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Death by chocolate ice cream


There are many different ways to make good homemade ice cream. Most of these ways require a lot of time, energy, or special equipment. In this recipe, I will help you discover that not only is there an easy way to make ice cream, but it also doesn’t require a ton of work and actually tastes delicious! Learn all about this amazing, Death by Chocolate Ice Cream recipe! 

Inside Scoop

Here are a few important tips and tricks that you will want to be sure to take note of, in order to get your ice cream to turn out amazingly! Check out the following pointers. 

Always Use Full-Fat Dairy for Ice Cream!

When you are making homemade ice cream it is always important to use full-fat dairy, for all of your ingredients. This will help your ice cream be the best that it can. If you try and use partial fat dairy, your ice cream will come out crystalized instead of the smooth and creamy texture that we all love about ice cream. 

Sugar = Key to Creamy Ice Cream!

The kind of sugar you use is also key to the creamy texture outcome of your ice cream. If you try to reduce the sugar content, your ice cream will out brittle and with an ice-like texture. 

Use Good Quality Dutch Process Cocoa Powder

When you are making chocolate ice cream, it is important to use a good quality Dutch cocoa powder. By doing this, your chocolate flavor will be delicious and enhance the creaminess of your ice cream. 

Churning Homemade Ice Cream:

To make homemade ice cream, most kinds require that they be churned. This is what helps to freeze them in the form of ice cream. There are two different ways you can churn ice cream. The primary way that you can make ice cream is in an ice cream machine. Ice cream makers come in all different types, but they all churn the ice cream while freezing.  Now, if you don’t have one, or don’t want to spend the money on one, don’t worry! This is not the only way to make it. The other way is to make ice cream without a machine, using a double plastic bag method. Let’s walk through both of these ways to make ice cream. 

How to Make Ice Cream with a Machine:

Ice cream makers can be found in all different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Most ice cream machines are individual machines, that have a container in the center, with another larger container on the outside that it sits in. Ice cream machines can come in hand crank varieties, or a kind that you can simply plugin and the motor takes care of the hard work for you. There are even ice cream maker attachments that you can add onto some stand mixers, but those tend to be more costly. The size of ice cream makers range from personal-sized, to very, very large. 

To make ice cream in a machine, simply take the smaller cylinder out and fill it with your ice cream mixture. Place the paddle in the center and secure the lid on top. Put the container with your ice cream mixture into the center of your machine and hook it in place. Next, fill the outer section with ice, but be sure your ice cream mixture container can complete a full spin inside of the ice. Double-check that your ice cream container is securely sealed, because you don’t want the salt to get into it! 

Next, sprinkle a lot of salt on top of your ice, then start cranking! Depending on the size of your ice cream maker, and the temperature of the location where you are making the ice cream, the process of churning and freezing your ice cream may take anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours. However, if you do not have access to an ice cream freezer, don’t worry! There is another way to make ice cream, without using a machine. 

How to Make Ice Cream WITHOUT a Machine:

To make ice cream without using a machine is quite a simple process. However, it is good to be aware that this works best when making ice cream in small quantities. In order to make ice cream without a machine, you will need the following:

Sealable plastic bags

To start, pour your ice cream mixture into a plastic bag and be sure it is sealed tightly! Inside another plastic bag, fill it about halfway up with ice. Place in your sealed bag of ice cream mixture. Cover with ice and then add a good portion of salt. Seal the bag and wrap it in a towel. Shake for at least ten minutes, or until ice cream begins to turn solid. 

If it is a consistency that you like, you may choose to enjoy the ice cream now, or you can place your ice cream into a storage container and freeze it for an hour or two if you prefer it to be in more of a solid-state. Later remove it from the freezer and scoop and serve. 

How to Store and Serve Ice Cream:

The best way to store homemade ice cream is in an air-tight container. Examples of this would be a Tupperware container or something that can seal securely as well as be frozen. Then if there is a large gap of space between the ice cream and the lid, it works great if you place a sheet of plastic wrap directly on the ice cream before securing the lid. This helps to keep your ice cream very fresh, and not get crystallized. 

Because there are no stabilizers or softening agents in homemade ice cream, when you get ready to serve it, you may need to remove it from the freezer twenty to thirty minutes before serving and allow for it to soften up in the refrigerator or place it for five to ten minutes on the countertop for it to soften. However, keep a close eye on it, because once it begins to thaw, it will quickly become like a milkshake. Once it is thawed enough, scoop it out of the container using an ice cream scoop. Serve and enjoy it right away! 

Chocolate Ice cream

How to Make Chocolate Ice Cream

To make homemade Death By Chocolate Ice Cream, you will need the following ingredients. 


Half and half
Granulated sugar
Whipping cream
Whole milk
Melted chocolate chips
Chocolate syrup
Cocoa powder

How To Make It

To make chocolate ice cream, simply combine half and half, sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl and mix together. Add whipping cream and whole milk. Next, add in your cocoa powder and chocolate syrup. Stir until combined. Finally, add in your melted chocolate chips while gently stirring. Pour into your ice cream maker and cover in ice and salt. Churn until ice cream is frozen.  

How To Store It

Now that your ice cream is made, it is time to store it. Place it into an air-tight container and then carefully place a sheet of plastic wrap directly on top of your ice cream. Seal it with your lid and place it into the freezer. 

Allergen Info:

Dairy products
Be sure your chocolate does not contain anything gluten. 

Nutritional Info:

There are some positives and negatives to homemade ice cream when it comes to the nutritional information of the delicious ice cream. Homemade ice cream is great because it does not include preservatives and other chemicals that store-bought ice cream contains. However, it is best when enjoyed on special occasions, instead of every day, because of the fat and cholesterol content. Homemade ice cream is a great source of vitamin D and is absolutely delicious to enjoy eating. 

Death By Chocolate _ Nutration

Death By Chocolate

Death by chocolate ice cream is wonderful to enjoy. However, if you would like to spice it up and try making a different flavor, simply exclude the chocolate from the below recipe and add your desired flavoring, or simply leave it as vanilla ice cream. 


Homemade chocolate is a perfect dessert for a summer day or even early fall day. A lot of the world enjoys eating ice cream only during the summer. However, I am someone who loves eating it year-round. It is extremely hard to go wrong with such a delicious treat! 


The Vodka is Optional

Another way to spice up your ice cream is to add vodka to it. However, by adding vodka to your mixture, it is unlikely that it will ever become really hard when frozen. If you prefer your ice cream to be more like a milk shake, then give it a try! You could also try adding it to your ice cream after it has been made and served, this way it is more like an amazing float! 

How To Make Keto Chocolate Ice Cream

1 ½ cup heavy cream
3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup swerve sweetener
3 large egg yolks
1/3 cup bocha sweet
2 oz unsweetened chocolate
1 ½ Tbsp vodka
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt

In a saucepan combine cream and almond milk and warm over medium heat until it reaches 160°F, then temper the eggs with one cup of hot cream. Next, combine the egg mixture with the remaining cream. Whisk until mixture reaches 165°F. Remove from heat and add chocolate. Stir until melted. Pour mixture into a bowl and place in an ice bath and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Remove and place in the fridge for about three hours, until cool. 

Remove your mixture from the fridge and add the remaining ingredients. Whisk together until combined. Pour into your ice cream freezer cylinder and freeze.   


Creating homemade ice cream is often overlooked for various reasons. Some people are under the impression that it takes a lot of time or that it requires a lot of preparation, or even an ice cream freezer. I would strongly encourage you to give this recipe a try, because it is easy and delicious, the best of both worlds! 

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