How To Zest A Lemon


Learning How To Zest A Lemon is quite simple, and can be easily incorporated into your meal preparation. There are many different tools available to you to achieve a delicious result for where your people gather.

There are so many things that you can use lemon zest for in your kitchen! Using lemon zest adds a pop of color and a delicious zing to your dish. Adding this gives you a boost of flavor that will have people raving about your wonderful dish, long after it has been polished off.

Tools Available For Zesting

There are many different tools available to assist you in this process at home. You can use a zester, a knife, or a fine grater. My favorite to use is a fine grater. Even when it comes to graters, there are a lot of options, but as long as you have an option that will create fine pieces, that is what matters, the rest is up to you. Using a fine grater will make a very light zest that merges wonderfully into your dish to give amazing flavors.

How To Zest

To zest using a micro grater, simply rub the lemon in one direction against the blades, being careful to keep your fingers back from the blade. Rotate the lemon as you go, being sure to remove only the yellow skin part of the lemon. Once you reach the white part, move on to remove other yellow areas. You will not want to use the white part of the lemon, as it will add a bitter taste to your zest.

Using a traditional zester will also work well. A traditional zester will form the lemon zest into long thin strands for you. A knife will also work to create zest, it will just require a little more effort on your part. With your knife you will want to be sure to only remove the yellow portions of the lemon. Then you can finely chop it into small strands to create a fine zest. For creating a zest, the finer you can create it, the better it will blend with your dish.

Best Zest Tips For Preparation

The best tip for adding zest to any dish is to achieve the best possible flavor, you should add the lemon zest towards the end of your cooking. If you are baking a dish, it should be the last ingredient added before your dish is placed in the oven.

There are many different ways you can learn How To Zest A Lemon. What tool you use is up to you. Incorporating lemon zest into a dish provides a delicious pop of flavor and a delightful burst of color.

What is your favorite recipe which incorporates lemon zest?

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