What is Sabayon?


Do you like desserts? I know I sure do! But What is Sabayon? Is it as delicious as it sounds? Take a dive into sabayon with us and learn what it is as well as how you can make it yourself!

Sabayon is the French name for the Italian dessert zabaglione (or zabaione). It is a creamy, but dairy free dessert, or creamy complement to other foods. Its primary ingredients are egg yolk, sugar and wine. Typically sabayon is found in a pudding like dessert but can also be found in other forms.

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Forms of Sabayon

Sabayon can be made into different things for your food, depending on the consistency of it. There are three main forms of sabayon. The different forms are dessert, sauce and drink. To get these various forms of sabayon, you simply add more liquid to your mixture.


Sabayon can be a stand alone dessert. In this form it is more of a delicious creamy pudding. Sometimes other ingredients such as fruit are added into this dessert to complement it and add some beautiful colors.


In a sauce form sabayon is often used to top many different things. You can find sabayon on top of fish, bread or even as a sweet side to dip foods into.


Sabayon can also be made into a drink. The main ingredients in this case would be wine, or another kind of beverage.

Do You Need A Recipe?

In order to make sabayon yourself, you don’t have to have a recipe. The traditional method for making sabayon into a creamy pudding is to measure out your ingredients into equal parts, egg yolk, sugar and liquid.

How do you make without a recipe? Choose your liquid, you have many options here. It could be wine, beer, juice, broth or pretty much any kind you can think of. Once you have the flavor you are going for, measure out the ingredients into equal parts. One hack for measuring is to use half of the egg shell to measure your ingredients.

A good rule of thumb when measuring your ingredients is to assume you have one egg yolk for every person. Also, when you are cooking the sabayon without a recipe, make sure you have gathered the ingredients ahead of time. Once you get cooking, it will be very difficult to step away. After you begin cooking your sabayon, be sure to whisk your mixture, A LOT!

We got some local organic farm eggs today and decided to make vanilla zabaglione with them! We toasted the top and served it with a little sweetened crema and berries. #zabaglione #dolce #italianfood #supportlocalfarmers pic.twitter.com/hbZ6o5mQmN

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How To Cook Traditional Sabayon

  1. Use a pan with an inch or two of simmering water in a shallow saucepan. Place your saucepan inside the pan with simmering water. This will help you to not end up with scrambled eggs.
  2. Start by whisking together eggs and sugar.
  3. When turn light yellow, whisk in your liquid and any additional ingredients you are adding.
  4. Whisk constantly
  5. The mixture will become frothy and expand
  6. The temperature needs to reach 150 degrees and should be thick and ribbony and should have doubled in volume.
  7. If you wish to serve cold, remove from heat and whisk until it is cool.

What You Will Need:

egg yokes
white sugar

How To:

Place 1 cup of water into a pan and bring to boil. Keep water at a low simmer.

Once water is boiling place an egg yolk and sugar into a heat proof bowl and place in simmering water

Whisk until turns light yellow

Add in wine and whisk vigorously until 150 degrees

Serve hot or remove from heat and whisk until cool

What is your favorite way to make Sabayon? Write to us, or comment below! 

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