Who Was Dom Perignon?

Dom Pérignon was a Benedictine monk who was born in the 17th century and who’s widely credited with the invention of Champagne.   An ambitious winemaker, Pérignon devised ways to refine the process of refermentation, the process that gives Champagne its bubbles (and, in the worst of circumstances, can explode). He helped to establish rules about using Pinot Noir grapes, pruning … Read more

Aliza Green

Aliza Green, the Philadelphia-based cookbook author, journalist and pioneering chef, is the author of eight highly successful cookbooks and two more on the way.  With a flurry of new releases, Green has appeared twice on NBC’s Today Show to promote her books. Her Field Guide to Meat: How to Identify, Select, and Prepare Virtually Every Meat, … Read more

A Proper Look At Desserts: Q&A With Barbara Kafka

Last week, we introduced a new project called The Barbara Kafka Dessert Anthology. In talking with Barbara, who’s one of our Cookthinktank authors, it came out that her years of teaching, writing and consulting had left her with a huge collection of dessert recipes which she’d never collected in a “proper” book on desserts. In Cookthink.com, Barbara found … Read more

The Chocolate Bluebird

Years ago, a movie was made of the Maeterlinck play, The Blue Bird. It starred Shirley Temple and it was her first box office flop. The ending was predictable, but what I remember most about the movie is that it was set in a world where all the foods were sweets. Images from the movie came to me last week … Read more