Beef Tenderloin vs Prime Rib


Beef tenderloin and prime rib are two of the highest quality cuts of beef you can buy.  They have some similarities and differences that we will outline for you in beef tenderloin vs prime rib. One is known for its wonderful tenderness and the other for its immense flavor. But if you’re looking for the best cut of beef, these two are it. They’re considered elegant and high class.

Are Beef Tenderloin and Sliced Prime Rib The Same Thing?

The short answer is no, they’re not the same thing. Beef tenderloin is a different cut that comes from a different place in the cow than does prime rib. And they have different strengths and weaknesses as well. They are two very distinct cuts of beef.

Source Part of A Cow

Beef tenderloin comes from the rear part of the cow.
Prime rib comes from under the ribs between the 6th and 12th ribs.

beef meat source diagram

Cuts of Beef Explained – What and How to Choose Among Various Cuts of Steak

Our diagram above indicates various cuts of beef and the parts of the cow those cuts of beef come from.

Cost of the Two Cuts

When comparing beef tenderloin vs prime rib as far as the cost is concerned for raw beef from a place like a meat market, beef tenderloin is the more expensive of the two.

But when buying prepared meat from a steakhouse, prime rib is typically more expensive because of its complexity to cook it as well as the length of time it takes to cook.

Cooking Tips

The best way to cook both prime rib and beef tenderloin is using a low and slow cooking method in the oven. Using a low temperature such as 250F degrees and cooking the meat until the internal temperature reaches the desired threshold is best.  Typically inserting a meat thermometer in the thickest portion and cooking it no higher than 140F degrees is ideal. Cooking the beef ideally between rare and medium rare is the most desirable.

Tenderloin can be seared in a frying pan using butter before it’s cooked in the oven. Or you can reverse sear it and cook the internal portion first using the low and slow mention and then searing it at the end. Let rest for about 20 minutes before serving.  

Flavors and Marbling

Beef tenderloin vs prime rib have differences when considering flavors and marbling. Tenderloin can be leaner and comes from the rear section of the cow. When tenderloin is cooked, the juices flow on its surface. Tenderloin is more tender.

Prime rib can be tougher and drier because it attaches the meat to the bones. But it has a larger fat content which gives the meat the better flavor of the two. If cooked to rare or medium, the fat will still exist and will provide good moisture and taste.

Both beef tenderloin and prime rib are considered the two best cuts of steak and are considered upscale.

Beef Tenderloin Vs Prime Rib: The Ultimate Steak Showdown

When it comes to the ultimate steak showdown, the winner will likely depend on your personal preferences. Both are delicious when cooked right and both upscale cuts are highly desirable.

Beef tenderloin is typically seen at high class occasions such as wedding dinners or other special events.  Whereas, prime rib is often the great quality steak that you’d order at your favorite steakhouse.  

Main Differences Between Beef Tenderloin Vs Prime Rib

We have established that the main difference between beef tenderloin and prime rib are where it is sourced from in the cow, how much fat is marbled through it and the tenderness of the cut.

beef tenderloin
Raw Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin – In Detail

Beef tenderloin is cut from the loin of the cow. Since the tenderloin is not used for weight bearing it has less connective tissue which makes it so tender. It is the most tender cut of the cow.

What Does a Beef Tenderloin Look Like?

There are a few different ways that you can buy beef tenderloin at a meat market or butcher. You might opt to buy the whole tenderloin that is long and skinny, which will feed several people. Or the beef tenderloin can also be cut into round slices that are cooked separately.

What Does a Beef Tenderloin Taste Like?

Beef tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef there is. It is extremely tender and almost has a buttery texture.

I’m in – But Before We Go Any Further. . . How Much Does It Cost?

The prices of beef tenderloin and prime rib are the highest prices as far as cuts of beef are concerned. Currently the market price for both prime rib and beef tenderloin are increasing due to inflation and supply chain difficulties.

How Do I Go About Cooking It?

We recommend doing some adequate research before tossing either one in the oven. You’ll surely want to get it right if you’re investing in buying either beef tenderloin or prime rib. Both can be cooked in the oven at a low and slow temperature. Then you’ll want to sear the outside before serving it.

Prime Rib – in Detail

Prime rib meat comes from underneath the rib of a cow. It includes ribs 6-12. It is marbled with fat and is known for its fantastic flavor. Prime rib is typically the most expensive menu item at a steakhouse because of the length of time it takes to cook as well as the extensive cooking process it requires.

What Does Prime Rib Look Like?

