Why Does CookThink Use Red Pepper Flakes?


Why Does CookThink Use Red Pepper Flakes In So Many Recipes? You may have noticed that many of our CookThink recipes incorporate Red Pepper Flakes. We are going to take a step back and let you know about a few reasons why we enjoy using them so much!   

How We Got Hooked

One of the great things about building relationships with people is that they get to teach you new things. When my husband and I got married, he began to introduce me to different ways that he enjoyed using different seasonings and spices. From there, my whole family began to try out new and different ways to incorporate different things into our cooking.

This is where red pepper flakes began to come into play. After that, Sarah and I realized how much adding a sprinkling of this to any dish enhances all of the foods natural flavorings. From there, we began to use it to highlight flavors in many of the recipes we have published for you here.

Pointers For Using

No matter if the natural taste of the food you are preparing is sweet, sour, bitter or even salty, red pepper flakes contain capsaicin. This is also the main ingredient found inside any hot pepper. By adding red pepper flakes that have capsaicin in them, to your dish, you are turning up the flavors already present. When you do this, the capsaicin will help your taste buds pin point all of the flavors, and not necessarily add a ton of heat. A word of caution though, if you add too much red pepper flakes, you will certainly add heat, a pinch goes a long way when you are not looking for additional heat.

Give red pepper flakes a try in your kitchen now that you know Why CookThink Use Red Pepper Flakes In So Many Recipes. Start off by adding a tiny bit, and work your way up to more. Be sure to increase or decrease the amount of flakes added until you find out how much works for you.
What have you experimented with adding red pepper flakes to?

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