How To Make Calzones

Calzones are easy to prepare at home. While having a pizza or bread stone certainly helps to make a crisp crust, you can bake calzones on a heavy sheet pan with great results. Start with the best pizza dough you can find, or make some yourself. Using approximately 6 ounces of dough per calzone results in … Read more

How To Slice Cabbage

Cutting cabbage is actually remarkably easy as long as you have a large sharp knife and are willing to put some grit into it. It all starts with the outer leaves and usually a very tight center. The inside of a cabbage looks like tightly wound curls. The outside leaves can often be damaged or … Read more

Cannellini Beans Vs. Great Northern Beans Vs. Navy Beans

Cannellini, Great Northern and Navy are three popular types of white beans. What’s the difference between them? Cannellini beans are large and have that traditional kidney shape. With a slightly nutty taste and mild earthiness, they have a relatively thin skin and tender, creamy flesh. They hold their shape well and are one of the best … Read more

How To Pan Roast A Duck Breast

Pan roasting is one of the great ways to cook meat indoors. Any cut of meat that will fit in a pan (chicken breast, steak, pork chop, etc.) can be seared over high heat, then finished in a moderately hot oven. Searing gives the meat browned flavor and crispness, and finishing in the oven helps … Read more

Why Is It Called A Pound Cake?

Have you ever wondered why a pound cake is called a pound cake?  Yeah, is it because the cake weighs a pound? Or something else? Every dish has a history and a story to tell, and a pound cake is no different. Let us give you hint, the recipe is in its name. Question: So, … Read more

What Is A Curry?

The word curry was invented by British colonialists in the 18th century. It refers to a number of saucy dishes flavored with curry powder or curry paste.   The idea of curry began in India. By the beginning of the 18th century, the Dutch and the British were selling standardized curry powders. At the Universal Paris Exhibition … Read more

What Does It Mean To Devein A Shrimp?

How To Devein ShrimpIf you are like us, you did not grow up in Gulf States like Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama or Louisiana where raising, fishing and eating shrimp is commonplace. So, we have created this tutorial for those who will benefit from it. In this tutorial we will help you learn how to clean … Read more

Precooking Lasagna Noodles

When no-cook lasagna noodles came on the market a few years back, it seemed like a wonderful development.  No longer would we have wrestle with sticky, fragile noodles during the layering process. No-cook noodles do work great in lasagnas with plenty of liquid or sauce — tomato-based lasagnas, for example — that can completely cover … Read more

Simple Syrup

makes about 2 cups  Simple syrup is a basic sugar-and-water solution used to sweeten cocktails, coffee drinks, lemonade, limeade, iced tea, agua fresca and other sweetened drinks.  1 cup sugar 1 cup water  prep: 5 minutes total: 5 minutes  small saucepan  Boil sugar and water in a small saucepan until sugar is completely dissolved. Allow to cool before using. 

What Is A Chiffonade?

The French term chiffonade means “made of rags.” In cooking, chiffonade is a technique for slicing herbs and leafy vegetables into long, thin strips. This method is useful for cooking tougher greens like kale and chard, which can be hard to chew when left in bigger pieces. It’s also a nice way to slice up herbs like … Read more