Prime rib is known as a standing rib roast or just a rib roast if you’re looking for it at the meat market or butcher. It can be purchased with bone-in or as boneless for ease of carving. It can include just a few ribs or as many as 7 ribs which is a whole prime rib. Prime rib is marbled with fat which helps to give it the great flavor.  

Why Make Prime Rib?

Prime rib has a large eye of meat in the center that is juicy, tender and surrounded by marbled fat.  Because these muscles aren’t heavily used, the prime rib is juicy, tender, and extremely flavorful.

standing rib roast
standing rib roast, prime rib

What Does Prime Rib Taste Like?

If you’ve had prime rib, you know that you can’t mistake the flavor. It is rich, juicy, and flavorful but not overwhelmingly so. Prime rib can be cooked with the bone in which gives it more flavor, or cooked without the bone to provide the ease of carving it.

My Tummy Is Rumbling! But First Things First – How Much Does It Cost?

The price of prime rib varies depending on location and availability. Prices of beef tend to fluctuate. You’ll want to check prices at your local meat market or ask at the grocery store. Prime rib is not usually carried at grocery stores except at Christmas time. If you want to purchase prime rib from the grocery store, you might need to inquire about ordering one.

So How Do I Go About Cooking A Prime Rib?

To cook a prime rib you sear the outside then bake it in the oven. Or you can reverse sear it by cooking it from the inside out. Make sure the internal temperature reaches the desired heat  and then sear the outside in a frying pan with butter or increase the oven temperature briefly until the outside is golden.

I’m Not Sure Either of Them Suits What I Want. Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, there are many kinds of beef steaks that are delicious. Here are some alternatives that you might like:

Raw beef steaks ribeye, filet mignon, skirt, striploin


Sirloin is a leaner cut than prime rib, but they can be tougher to cook.  There are two kinds of sirloin, but top sirloin steak or bottom sirloin steak. There is less error when grilling them because they are leaner and don’t include all the fat.


Tri-tip steak is cut from the tri-tip roast, which is a triangular section. It is considered an affordable and flavorful steak.


Ribeye comes from the same primal cut of beef as a prime rib. The ribeye is cut from the rib roast before the roast it cooked. The difference is in how they’re cooked. Ribeyes are typically grilled quickly over high heat, making them more charred, while prime rib is usually cooked low and slow.  

Where To Buy Prime Rib

Prime rib can be purchased at your local meat market or butcher shop. You’ll want to ask for a standing rib roast or rib roast. If it is Christmastime, it is possible that you might be able to get one at your grocery store’s meat department.

How To Choose The Best Prime Rib

The best prime rib is going to be a nice bright red color and have good white marbling of fat throughout.

How To Cook Prime Rib

To cook prime rib, you’ll place it in a 500F degree oven for 15 minutes to sear the outside and create a crispy golden-brown skin, then reduce the heat to 200F degrees for 15 minutes per pound or until the internal temperature reaches the desired doneness. Let stand 30 minutes.

Prime Rib or Filet Mignon: An Impossible Choice?

In trying to decide between beef tenderloin vs prime rib, it might seem like an impossible choice. But we expect by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have your mind made up.

Battle of the Beef: Tenderloin Vs. Rib Roast

In trying to make what might seem like the impossible choice it might seem like you’re in the battle of the beef. In our opinion beef tenderloin vs prime rib roast are so delicious that you need to try them both at some point in time.

The Science of Cooking Prime Rib, Tenderloin, And Other Beef Roasts

To cook a perfect prime rib, tenderloin or other beef roast, the key is to cook it low and slow. That provides the tenderness, juicy aspect, as well as the desirable level of doneness on the inside with the signature crispy crust on the outside.

Our Goals

Our goal is to help you become more fully aware of the beef tenderloin and prime rib cuts of meat and all of the details that revolve around selecting the perfect one and preparing it to perfection. 

You’ve invested in a beautiful beef roast and now we are here to make sure you are able to cook a perfect prime rib, tenderloin, or other large beef cut with this tutorial and prime rib recipe!

Take the time to do the research and learn how to cook your high quality cut of beef to perfection before tossing it in the pan and having it turn out less than perfect.

Strip Loin, Short Loin, Tenderloin and other Noteworthy Roasts

If you’re thinking about buying a roast, but you don’t want to fork out the dough to buy a prime rib, you might also consider cuts such as a strip loin, short loin or tenderloin.

