Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe


Chocolate covered gummy bears embody a chewy fruity taste, drenched in chocolate. You know the chocolate covered gummy bears that you see at gourmet candy stores? Why not make them at home! What a great combination for the young and the young at heart!  When I was testing and creating these, my kids were literally standing there watching and couldn’t wait for me to finish because they wanted to taste test them, as they say. I’m pretty sure they snuck one before they were even cooled.

chocolate covered gummy bears

I must admit, I’m not typically a big fan of gummy candy – gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy fruit, gummy candy of any shape. But my kids are and I will warn you that once chocolate is added to these little guys, they can become quite addictive. So, I’m guessing you too might struggle to keep your eating to just one.

Shopping List

Gummy Bears
Chocolate Chips
Heavy Cream
Parchment Paper or Wax Paper

chocolate covered gummy bears
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What Kind Of Chocolate Should I Use?

We prefer using chocolate chips because they melt easily and they are usually on hand. However, you could potentially melt a chocolate bar or chocolate kisses too, to do the job. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate are all candidates as far as flavors are concerned. And candy making chocolate does a fine job as well. It’s just a matter of preference and whatever you the maker or the recipient of your delicious treat will like best. Oh, and did we mention these make a nice gift for valentine’s day, birthdays or any other occasion? They absolutely do!

How To Make Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears: Recipe

For our testing of this recipe, we used Haribo smooth gummy bears found in the candy isle at our local grocery store.My kids showed me that there are sugar coated gummy bears too that they thought would be good. I think those are sour in flavor. But we didn’t try them because I know a kid’s scheme to get more candy when I see one. The key with choosing the gummy bears is that you don’t want them to be too slippery. If they’re too slippery then the chocolate doesn’t want to stick.Just a word of caution as you embark on this edible bear adventure with us.


1 cup chocolate chips
1 bag of gummy bears (we use Haribo, but other kinds would likely work too) 1 tbsp heavy cream


1. Place 1 cup chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 1 minute until chocolate is melted. Be careful to not overheat as this could cause the bears to melt.

2. Stir chocolate, while adding 1 tbsp heavy cream. Mix until smooth.

3. Place a gummy bear foot first on a toothpick, then dip into the chocolate, while twisting. Once the bear is completely covered, remove from chocolate and place on parchment paper or wax paper.

4. After each of the bears have been dipped, move them to the freezer for rapid cooling. This will help the chocolate harden.

Alternate Dipping Methods:

1. Another method rather than singly dipping each bear, that might be preferred is to add all of the bears to the chocolate at once and mix well until they’re covered. Then, fish them out one by one and lay them on the paper to cool. This could speed up the process, but it would be a matter of personal preference as to which process is used.

2. A third process I have seen is faster yet. It’s called gummy bear bark. It is actually made when gummy bears are tossed into the melted chocolate and mixed until they’re covered. Then, the chocolate and the bears are all poured out onto the parchment paper to cool. Once cooled, the bark is broken into pieces.

chocolate covered gummy bears

Chocolate covered gummy bears are not difficult to make, but they can be tedious to dip each one and then lay them nicely to cool. The key is to determine the process and then it get down to a precise rhythm.

At our house, we have used chocolate covered gummy bears as a reward system, maybe known as hinging on bribery.  If the kids help with chores around the house, get all of their homework done without complaining, or pickup their room without being asked, then they can have some chocolate covered gummy bears. It’s helps to get things done and it’s a win-win.

What is your chocolate covered gummy bear story? We love to hear from you. Leave us a message in the comments below.

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