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Making our celery smoothie recipe, also known as a green smoothie – celery juice power drink can provide so many healthy vitamins and minerals to your body.  And the best part is it’s easy and so versatile. Be sure to scroll down to our suggested add-ins and huge list of recipe variations before you get started. And as always, enjoy!

celery smoothie with banana

Why Make this Celery Smoothie Recipe?

There are three main reasons why you should make this celery smoothie recipe. It’s easy, it’s healthy, and it’s versatile. Those are reason enough. Give it a try!

Easy. This is an easy smoothie recipe to make. You can get it done in about 10 minutes and there are no complicated aspects to making it. You simply prepare the ingredients and throw them in a blender. That’s it.

Healthy. Drinking a celery smoothie will provide many vitamins and minerals that your body thrives on. And it’s low fat, low calorie, vegan friendly, vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free.

Versatile. One of the best things about this recipe is it’s so versatile. Make sure to check out our recommended add-ins as well as the huge list of recipe variations at the bottom of this post.

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Ingredients for this Celery Smoothie

The ingredients you’ll need to make this smoothie are:

fresh ginger
lemon juice

Also be sure to check out our recipe variations and suggested list of add-ins below that will allow you to customize your smoothie to perfection.

Tips for How to Peel & Mince Ginger

What’s the best way for how to peel and chop ginger? Fresh ginger root can be quite gnarly and quite frankly might seem impossible to remove the skin while still having flesh left to use in your cooking.

The number one easiest way to peel ginger is using the spoon method. You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, how am I going to peel something with a spoon?” Using an old spoon that is not quite as sharp on the edges is best. Here’s how to peel and mince ginger.

Amp up the Protein

As this fruit smoothie with celery recipe is currently written, there’s no protein included. If you desire to add protein to your diet, there are 3 main things you can choose from to add in your celery smoothie recipe.

Greek yogurt. Add Greek yogurt to make a richer and creamier consistency and add protein at the same time. We recommend adding ¼ – ½ cup of Greek yogurt to our recipe.

None of the other ingredients should need to be altered with this addition.

Nut butter. Another great way to add protein to your smoothie is by adding nut butter. There are so many kinds of nut butter available, such as tree nut butters and plant-based nut butters like this soy butter that tastes a lot like peanut butter.

To read more about peanut butter alternatives see our post here.

Protein powder. Protein powder is the perfect addition to cakes, breads, cupcakes, pancakes, cookies and smoothies for the purpose of boosting the protein intake in one’s diet.

celery smoothie with banana

Celery Smoothie Storage

What’s the best way to store a celery smoothie? A celery smoothie is best when eaten right away, the flavor is freshest then and the smoothie is well combined.

However, if you have leftover celery smoothie recipe and need to store it for later, you can place it in an airtight container or sealed jar in the refrigerator to be used the next day.

When storing your celery smoothie for the next day, you’ll want to know that it will likely separate, but that’s okay. Just give it a good shake to mix it up again before you drink it.

This Celery Smoothie Recipe is…

When you make this celery smoothie recipe as it’s listed on the recipe card, it’s naturally gluten free, dairy free, and vegan friendly.

Celery Smoothie Benefits

What are the benefits of eating celery smoothies? Our celery smoothie recipe is healthy and is full of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body. 

Celery benefits alone include vitamins A, C, and K, plus contain minerals such as potassium and folate when you eat celery.

The majority of celery is water based, but it also contains fiber and contents that aid with gut health.

celery smoothie recipe with spinach

How to Make a Celery Smoothie

Making a celery smoothie will only take you an estimated 10 minutes. Just prepare your ingredients then follow our step-by-step instructions below for one of the healthiest green smoothies. 


1 large apple
1 banana
2 cups spinach leaves
3 celery stalks
½ tsp fresh minced ginger
1 tbsp lemon juice
½ cup water

Step-By-Step Instructions

Following are step-by-step instructions for how to make a celery smoothie. Before you begin making your smoothie, you’ll want to prep the ingredients by chopping your apple, peeling the banana, washing the spinach and celery, and peeling the ginger.

After your ingredients have been prepared, then you can begin making it.

Step 1: Blend

Place the prepared contents of your smoothie into the blender. Blend until well incorporated.

Step 2: Adjust Taste

Taste your celery smoothie recipe and see if you’d like to adjust the flavor. And if you’d like it to be sweeter, you can add a bit of sugar or use your favorite sugar replacement.

Check out our add-in ideas below for how to customize your celery smoothie.

Add-In Ideas

Mint. Mint adds a delicious flavor to your green detox smoothie.

Other fruits. Consider adding other fruits to celery smoothie recipe such as pineapple, peaches, or berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Ice cubes. On a hot day, or simply for your enjoyment, adding 10 ice cubes will provide a cold aspect that is sure to be enjoyed.

