corn starch, it will become lumpy or burned to the bottom of your pan. By stirring the corn starch in, it will dissolve as it should, and cook evenly in the glaze. 

Allow For Chill Time

When making this delicious strawberry pie, it is best to make it ahead of time so that the pie has an hour or two to chill in the fridge. This allows the glaze, and the entire pie to set up and become somewhat solid. 

Serve With Whipped Cream!

Like most things, be sure to serve this delicious pie, with fresh whipped cream swirled on top! Making whipped cream is a simple process and only requires three ingredients. Learn all about how to make your own HERE. If you would rather not make your own whipped cream, you could always use a can of whipped cream or even cool whip. My opinion is that whipped cream tastes the best out of all the options though. 

What You Will Need to Make Fresh Strawberry Pie:

To make this delicious strawberry pie, you will need a few utensils from your kitchen to get started. 

Pie Plate

You will need a pie plate that is eight or nine inches in diameter. Spray it lightly with cooking spray so that the sides and bottom all have some on the plate. This will help you to better remove the pie later. 

Hulled Strawberries

Before you get started on the pie, wash and haul your strawberries. Then set them aside so that they can dry. To haul your strawberries, there are a few different ways you can easily remove the stems. To learn more about the different ways, visit What Does It Mean To Hull A Strawberry.

Stand Or Hand Mixer

You will also want to have a mixer on hand. Whether you use a hand mixer or a stand mixer is up to your preference. Both will work well for the purpose of creating this pie. 

Ingredients Needed:

There are four main sections to making this pie. Below is a list of the ingredients you will need for each section. 

Pie Crust


Cream Filling

Cream cheese
Powdered sugar
Heavy cream
Strawberry Glaze 
Corn starch
Jell-O packet
Fresh Strawberries

Whipped Cream

Heavy cream
Powdered Sugar

How To Make Copycat Bob Evans Strawberry Pie Recipe


Preheat oven to 375°F

To make the crust, the key is to not play with the dough any more than is necessary. To begin, add flour, salt, and shortening into a mixing bowl. Mix until you have pea-sized balls of dough in the bottom. Add water and mix, just until it is combined. 

Pat into a ball and roll out onto a floured surface. Roll until dough is ¼ to ½ inch thick. Sprinkle the top with flour and fold into quarters. Carefully lift and place into a lightly greased pie pan. Unfold once in the pie pan. Pinch edges of crust to the top of the pan. Use a fork to place a few marks on the bottom of the pie crust. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until crust just starts to turn golden. Remove from oven and let cool. 

Cream Layer

Next, it is time to start the cream layer of your pie. In a mixing bowl, add cream cheese, and beat until it is creamy. Add vanilla and powdered sugar. In another bowl, whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks begin to form. Once stiff peaks begin to form, fold in cream cheese mixture. Whisk to combine. Pour into cooled pie crust, and store in the fridge. 

Strawberry layer

To create your strawberry layer, be careful to follow these instructions in order, to avoid unwanted lumps in your glaze. In a small saucepan, add sugar and corn starch. Mix until they are completely combined. Add water and stir. Your mixture will look like a watery milky substance. 

Once any lumps are completely dissolved, turn the heat to medium-low. Cook over a low temperature until your mixture begins to thicken. Once it gets thick and starts to turn a translucent color, remove it from heat. Mix in your Jell-O packet and mix in. Sit to the side and allow to cool. 

Using the strawberries that have been hulled, rinsed, and dried, arrange your strawberries on top of your cream cheese mixture. Once your strawberries are how you want them, cover them in the glaze. 

Chill The Pie

After your pie has been assembled, place it in the fridge and allow it to chill for one to two hours. Remember, it is best if eaten the same day it was prepared. By allowing your pie chilling time, it will set up better and become more solid when you serve it. 

Decorating the pie – Whipping Cream

Before you serve your pie, make your whipped cream. To make whipped cream, pour heavy cream into your mixing bowl. Whisk on high until stiff peaks form. Add vanilla and powdered sugar and mix until combined. 

Place whipping cream into a piping bag to create swirls. You can also place a dollop of whipping cream on your slices of pie as you serve them if you prefer. Serve and enjoy! 

Tips For The Best Results

Crust. When making your crust, leave the water to the very end to add. Mix your flour, salt, and shortening until it forms pea-sized balls of dough. Then pour in your water and then just when your dough comes together, stop mixing. Roll your dough out on a floured surface. If you have difficulty moving your dough, you can also place the dough in the bottom of your pie plate and pat it out from there. 

Gelatin. To make your gelatin so that it is not clumpy, mix corn starch and sugar together before you add water. Once you add water, stir together so that there are no lumps. Once your lumps are gone, you can now turn on your burner. Do not turn on your burner heat until your lumps are completely gone. 

Strawberries. Wash, hull, and dry your strawberries long before you are ready to use them. Allow them to set while you are preparing the pie. That way, they should be completely dry when you are ready to add them. 

Strawberry pie is easy to make!

Final Thoughts

This Copycat Bob Evans Strawberry Pie Recipe is a simple four-step pie to prepare. It can be made even easier if you choose to purchase your crust and whipping cream. Give this delicious strawberry pie a try and let us know what you think! 

Have you made this pie? How did it go for you? We love to hear from you! 

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