Why Go Boneless If You Are Going To Cook A Perfect Prime Rib

Some people prefer a bone-in rib roast because there is a feeling that it helps give more flavor as it cooks. But the argument for a boneless prime rib roast is that the bones get in the way of crust formation, and that bones don’t provide flavor. A boneless rib roast provides an easier carving opportunity.

Do Not Use A Roasting Pan With A V-Shaped Rack

You’ll want to use a flat pan or a pan with a level rack in it to cook your roast. A V-shaped rack will allow the roast to sit down in the grease.

What Determines Cooking Time?

The desired level of doneness is what ultimately determines the cook time. Be sure to use a meat thermometer and our chart below to achieve the desired level of doneness. Obviously, a bigger chunk of meat such as a standing rib roast is going to take much longer to cook than a much smaller beef tenderloin.


Some cuts will require trimming and others won’t. Such is the case with prime rib. It typically comes straight from the meat market prepared and ready to go. On the other hand, with beef tenderloin you’ll want to remove the chain if it’s still attached and save it for soup.

Rib eye steak on a grill pan.
Ribeye Steak

Do You Really Need To Temper The Meat?

Tempering meat is the process of allowing it to warm to room temperature before it’s cooked. It helps to make it deliciously juicy. Yes, you should leave a prime rib out on the counter before cooking it. For a small roast, you can temper it for 2 hours, and for a full rack, temper it for 4 hours.

Dry Brining

We recommend dry brining your prime rib before cooking it. This entails liberally seasoning it and leaving it in the fridge for 12 hours to 4 days before tempering and cooking it.

Prime Rib Temperatures

Following are prime rib temperatures based on desired doneness.

RARE – pull out at 115°F > final rested temp = 120-129°F

MEDIUM RARE – pull out at 125°F > final rested temp = 130-134°F

MEDIUM – pull out at 130°F > final rested temp = 135-144°F

MEDIUM WELL – pull out at 140°F > final rested temp = 145-154°F

WELL – pull out at 150°F > final rested temp = 155-164°F

The Importance of A Meat Thermometer

Using a meat thermometer, rather than pure guess work, will allow you to achieve a perfectly done, wonderful upscale cut of beef experience.


Cuts of prime rib and beef tenderloin are so delicious on their own that you don’t absolutely need sauce to accompany them. However, if you want sauce, you might enjoy a creamy horseradish sauce to go with your prime rib, or a beef broth-based sauce is perfect for a beef tenderloin.

How To Reheat Prime Rib

To reheat prime rib, wrap it in foil and place it in a 350F degree oven and heat for a few minutes until warmed through. Be careful not to overcook it.

Cost Differences in Cut of Steak

The tenderness of the meat and the percentage of the animal that it makes up highly determines the cost the meat is sold for.

What is The Best Type of Steak to Grill?

Steaks that include a bone, such as a T-bone steak might be the most popular steak to grill.

What Type of Steak is the Best for Pan Frying?

The type of steak that’s best for pan frying is typically a boneless steak that is between 1 and 1 ½ inches thick such as a New York strip steak or Top Sirloin Steak.

Are Beef Tenderloin and Sliced Prime Rib The Same Thing?

No, they’re not the same thing. They’re different cuts of beef from different parts of a cow.

Why Is Prime Rib So Expensive?

Prime rib is so expensive because it’s considered one of the two best cuts of beef. It is highly desirable and is considered upscale. It taunts itself as the tastiest cut of beef.

What is A Prime Rib Called At the Grocery Store?

If shopping for prime rib, you want to look for meat that is called Standing Rib Roast or simply Rib Roast.

How Big is a 7 Bone Prime Rib?

The average 7 bone prime rib roast is about 14 -20 pounds.

How Much Is Prime Rib at Walmart?

The price of prime rib at Walmart varies based on your location and the current market price. To find the current price, visit the Walmart website or your local store.

How Much Tenderloin Do I Need Per Person?

4 oz of raw beef tenderloin per person is the recommended serving size. For example, 1 pound of beef tenderloin is needed for four people.

Why Is Prime Rib Served Rare?

Prime rib is served rare and should not be cooked past medium rare or all the fat will melt out of the meat leaving it tough and dry.

How Much is Prime Rib at Costco?

The cost of prime rib at Costco varies, depending on your location and the day. Check the Costco website or visit their store for current pricing information for prime rib.

Raw Whole Tenderloin beef
Beef Tenderloin

What is the Best Prime Rib Cut?

