Sliced Tomatoes With Olive Oil, Salt And Pepper


Let your taste buds savor these delicious Sliced Tomatoes With Olive Oil Salt And Pepper. They are simple in preparation and ingredients but oh so good! 

A delicious recipe is not defined by the number of ingredients required or even by the amount of preparation that goes into a gourmet dish. Sometimes a recipe can be even more enjoyable with the whole process is simplistic. 

This recipe adds a pop of color to your meal as well as a delicious juicy flavor. Best of all, there are not a lot of ingredients required and the preparation process is very quick. 

When choosing your tomatoes for this dish, it would be beneficial for you to choose carefully. If you have the option of getting tomatoes fresh from a farmers’ market or fresh from your garden, I would highly recommend these. If you are able to get fresh tomatoes, they will taste much better than grocery store ones. Otherwise, you can simply look for whatever look the best at your local grocery store. 

This recipe usually serves about 4 people.

What You Will Need:

Olive oil

How To:

Rinse your tomato under cold water, then pat it dry. On your cutting board, turn your tomato on its side and carefully cut it into thick slices.

Place your tomato slices on a serving plate. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle accross the top with olive oil.

Serve right away and enjoy!

Preparing Sliced Tomatoes With Olive Oil Salt And Pepper is easy, yet very tasty. Try it out at home today! 

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