What Does “On the Bias” Mean?


Did you realize that there are different ways to cut items in your kitchen? Then What Does “On the Bias” Mean? Keep reading because we are going to explore all of this right here. 

What Does “On the Bias” Mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of on the bias is” 1. diagonally to the grain of a fabric” and “2. at an angle : diagonally to the fibers of something.” In our context, cutting on the bias means to cut at an angle. 

For example, when cutting items in your kitchen such as a carrot, zucchini, scallion, green bean or baguette, when you cut on the bias it means you are not cutting straight across the object. The most common way to cut on the bias would be to cut at a rough 45 degree angle. 

Why Cut On A Bias

There are many reasons why you should cut your food on a 45 degree angle. A few of the reasons are that it improves your presentation of the food, and gives it more appeal to the eye. If it is a food that requires cooking, by cutting on a bias, you will be able to cook more surface area. 

Follow along below for examples on how to cut on a bias. 

In the picture below you will see an example of what it looks like to cut on an angle. You will see the the carrot is straight, but the knife is at a slight angle, making the pieces more oblong. 

There is also a way to cut on an angle when you hold the knife straight up and down but turn the carrot at an angle. Both ways will give you the desired outcome of more surface area and better presentation. 

Below are examples of three ways to cut carrots. The far left side and middle were cut on a 45 degree angle. The right side was cut straight across. 

For a quick run through of how to cut carrots differently, check out this video. 


What Does “On the Bias” Mean? Simply put cutting on a bias means cutting your food at an approximate 45 degree angle. There are several benefits to cutting your food at an angle, including appealing presentation. 

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