USDA Prime is considered the best grade and is the top 8% of all US beef. Next is USDA Choice grade, which includes moderate marbling and is a good, high-quality option.  Select grade is a value priced grade that has less marbling, and is potentially less tender and juicy.

How Much Prime Rib Do I Need Per Person?

As a rule of thumb, you can plan on one pound per person. For five people, you would want to buy a 5 pound rib roast.

What is a Filet Mignon Roast Called?

A Filet mignon roast is called just that, a filet mignon roast.

Which Is Better Filet Mignon or Ribeye?

Which is better is a matter of personal preference. If you prefer tender beef, you’ll likely think filet mignon is better. If you prefer more tasty beef, you’ll likely think ribeye is better.

How Much Does a Prime Rib Cost?

The price of prime rib varies depending on your location as well as its current market price which fluctuates. Check your local meat market or butcher shop for current pricing.

What Is The Best Cut of Steak?

The best cut of steak depends on what you’re looking for. There are many cuts of beef steak including tenderloin filet, ribeye steak, New York strip steak, T-bone steak, and Porterhouse steak.

Is Prime Rib Worth It?

Whether prime rib is worth it is a matter of opinion. Some people really like prime rib and others don’t care for it.  I personally like it if is more on the done side, but I have family members who don’t care for it.  You really should try it and see if you like it.

Is Filet Mignon the Best Cut of Steak?

Whether filet mignon is the best cut of steak is a matter of opinion. The top two cuts of beef are considered to be beef tenderloin, which is where the filet mignon comes from and prime rib.  If you’re looking for the most tender steak, then filet mignon is indeed the best cut of steak.

Is Costco Prime Beef Really Prime?

Costco prime rib is not necessarily prime, unless you’re purchasing the USDA prime grade, which is the top 8% of all beef. Prime rib is simply the name of the cut of meat that is the standing rib roast.

Why is Tenderloin So Expensive?

Beef tenderloin is so expensive because it is so desirable. It is the most tender cut of beef you can buy. This is because the tenderloin muscle is not weight-bearing, and it contains less connective tissue, which makes it tender.

Are Prime Rib and Filet Mignon The Same Thing?

Some people are confused and think that prime rib and filet mignon are the same thing.

The Short Answer:

No. Prime rib and filet mignon are not the same thing.

The Long Answer:

Prime rib is cut from the rib section of the cow. Whereas, filet mignon is the most tender section of the beef tenderloin, right in the middle. It is only a portion of the beef tenderloin and not the whole thing.

Rib Eye vs. Tenderloin Traits

Rib eye tends to be preferred by those who like a marbling and rich beefy flavor. Tenderloin is preferred by those who like a more lean, tender meat.

Smoke Alarms

Sometimes when you’re cooking beef on the stovetop or in the oven, it causes the smoke alarms to go off. Be sure to keep a close eye on your beef while it cooks.

Rib Eye Cuts

A rib eye is a sliced section of the rib roast before it is cooked. It is a portion of it.

Beef Tenderloin Cuts

There are three to four main cuts that come from a beef tenderloin. Those cuts are the chain if that is still attached, the tail and the Chateau Brand at each end, and the highly desired filet mignon section in the middle.  

Fillet mignon beef
Filet Mignon

Beef Tenderloin Vs Prime Rib – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that are asked frequently about beef tenderloin vs prime rib.

What is Special About Prime Ribs?

Along with beef tenderloin, prime rib is considered one of the two highest end cuts of beef. Its taste is delicious!

What is Special About Beef Tenderloin?

Along with prime rib, beef tenderloin is considered one of the two highest end cuts of beef. Its tenderness is wonderful!

What Are the Differences Between Prime Ribs and Beef Tenderloin?

The differences between prime rib and beef tenderloin have to do with where the meat is sourced from in the cow’s body, what the cut is known for and how it tastes.

1. Prime Ribs Are Cut From The Rib Section of Beef, While Beef Tenderloin is Cut from the Loin

Beef tenderloin and prime rib are not one in the same. They come from distinctly different places in the cow. The prime rib comes from the rib section and the beef tenderloin comes from the loin of the cow.

2. Prime Ribs and Beef Tenderloin Have Distinct Size

A prime rib comes from the 6th – 12th ribs and is typically similar in size ranging from 14 – 20 pounds from cow to cow.

3. They Have Different Flavors and Require Different Cooking Methods

A prime rib takes longer to cook because it is thicker meat. It is best when cooked on a low oven heat for several hours. On the other hand, a slice of beef tenderloin can be cooked in a matter of a few minutes.