Nut butters. Tree nut butters or those who are allergic to tree nuts, plant based butters can make a delicious add-in.

celery smoothie recipe with glass jars

Expert Tips

Following are our expert tips for making the best celery smoothie.

Storage. We suggest eating the smoothie as soon as it’s made for the best flavor and texture. But if you need to store your smoothie you can place it in the refrigerator in an airtight container overnight. It will probably separate, but you’ll just want to shake it up before drinking it.   

Peeling ginger. If you feel overwhelmed about how to peel fresh ginger, you’ll want to check out our post here. One simple tool makes everything easier.

Strong blender. When making a smoothie where you’re going to be chopping up some pretty hefty solids, such as we are in this one, you’ll want to use a strong blender. This blender is our absolute favorite and it even has a smoothie setting for best results.

Frozen banana. We recommend using a frozen banana for this recipe. But we also want to mention that freezing your banana doesn’t make or break the recipe. You can also use a fresh banana.

Recipe Variations

Following are some flavor and recipe variations that you might like to use to change up your celery smoothie. This includes variations in ingredient & substitution notes.

Celery Strawberry Smoothie. To make a beautiful pink colored smoothie, eliminate the spinach and add fresh or frozen strawberries to your celery smoothie. This also adds a hint of sweet that is welcome.

Blueberry Celery Smoothie. Consider adding a ½ cup of fresh or frozen blueberries, and even more if you wish.  This will add some additional flavor, color, and antioxidant properties to your smoothie.

Smoothies with Celery and Carrots. To create interest, add ½ cup shredded or chopped fresh carrots to your smoothie mix.  It will add vitamin and mineral profiles that will benefit your health.

Celery Berry Smoothie. Berries such as strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries can be a beautiful addition visually as well as in the flavor of your celery smoothie. Add ½ cup of your favorite fresh or frozen berry to the mix.

Celery Smoothie Recipe no Banana. If you don’t care for bananas, you might choose to simply leave it out. And that’s just fine.

Pineapple Celery Smoothie Recipe.  Pineapple tastes delicious in most any smoothie and a celery smoothie is no exception. Add some chopped fresh pineapple for a bit of sweet in your healthy green smoothie.

Spinach Celery Smoothie Recipe. If you want the boldness and benefits of spinach as a superfood, grab another handful of fresh spinach leaves and add those to your celery smoothie.

Cucumber Celery Smoothie Recipe. Consider adding ½ to 1 whole cucumber to your smoothie. There’s no need to peel it first. Just wash it and cut it into chunks that will make it easier to go through your blender.

Avocado Celery Smoothie Recipe. Add ½ to 1 whole ripe avocado with skin and pit removed. This will add to the green of your smoothie and will help increase calories and fat content for those who desire to do so. 

Apple Celery Smoothie.  Make our recipe as is stated on. The recipe card with both apples and celery for a delicious green smoothie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to our celery smoothie recipe. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to drop it in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to respond.

How to freeze banana?

Banana can be used in this recipe as a frozen banana or as a banana that’s not frozen.  To freeze a banana, you can place it directly in the freezer peeling and all, or you can remove the peeling first and then place it in a zipped freezer bag in the freezer.

Your banana’s peeling should be removed before placing it into your smoothie.

Why are celery smoothies good for you?

Our celery smoothie recipe is a healthy choice not only because of the celery ingredient, but also because it includes apple, banana, and spinach which are all chock full of nutrients that are good for you. 

Celery by itself contains vitamins A, C, and K along with potassium and folate. 

Does celery help you lose belly fat?

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that consuming celery alone helps you lose belly fat. For example, if a person were to consume three Big Macs a day, but celery was a part of their diet, they wouldn’t necessarily loose belly fat because of consuming celery.

There need to be other aspects such as diet and exercise in place too to lose belly fat.

Is it OK to eat a green smoothie every day?

Yes, eating a green smoothie a day is fine. And depending on the ingredients in your daily green smoothie, you can find potential health benefits as a result. Consider a healthy alternative to your diet such as this celery smoothie recipe for weight loss.

What’s the difference between celery juice and celery smoothie?

Both celery juice and celery smoothies contain the same rich vitamins and minerals. The main difference between celery juice and a celery smoothie is the fiber content. Celery juice contains little to no fiber, but a celery smoothie contains fiber because it uses whole stalks of celery.   

Can I turn this celery smoothie into celery juice?

Not really. To turn this celery smoothie into celery juice, you’d need to sift out any solids, then diffuse the remaining liquid.   

Does celery detox the body?

There’s little evidence to show that celery alone helps detox the body. Celery is a healthy choice and there are vitamins and minerals that are of benefit to health and gut health. 

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