The Best Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad Recipe


Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad Recipe 

Homemade Ruby Tuesday pasta salad can be made using this copycat recipe. Ruby Tuesday’s pasta salad recipe features peas and ham in a delightful tasting, ranch-flavored pasta. There are only a few ingredients needed to make this tasty dish that you can enjoy as a side dish or a main meal anytime you have a craving. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how you can easily make this dish for your next gathering.  

Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad top down

Copycat Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad  

Making your own amazing copycat Ruby Tuesday pasta salad is easy and delicious. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to prepare your pasta salad from start to finish. This pasta salad is great as a main dish or side dish for any occasion. The salad is also great when you don’t know what to make, or are looking for a quick and easy side dish, potluck dish, or main meal.  

Ruby Tuesday’s Ham & Pea Pasta Salad Copycat 

Ruby Tuesday’s ham and pea pasta salad is amazing to make, and you can easily enjoy it when you make it from scratch anytime. There are only a few ingredients needed in order to make this delicious pasta salad recipe. Plus, you get to add any additional ingredients you want. Now, let’s look at some tips for making this delicious copycat Ruby Tuesday pasta salad recipe.  

Tips For Making Copycat Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad 

Does it matter what brands I use?  

The ingredient brands that you use when making this pasta salad do not play a big part in the outcome of your salad. Choose to use name brand or store brand for this pasta salad and still have it taste delicious.  

What kind of ham should I use? 

Using a good thick slice of fresh ham is the best option. However, you can also use leftover ham as well if desired. The main thing you want to look for is that your ham is fresh, and is thick so that you can cut it into cubes size pieces.  

Do I have to use Rotini Pasta?  

For your pasta salad to be a close copycat of Ruby Tuesday’s you will want to use Rotini pasta. However, you do not need to use any specific type of pasta. Any kind will work to make a delicious pasta salad.  

Chilling Is Essential For The Flavor  

Finally, one of the other main tips for making this pasta salad is to chill your pasta salad before serving. This will help enhance the overall flavors of your pasta salad and allow the ingredients to have time to meld together.  

Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad full sald

What do I need to make this pasta salad recipe? 

There are a few key ingredients you will need in order to make this copycat pasta salad recipe. Of course, as always you can get creative add your own additional ingredients to this recipe as well. However, there are a few basic ingredients that make a salad.  

Ingredients For Ruby Tuesday’s Ham and Pea Pasta Salad 

Rotini Pasta 



Green peppers (optional) 


Lemon juice  

Ranch dressing  

Ranch seasoning mix  

Salt and pepper  

Kitchen essentials for tasty recipes from Ruby Tuesday: 


Mixing bowl 

Measuring cups 

Rubber spatula  

Copycat Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad Recipe 



8 oz Rotini pasta 

¾ cup ham, cubed 

15 oz canned peas, rinsed and drained 

1 small green pepper, chopped (optional) 


¾ cup mayonnaise  

2 tsp lemon juice  

¼ cup ranch dressing  

1 Tbsp ranch seasoning mix  

Salt and pepper, to taste  


How to make a copycat Ruby Tuesday pasta salad: 

Step 1 

In a medium saucepan, bring your water to a boil then add your pasta. Boil until your pasta is al dente then drain the water, and rinse your pasta in cold water, then drain.  

Step 2 

In a mixing bowl begin making your sauce. Start by taking your mayonnaise, lemon juice, ranch dressing, ranch dressing seasoning mix, salt, and pepper. Stir them together until combined.  

Step 3 

Take your can of peas and drain it, then rinse your peas is with cold water. Next, into your dressing mix add your ham that has been cut into small pieces and peas. Stir until combined.  

Step 4 

Into a large mixing bowl add your pasta noodles that have been cooked, rinsed, and drained. On top of your pasta noodles add your sauce combination with ham and peas. Stir until your noodles are coated in the dressing mixture. Cover and refrigerate until you are ready to serve. Then, serve and enjoy!  

Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad close up


We estimate the above recipe contains approximately six servings. One serving is estimated to contain approximately 314 cal. We have also estimated one serving to contain 12.5 g total fat, 45 mg cholesterol, 634 mg sodium, 39.2 g total carbohydrates, and 11.3 g protein.  


This pasta salad should be stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve. Any leftovers should also be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for a maximum of three days.  
We do not recommend freezing any leftovers due to the content of mayonnaise. Your pasta salad should not remain at room temperature for more than two hours, at room temperature can cause food poisoning.  

Pro Tips 

Tip #1 

We have found that it works quite well to use canned peas or frozen peas. If you are using canned peas, we simply recommend rinsing your peas in cold water and letting them drain before adding them to your pasta salad. This helps them to not become mushy when mixing.  

Tip #2 

After you boil your pasta salad and the noodles are cooked, you can drain the water, and then rinse your noodles. We recommend rinsing your noodles in cold water to help your noodles cool off faster.  


Do I have to use frozen peas? 

Slightly thawed frozen peas do work quite well for this pasta salad, however, canned peas will work as well. No matter what kind of peas you use, you will want to be sure that your peas are not too frozen, or too soft.  

What can I substitute for ranch dressing in Ruby Tuesday pasta salad? 

We recommend using a combination of ranch dressing and ranch dressing seasoning mix. However, you can substitute the ranch dressing and instead use extra mayonnaise along with your ranch dressing seasoning mix.  
If you want to completely skip the ranch dressing, you can use mayonnaise alongside garlic salt, salt, and pepper. Please note that substituting ranch dressing completely will change the overall flavor of your pasta salad.  

Ruby Tuesday Pasta Salad very close up


There are all kinds of additions you can add to your pasta salad if desired. Below are a few of our favorite additions that you might enjoy adding to our copycat Ruby Tuesday pasta salad recipe. 

Shredded cheese 

Parmesan cheese  

Cherry tomatoes 


Ruby Tuesday’s Ham And Pea Pasta Salad 

Making your own copycat Ruby Tuesday pasta salad recipe has never been easier. This pasta salad features ham and peas along with ranch seasoning. This pasta salad is delightful and great for all kinds of occasions. Try making this pasta salad recipe for your next get-together!  

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