4. The Fat Content of Prime Ribs Can Range Anywhere From 5-25%, While Beef Tenderloin Has Less Than 2% Fat Content

The fat in the prime rib is what gives it such a wonderful flavor and moisture. The low fat content in a beef tenderloin makes the beef a health conscience choice.

5. The Price Difference Between Both Cuts Can Be Significant

The price difference will vary between the two when looking at the cost of raw meat as well as cooked meat on a menu at a restaurant. Both will be at the high end as they are considered high quality and upscale.

Are There Similarities Between Prime Rib and Beef Tenderloin?

The similarity is that they’re both tasty and known for their own respective qualities. They’re both considered upscale.

Beef tenderloin vs prime rib require different cooking times. Prime rib is typically the longer cooked cut. Also, you don’t want to pierce your cut of meat with a knife or fork as this will release the juice from the meat and cause it to dry out while it’s cooking.

Rib Roast or Beef Tenderloin – Which Do You Like Better?

Which one is better is a matter of personal preference. If you like tasty, moist beef that’s full of flavor, you might prefer a prime rib. But if you like lean, tender meat, you might prefer a beef tenderloin.

As the equivalent demonstrates, the ribeye steak comes from the rib confine, typically 6–12. This steak is additionally alluded to as Delmonico, market steak, or excellence steak. This cut is delicate with a rich flavor got from the enormous measure of fat all through.

Tenderloin steaks can be found under an assortment of names, like Filet, Filet Mignon, or chateaubriand, to give some examples. This cut is boneless and comes from the space between the sirloin and the short sirloin. The meat is lean and delicate with a rich, gentle flavor.

Other Yummy Cuts of Beef You’ll Love

If you’re looking at the kinds of beef you might enjoy, you might also like to try short loin or sirloin.

Short Loin

Short loin is the American name for a cut of beef that comes from the hind end of a cow. It contains part of the spine and includes the top loin and tenderloin.


Sirloin is leaner than prime rib, but sirloin steaks are tougher to cook because of this. 

Costs Per Pound

Cost per pound of beef varies depending on location and timeframe. The cost of beef tends to increase over time. But the thing that remains consistent is that beef tenderloin and prime rib are two of the best cuts and therefore reflect a higher price.

The Most Health-Conscious:

If you’re more health conscious, and you’re trying to decide between beef tenderloin vs prime rib, you’ll likely want to go for the tenderloin. It is the leaner of the two cuts.

Stage 1: Cutting it off!

If your beef tenderloin came with the chain or silverskin, you’ll want to remove those from the meat before proceeding. Otherwise, if you’re working with a rib roast, leave the fat as it helps to provide flavor and moisture. 

Stage 2: The Process

Prepare the meat by tying it, drying it and applying your salt and seasonings.

Stage 3: Serving

Allow the roast or tenderloin to stand for 20-30 minutes so that juices can redistribute before slicing and serving.

Making the Cut

Do not cut the beef until you’re ready to serve it as it will cause the juices to leak out and it will ultimately cause the meat to dry out. 

You’ve Got To Dry To Get Brown

In order to achieve a brown exterior of your beef, without overdoing the doneness aspect, you’re going to want to dry the outside before cooking it. If you leave it wet, it won’t brown.  Patting the outside dry with paper towels before cooking it can help it to dry as well as sprinkling it with salt.

Fillet mignon beef
Filet Mignon

How To Select or Pick The Perfect Prime Rib Roast (What You Need to Know)

To choose the best prime rib roast, think about how many people you need to serve and look for a roast that is about one pound per person. Choose a rib roast that has a nice bright red color with milky white fat. Avoid dull colored meat and yellow fat, which tends to mean that it’s not as fresh.

Which Grade – USDA Prime or Choice?

USDA Prime – top 8% of all US beef
USDA Choice – moderate marbling, high quality option
Select – value priced, less marbling, potentially less tender and juicy

Chuck End vs. Loin End:

What’s the difference between the chuck end and the loin end? The chuck end covers ribs 6-9 and tends to have more fat around central meat. The loin end covers ribs 10-12, has a tendency to include less fat, and has a leaner central eye of meat.

Bone-in or Boneless Prime Rib?

There are advantages to both a bone-in or boneless prime rib. Using a bone-in roast insulates the meat while it cooks and has more flavor. Whereas, boneless prime rib provides the ease of carving the roast.

How Much Prime Rib Per Person?

You should plan on cooking 1 pound per person. For 4 people, you would need to buy a 4 pound roast.

How To Prepare a Rib Roast: The Best Option For A Christmas Dinner

To prepare a prime rib roast, you’ll need a rib roast, 2 tbsp salt, ½ tsp black pepper, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 ½ tbsp fresh rosemary and thyme minced, 6 tsp garlic minced.

At least 3 hours before roasting, remove the roast from the refrigerator and place in a roasting pan at room temperature. Rub with salt and pepper. After 3 hours, remove any juices that have fallen into the pan and use a paper towel to pat any moisture off the roast. Mix the herbs and rub them all over the roast.

Place oven rack in the bottom 1/3 off the oven and preheat oven to 500F degrees. Roast for 15 minutes. Then reduce heat to 325F degrees and cook until the internal temperature reaches your desired doneness. Remove the roast from the oven and let stand for 30 minutes before slicing and serving.

RARE – pull out at 115°F > final rested temp = 120-129°F

MEDIUM RARE – pull out at 125°F > final rested temp = 130-134°F

MEDIUM – pull out at 130°F > final rested temp = 135-144°F

MEDIUM WELL – pull out at 140°F > final rested temp = 145-154°F

WELL – pull out at 150°F > final rested temp = 155-164°F

A Little Anatomy: All About Beef Roast, From Chuck To Rump

Beef roasts are cut from the steer’s chuck or shoulder, the rib and loin areas, the round or butt and back legs and the brisket or chest.

Where and When To Buy

Beef tenderloin and prime rib can both be found at your local meat market or butcher shop. They can be found at grocery stores on occasion and especially near Christmastime.

Cleaning Beef Tenderloin At Home

If you’re purchasing a whole beef tenderloin, there are a few steps that you’ll want to take to prepare your prime piece of meat before cooking it. Here are some things to check for:

Remove the Chain if Needed:

Not all beef tenderloin comes with a chain attached. But you should check to see if yours does. A chain is a thin fatty piece of meat running down the length off entire tenderloin. If yours has it, you can go ahead and carefully remove it. But, don’t throw it away, instead use it for soup or stew. Some cuts have it and some cuts don’t.

Remove The Silverskin:

There is a white layer of connective tissue that might still be attached to your beef tenderloin. This must be removed before the meat is cooked as you won’t want to consume it.

Tie Beef Tenderloin

When you’re cooking a whole beef tenderloin, the tenderloin should be tied before it’s cooked.  First add the seasoning before it’s tied so that the seasoning doesn’t get knocked off during the tying process. Don’t tie the tenderloin too tight as you don’t want to puncture or cut the meat with the ties.

Cooking Beef Tenderloin

The best way to cook beef tenderloin when cooking the whole tenderloin is to reverse sear it. This means that it’s going to be cooked from the inside out.  Place it in a 250F degree oven and cook until the internal temperature reaches 140F degrees.  Then remove from the oven and sear the outside in butter in a frying pan or by increasing the oven temperature to 500F degrees for just a few minutes to do the job.

How to Reheat Beef Tenderloin

To reheat beef tenderloin, preheat your oven to 350F degrees.  Wrap your tenderloin loosely in foil, and heat for 10-15 minutes until heated through. Be careful not to overcook it. 

What Cut of Steak is Prime Rib?

Prime rib comes from the rib section of the cow and is referred to as a standing rib roast. This is the name you’ll see it labeled as at the butcher counter and the name it goes by when you’re ordering it at a meat market.

What’s The Best Cut of Prime Rib?

The best cut of prime rib is considered the first cut. It comes from the loin end and has less connective tissue. It’s more expensive and is generally thought of as the best cut. It is more tender than the second cut.

Is Prime Rib Prime Grade?

The idea that prime rib is prime grade is one of the biggest misnomers about prime rib. Prime rib is simply the name of the cut of meat. You can get it in a prime grade version, but simply the fact that it is called prime rib does not mean that it is prime grade.

How To Cook Prime Rib In the Oven

The best way to cook prime rib is in the oven. Cook it low and slowly until the center meat reaches 120F degrees, then crank up the oven to 500F degrees for just a few minutes, watching it closely until the fatty skin turns golden brown. Rest for 30 minutes, serve, and enjoy!

Our Final Say: Is Filet Mignon or Prime Rib the Finest Cut of Steak?

Filet mignon is the most tender, prime rib is the most flavorful.

Final Verdict: Final Words

The choice between beef tenderloin vs prime rib is all about personal preference. Both are delicious and each one has its own strengths. Which one do you prefer?

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